TOP 16 Android Apps for Business

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Today, we all are friendly with technology. In simple words we can say that technology has become a part of our life. When we talk about mobile phone it is part of our life. Today many businesses are running with the help of mobile phone. There are thousands apps which comes market in a single day. Some apps are used for business purpose, some apps are used for chatting with friends or relatives, some apps are used for playing game, some apps are used for searching purpose. When we talk about business apps, these apps are used mostly for small business purpose. It is simple to use. It provides security also. It is convenient for working. Some apps are free and for some apps you pay. There are many Android apps which are useful in business and are given below:

1. Daily Accounting: It is simple and small in designing, easy to use and very useful app. Before you use this app you should have little bit knowledge of accounting. Otherwise it is difficult for you. With the help of this app you can easily track your income and expenses. This app is basically for those who have small business or those who are studying accounting.
Cost: It is free app. You can easily install it.

2. Book Keeper Accounting: It is financial accounting application. It is used for small business. It is simple user interface. It is purely accounting package which is used for maintain all accounting work of company or business. In this app you don’t need to internet.
Cost: This app is free for only 45 days. If you want to continue your work with this app so you will have to buy this app.

3. FreshBook: This app is used for small business purpose. In this app, you can attach snapshot of receipt. It has a timer who’s focused on how long you spend on project. In this app you can attach Invoices or Estimate.
Cost: This is not free app.

4. Outlook: This app is used for email purpose. It is made for managing your inbox at the office. This app shows as a calendar with the help of this app you can send or receive message via email. And it shows you alert or give notification when the time of meeting.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

5. Expensify: It is used for small business. This app is used in desktop as well as mobile. This app is taking snapshot of tax receipts. In this app GPS is here for tracking client position.
Cost: It is free app.

6. inDinero: Actually this app is depending on your business. It is used for both mobile as well as desktop. It performs all task related to accounting. That means it complete financial information, accounting information, tax information. This app shows information in graphical way.
Cost: This is not free app. This app is based on three levels of paid service.

7. Business Model Toolbox: This app is used for sketching your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book. They need to turn Business ideas to Business model.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for this app when you install it.

8. StratPad: It is also known as strategic planning app. This app is a decision making process. This app is made for beginners who write their first business plan.
Cost: This app is onetime fee plan which ranges from $9.99 to $54.99.

9. Skype: It is used for Video Conferencing. Skype is the best medium to share your thoughts with your business colleagues. Skype recently decided to make to make group video calls for everyone. That means it is not used for business purpose but anyone can use it.
Cost: It is free app for everyone.

10. Square: This app is used for small business purpose where space is limited. It is portable credit/debit card to make transaction fast and convenient. This app will works on every devices and operating system.
Cost: This app is not free. For this app you have to pay.

11. Mynd: It is used for small business owner. This app tracks the time and location of all your meetings and events. It also shows a time when you want to leave your office depending on the current situation.
Cost: This app works on Android phone and iPhone. It is totally free app.

12. PayPal: It is used for transferring money. It has basic feature as banking platform which checks your balance and transferring money. This app secures your data. In this app, first of all it takes picture of your check and add it to your savings account. You can also add your financial information in your profile. It provides security.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

13. Daily Expense Manager: This is the most successful app now days. Basically, it is used for Saving Money. This is very good finance planner app. It saves your monthly income up to 30%. It tracks your bill due, account balances, expenses, income. It has ability to understand and record your data.
Cost: It is free app. It is available on Google Play Store.

14. MyBudgetBook: This app is used for tracking your expenses and income and manages your money more effectively. This app gives a graphical way. Because of graphical way it is very easy to understand. It does not require any internet connection.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for it.

15. E-Trade Mobile: This is an android app. This is an inventing tool. You will get anything those you want in trading. It is an easy setup. It is viewing and editing of open orders. It has economic and earnings calendar.
Cost: It is free app. You can download it from Google Play Store.

16. Stock Earnings Calendar: In this app, you can easily check the earnings of stocks in the US market with calendar. Earning calendar are grouped into before market open, during market Hours, after market closed. This app provides you full EPS chart.
Cost: It is not free app.

Introducing the Top 27 Tools for Small Business


The idea of starting a business always comes along lots of challenges. Many things are there to be taken under consideration while selection of the business If you are also going through the condition where you plan to set up a new business. You should definitely pay attention over the list of smart business tools mentioned below.

Financial matters

When it comes upon accounts and finance, some really exciting tools are available online to support you for free. In this direction, Expensify, Wave Accounting and Freshbooks are important.

1. Wave Accounting – This software will help you in quick management of business receipts and payroll without any cost.

2. Expensify – Handling the whole business manually becomes tough for everyone. If you want to simplify management of your expenses and invoices, you can utilize expensify. This special tool helps you to focus on things of priority more.

3. FreshBooks – Tracking time online, maintenance of invoice online and management of expenses requires an efficient program to carry out things well. FreshBooks is something that offers you an easy to navigate system so that you can track the required file easily.

HR matters

Human resource management is the leading task to be managed in every big and small business. In this direction, some special business tools have been developed for simplification of tasks –

4. AnyPerk – Are you looking for a special program that can help you to plan rewarding your employees with comprehensive perks? If yes, AnyPerk is the best software tool for this kind of service. It offers discount in numerous services.

5. ZipRecruiter – Recruitment of the right candidate is another important thing that matters a lot for ensuring success of your business. You can find talented and well qualified candidates with resume screening, cross-job-board posting and point based score chart for sorting out the best candidate.

6. Intelius – It becomes mandatory for you to check out background and police record of candidates earlier than hiring them for services. Intelius works by running a background check program that browses over the criminal records and important information of candidates.

Customer care services

Customer support is one of the most important parts to be managed for successful business. A smart tool for customer support can help you to be in touch of your customers continuously and get their feedbacks time to time.

7. GetSatisfaction – Managing interaction with a big community of customers can make your schedule messy. In order to organize this task well, Getsatisfaction is an exclusive tool. It works not only by offering you technical support but also by giving you proper feedbacks.

8. ZenDesk – You will require an efficient tool for streamlining your customer care services and offering them full support and timely response. ZenDesk helps you to carry out this task.

9. SurveyMonkey – Survey is an integrated part of collection of feedbacks from customers. In order to simplify the process of survey, SurveyMonkey has been developed as an exclusive business tool. This is how; you can understand the demand of customers and work in the direction of satisfying them.

Operational tasks

Operations cannot be ignored at all during any step of business. This is why, some excellent tools have been designed for this purpose also.

10. Carbonite – Have you ever think about an excellent tool for online backup and cloud storage? If not, Carbonite will help you for the same.

11. Yammer – Yammer works for creation of personal social network in order to share files, spreading knowledge and virtual collaboration with international businessmen.

12. Trello – Again it is a fantastic tool that offers you the way to organize your projects well. In this series, complete, incomplete and pending projects are taken under consideration by the software.


Nothing is possible in the direction of making a business successful until and unless you plan ultimate marketing plan. Fortunately, some important tools are there that simplifies your marketing related tasks.

13. SpyFu– In order to compare SEM tactics of groups that compete with you, this keyword tool will support you specially. In this way, your business will be successful equally in SEO campaigns and internet advertising.

14. MailChimp – Email marketing is a quick and result oriented way to catch attention of relevant stakeholders towards your business. MailChimp makes it easy to collect templates of newsletters and customize personal designs for your business.

15. HubSpot – The multitasking marketing tool, HubSpot works for facilitation of SEO blogging ideas, marketing automation and lead generation etc.


Sales is the most prominent part of business that bring profit. Check out the exciting tools that simplify the process of sales for budding and well settled businessmen, equally –

16. Velocify – It is a wonderful idea to enjoy services of a sales manager tool which is efficient enough to transform lead into conversion as well as track your performance for improvement of sales.

17. Highrise – Organization of notes, Email conversions and tasks for over 30k customers, partners, contacts and leads.

18. BidSketch – BidSketch is an awesome tool that works for creation of professional and clear client proposals within a few moments. Also, the tool helps you to get a certified client signature after approval.


There are many efficient tools in the online world for making your Ecommerce related tasks easy. Here are top three tools to support you for this purpose –

19. Vendio – Vendio is nothing but an amazing platform for sales of your goods on various Ecommerce channels such as eBay, Amazon and many more.

20. Shopify – This special online shopping cart is customizable and hosted which accepts all the international currencies.

21. Recurly – This software offers easy solutions for recurring billing and other kind of subscriptions.


There is no lack of good and reliable software tools for maintenance of legal.

22. Docusign – Docusign is one of the reliable and important tool which offers secure and legal Esignature facility.

23. Trademarkia – It will be really a pleasure for you to discover more than 6 million names, slogans, taglines and logos that can be searched to know whether your idea has been already used by anyone or not.

24. Legal Zoom Business Attorney Plan – Just imagine about a special attorney plan that has been designed for small businesses specially. Legal Zoom Business Attorney Plan offers attorney reviews of legal documents along with contracts.


25. Jira – Bug tracking and reporting system has become simplified and clean with Jira. The tool works for assignment of tasks, issues and fastening the process.

26. MixPanel – MixPanel works for focusing and measurement of exclusive user activities through superior analytics operations.

27. UserTesting– The software offers immediate feedback on your website from real users. This also includes a video of their working experience along with written answers of your queries.

So, this is all about the leading business tools which are supportive for success of small scale businesses.

Starting business with spouse : A challenging but great decision


Starting up a business with your spouse can be a real tough challenge in terms of maintaining family and finance. It can also bring great results to you if both of you are ready to take the challenge and risks. But if it does not work out well, then you will result in spoiling your business and marriage altogether. Here we will tell you about the pros and cons and the simple ways which you can follow to maintain your professional and personal lives together.

Pros and cons of business with spouse:

The pros:

• Your spouse is the person whom you can trust the most, which is applicable in terms of business and finances as well.
• You both are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your counterpart, which makes it easy for you to divide and categories your work accordingly.
• When you and your business partner (your spouse in this case) share a family, it is easier for you both to manage your schedules and work timings.

However, there are some drawbacks of such a start-up as well:

• Firstly, if you start your business with your spouse, the finance of your household gets dependant on a single source. If the business didn’t work up well, you can end up with a financial crisis.
• Also, it is more difficult to manage the dominance of one partner both at work and at home. One of the either spouses is always the bossier one.

men women

Here we are providing you with some ways to escape the potential headaches of managing a business with your spouse:

1. Arrange for some backup emergency funds : When you are thinking of starting up a business with your spouse, do not involve all of your funds in the business. If it doesn’t work out well then you can end up in a financial crisis. To avoid such a situation, always have a backup.

2. Understand your personalities : Some people find it more effective while working in the morning, and some find night peace best to work. Also, some people can work better while interacting with some more people; on the other hand, some people need peace to work. Understand your personalities and divide your working times accordingly. By doing this, you can best explore your productivity and have positive results.

3. Defining roles : After understanding your personalities, it is equally important to divide your works and roles in the office accordingly. Divide the schedules according to your best working times.

4. Have time for yourself, separately : When you work with your spouse, you have to spend all the time together, while at home or in office. Find out time for yourself and your own hobbies, interests and friends. Take out time apart from each other so that both of you get the required space and freedom.

5. Understand your potential to take risks : When both of you indulge in the same business, you are more likely to have a financial crisis. So discuss and understand your capabilities of managing and tolerating risks in the business.

6. Explore your humour : When you are working for the whole day, you need to take your life lightly and have a sense of humour. A serious working environment tends to be less productive and increases the chances of tiffs between you and your partner.

7. Avoid arguments and cold war : When you people are not in talking terms to each other for a particular period of time, this leads to a huge mismanagement of the office work and can cost you in losing clients of your company.

8. Manage your own lives : When you put the burden of managing the home and office both on your wife, it makes her feel more frustrated towards all sorts of work. Being a husband, try to manage your works on your own, and also allow your wife to take decisions at home and office both. This will make her less frustrated and more productive for the work.

9. Arrange for separate workplaces : Do not have a common working place or office. Initially it sounds good to hear that the work places will be closer and will help in communicating better, but later on it results in a heap of arguments and nothing else. A small common working place for both of you can make you feel claustrophobic to the environment in some time. Set different working places or cabins so that you have the independence of handling your piece of work in your own way, and can reach up to the other person only when required.

10. Listen to each other: While having some discussions, do not try to overpower your partner (spouse) on some argument or decision. Have a proper conversation where both of you can put up your own points of view and can solve out the problem accordingly.

11. Vision for your company : Before setting up the business, discuss and figure out the expectations that you have from your company. A difference in opinions for the future of the company can lead to unavoidable and unnecessary arguments. Have a clear outline of how to go along the journey of managing your company before starting working together.

12. Be truthful to yourself : Before starting up a business with your spouse, ask yourself that if he/she weren’t your spouse, would you still like to work with him/her as your business partner? Sort out the question in your mind, and compare the qualities of your spouse with the ones that you wish to have in your business partner.

13. Set rules from beginning : Set your own areas of work, areas of interferences and non interferences. Decide everything from your work timings to decisions to family management. Later, just abide by the set rules to avoid clashes and arguments. Do not interfere with each other’s decisions or space.

14. Keep home and business separate : It has a simple rule- do not talk about your family or home or relatives while at work, and do not talk about work or office while you are at home. When in office, invest yourself completely in working, keeping the household topics aside, and when at home, enjoy your family time and forget about the business deals and discussions.

15. Handling disagreements : If you both have disagreements regarding a particular thing, try to resolve it swiftly, before the disagreement moves towards turning into arguments. Try to understand each other’s point and solve the problem in a mutual way.

Handling business with your spouse can be simplified by following these set of rules. If you can manage to get out of the cons, you are just left with the huge benefits of working with your spouse.

Infographic: Starting a Business with Your Spouse : Challenge and Opportunity

Home-Based Working Ideas for Women which are Quite Practical to Follow

man woman

Being a housewife can be a tough job, while managing all of the household works. However, housewives can start some home-based works and earn some extra money for themselves. There are various types or categories of jobs one can opt for. Some of them are listed here:

Woman Working On Laptop

1. Online business: Women can work from home by opting for some online businesses like-

Blogger: If you are interested in writing, then you can add up to your earning by writing blogs for your own website or for some other company. People are always looking for information over the internet.
Advertising:  You can also add some advertisements to your blog for some companies and get paid for that. You can take contracts from some companies on the basis of the traffic on your site or blog.
Consulting: You can also try for consultations regarding your field of knowledge or interest.
E-book writer: If you are good enough with the writing skills, you can post some e-book regarding the topic of your knowledge and expertise.
Forum moderator: You can also work as the manager of some website’s forum by removing spammers, allowing or blocking comments, starting new conversations and resolving conflicts.
Internet researcher:  Every writer and company needs precise information and is willing to pay for your research and hard work.
Network system administrator: You can use your technical skills to work for companies by database administration, networking administration and implementations.

woman art

2. Creative business: You can use your creativity in various fields for getting a business opportunity online-

Artist: If you are good at drawing or painting, you can get creative projects from various websites which can earn you some money.
Author:  You can try writing on various subjects like child-care, cooking or beauty care and start your own way of writing.
Editor: Editors are important for all the websites, who can edit or fine tune their blogs and information by using your grammatical and vocabulary skills.
Event planner: They have the job to arrange for the catering, locations, accommodations, decorations and everything for some particular event like marriage anniversary, birthday celebrations marriages and similar events.
Handmade invitation creator: Nowadays, everyone is looking for new and creative style of invitations. You can use your creativity by designing such cards and selling it on your personal website or to your family or friends.
Interior designing: Use your creativity for designing the interiors of others, suiting their demands and needs. You can work independently or can assist someone else for the purpose.
Music instructor: Use your knowledge and skills on music by providing instructions and trainings for the same.

woman taking photo

3. Interest-based: Use your interest and skill to earn income from various sources like:

Cake baker: If you have a passion for baking, then use your innovative ways to bake special cakes for events like birthdays, marriage celebrations, anniversary, etc.
Child care: In today’s scenario, where both the parents are working, such services are required on a huge scale. You can earn some money by taking care of such children.
Culinary consultant: If cooking is your field of interest, then you can take advice from various professional chefs by contacting them and starting consultation regarding their dishes and preparations.
Food creator: Use your cooking skills to try out new dishes and recipes and you can share them on some cookery websites or with some professional chefs.
Independent tour guide: If you have a passion for visiting new cities and places, alongwith the famous restaurants and tourist places, you can guide people with the same and earn money against it.
Online boutique owner: If you are interested in knowing about the latest fashions and trends, then you can try for opening an online boutique by using your own designs and selling them.
Pet groomer: If you love pets then this is the job for you! You can assist the pet owners by informing them about the various ways in which they can groom the pets better.
Personal trainer: Your interest in health and exercise can help you in turning into a personal trainer for health conscious people with guiding them for the proper diet and workout suggestions.

Working Girl

4. Part-time jobs:  You can try out for some jobs that are for some time-being, which allows you to continue with your daily schedule for the rest of the days. Some such jobs are:

Birthday party planner: Plan birthday parties for kids and children allowing the parents to enjoy the special day carefree.
Financial planner: If you are strong with the financial basics, then you can help individuals with their important financial plans like retirement, investments, stock purchasing, etc.
Medical transcriptionist: The work of a medical transcriptionist is to write down the recorded messages by some medical professional into words.
House sitter: You can take care of someone’s house and pets when they are not at home and want their house to be looked after.
Professional organiser: Work for organising someone’s office and house by making it a more productive and organised environment.
Software developer: If you have good coding skills, you can work for different companies by creating programmes and applications for them from your home.


5. Marketing jobs: Use your marketing skills in carrying out various marketing jobs like:

Affiliate manager: Many publishers need assistance by organising campaigns, creating calendar for marketing and for interaction with affiliates.
Celebrity gifting outreach: Many small business owners will want their product to be seen with some celebrities for marketing and flourishing purpose. Help them by gifting the products to celebrities and earn money from them.
Copywriting: It is the term given to the persuasion of words to present them better for the promotions and marketing of various products or companies. You can go for this if you have good manipulation and persuasion skills.
Direct sales: This is the direct sale of products for some companies, which provide you with a start-up kit and you need to sell their products through your family, friends or relatives initially, and expanding your circle lately.