How To Start A Business With No Funds Or With Low Investments


Life is like an Ice- Cream, enjoy it before it melts, the lines well said by the author.  Spend your life to fulfil all your desires. If you are an entrepreneur and your passion revolves around being engaged in a business, you are at a right place. Capital, Resources, Knowledge are all the related issues that drag you back to reach your goals.

Just before starting a service or business calculate your capital and market demands so as to ensure your success immediately. Also maintain the list of all the necessary machinery and skills to start the task. Even you will see that there are lots of businesses or work opportunities available which don’t require any capital. By doing new things you will gain experience and confidence both at once.

Here are a number of ideas and opportunities through which you can easily manage to earn, without spending a penny or with low investments.

Go Online

Woman Working

1. Sell Things Online

Several products are available at very cheap rates on several online sites. You can buy those products and further sell them online with an increased price on sites such as Amazon, E-bay etc.

Even the useless stuffs are present in the house they can be sold on these sites.

2. Start a Blog

Initially there is no income from starting a blog but as soon as it gets famous and traffic starts to come over it, you can attach various advertisements on it that will pay you off. Whenever a person clicks on your advertisement, you get paid. Also if the person buys the product, decided commission would be directly funded in your account.

Google ad sense can be used for the purpose.

3. Try career as a Graphic Designer

If you find yourself good at designs, opt for being a graphic designer.

Each day new companies are being started that need logos, advertisements, business cartoons and various designs that you can provide them. For designing a single logo or cartoon, you would earn good. Tasks of designs can be even searched on the web.

4. Fill online Surveys

A large number of online surveys are available on net that pays you a handsome amount just for your reviews and opinion about the product.

Top companies prefer to upload surveys to particular sites to get response about their products. First you have to register to the available sites and then fill all the relevant information about yourself. Check for the available surveys regularly to avoid a delay.

Some trusted sites are paid view point, ipoll, swagbucks etc.

5. Turn into an Online Writer

Getting paid for an attractive writing skill has become very popular these days. There are various sites such as Freelancer, Fiverr etc where you can get ample of writing tasks matching your skills.

Get experience of various writing skills in different fields and you would surely get work to earn.

6. Go for PTC and PPC sites

If you own a computer and an internet connection, then this is for you. In your spare time, go through all the PTC and PPC sites available on the web, and register to all the trusted sites you find.

Here you will get cash for various tasks including a click on ads, watching a video, writing on a topic, surfing the net and much more.

Be sure to regularly sign up to those websites and complete the available responsibilities. Some trusted sites are Neobux, clixsense, buxvertise etc.

Business with Low Investments

1. Try to Turn Your Own Skills into a Career

Instead of opting for a work of which you have no experience, opt for progress in your own skills. This will surely help you to remain confident throughout, without including any other’s suggestion or consultants in your work.

Remain your own boss throughout, neglect someone other’s interference.

2. Start Scrap business

A large amount of scrap is generated in most of the industries each day. Your task is to buy scraps from various companies at a cheaper rate and search for the industries in need of that at a higher rate.

Do not forget to buy those scraps that are in demand, otherwise you will face a loss.

3. Create Something Extraordinary

If you are good at creativity, try to make some innovative items that are never seen in the market, which can be easily sold in locality or even on online sites.

The only trick is that your imagination must be far more different from those prevailing in the market.

4. Start Spa Parlour/ Centre at Home

Spa, in present times has become a trend among all the ages. If you can manage to run a spa centre then home is the best place with fewer expanses. Its various types are thy spa, Fish spa etc.

Before starting the service, make sure you are well trained and own the necessary equipments.

Customers can be initially generated in the locality. In the long run advertisements will attract the crowd. Try to maintain healthy relation with the clients.

Services you can offer to earn high

1. Become a Mystery Shopper

If you are good in communication skills and grab situations easily, you can try your success here. Many companies are eager to know how the sellers are responding to their products. For this, company will appoint you, provide training and finally will give you the destinations where you are to do shopping and secretly note the reviews of the shopkeepers. You might also be told to record the whole scenario, for which you must be smart enough.

For this service you would be provided salary, various vouchers and company products for free.

2. Start Brokerage Services

This service is among the own with no risk of loss. You can start with a brokering of vehicles, brokering of lands or become a consultant guide for those in need of jobs.

With experience, in long run you can generate broker of large property where you grab commission from either sides.

3. Become a Travel Guide

If you are well versed with the local historic spots or famous places in the area, you can go for a travel guide. All you have to do is to own the knowledge about prevailing and historic facts about the area.

You can get the clients from various agents or personally an advertisement will work to generate traffic towards you.

Long term Ideas

1. Turn yourself into a Tutor

If you are good at any subject or language, try your luck in giving tuitions to the weak ones. You can find the vacancy either in newspaper or by searching on web. If you have enough space, you can start giving coaching at your home itself.

If you find yourself good at something, try giving online webinars just as offline seminars.

2. Start a shoe servicing centre

At present, people have no time left to spare on taking care for their shoes. Various costly shoes including that of leather must be serviced from time to time for their long lives.

Before starting the service, get proper training and arrange the various equipments required in the process.

Part-time works

1. A Language Translator

If you find yourself comfortable with two or more than two languages, you can provide your services at translation.

Various data decoding works are available on web where you can get the work, if you fit to their requirements. Money can be earned by transforming on language data into another.

Before choosing this work, you must be very perfect in your languages.

2. Go for Babysitting Jobs

Most service class parents appoint a babysitter to take care for their child or children. So, if you are smart and love children, just go for the job.

Requirements can be seen in the newspaper or online requirements of your city can be searched.

39 Websites for free images: A Smart View


Photography plays an important role in web designing. There are thousands websites develop in a day and images are used to offer stunning look. These images are used for various purposes like business, education and personal. If you also want high resolution images for your website but you can’t buy these images then there are many sites which provide free images for commercial purpose.

1. Unsplash

This site uploads 10 photos in every 10 days. This site upload images related to beautiful landscape. These all images are high resolution and in good quality. It is free of copyright restrictions.

Categories: Buildings, Food & Drink, Nature, Objects, People, Technology
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

2. Superfamous

The images of this site can be used for web designing as well as desktop background. These images are very high quality.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Yes

3. Gratisography

It has a collection of high resolution images. The name of photographer is Ryan McGuire. This site added new photos in every week. It is free of copyright restrictions.

Categories: Animals, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, Whimsical
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

4. Picjumbo

This site offers free images. The name of photographer is Viktor Hanacek. Its navigation is very easy. The images can be used for personal and commercial purpose. The images added daily in this site.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Business, Christmas, Fashion, Food, Nature, People, Roads, Snow & Winter, Sunlights, Technology, Things, Wedding
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

5. Splitshire

The name of photographer is Daniel Nanescu. This site provides free stock photos. It is free of copyright restrictions. It is used for both personal and commercial purpose.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Automotive, Blur Backgrounds, Bokeh, Bundle, Fashion, Food, Instagram, Interiors, Landscapes, Low Poly Background, Mock Up, Nature, People, Still Life, Street, Technology, Things, Various, Video, Wedding
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

6. Pixabay

This site images are brilliant. It is used for commercial use. It is free of cost.

Categories: Animals, Architecture/Buildings, Backgrounds/Textures, Beauty/Fashion, Business/Finance, Computer/Communication, Education, Emotions, Food/Drink, Health/Medical, Industry/Craft, Music, Nature/Landscapes, People, Places/Monuments, Religion, Science, Sports, Transportation/Traffic, Travel/Vacation
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

7. Little Visuals

For using this site, you sign up in this site. 7 high resolution photos in every 7 days come in your inbox and these images are zipped. It is unique site.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

8. FreeImages

It is an open source image directory. It has large number of free stock images. It is used for two purposes professional as well as crowd sourced.

Categories: Animals & Wildlife, Architecture, Army & Weapons, Arts & Design, Automotives, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Education, Fashion & Beauty, Flowers & Trees, Games & Cartoon, Gourment & Drink, Health & Medical, Holiday & Festivals, Home Designs, Industrial, Landscapes & Nature, Movie & Music, Outdoor Activities, People & Families, Religion, Science & Technology, Signs & Symbols, Sports & Fitness, Textures & Patterns, Transportation
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

9. IM Free

It is used for commercial purpose. It offers an online website building tool as well. It is free of cost.

Categories: People, Business, Technology, Health, Food & Drink, Sports & Fitness
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

Free image

10. Morgue File

This site is very simple. The images of this site can be used for commercial purpose with copyright or with a creative commons license. You must click on individual image to check license.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

11. New Old Stock

This site is very interesting. It is free of copyright restrictions. This is my go to site at that time if I am busy that needs an old time appeal.

Categories: Antiquities, Vintage
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Sometimes

12. Picography

This site is very simple. This site provides random shots clicked by professional photographer.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

13. Getrefe

If you want images related to an architectural and landscape then Getrefe is right destination for you. It has no frills. It is related to nature images.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

14. Jay Mantri

The name of photographer is Jay Mantri. It has eponymous collection. It is free. It adds photos every Thursday.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

15. Public Domain Archive

It is used for commercial purpose. It provides high quality images. It updates images in every week. The name of photographer is Matt.

Categories: Abstract, Animal, Architecture, Art, Backgrounds, Bokeh, Book, Business, Craft, Dream, Electronic, Fashion, Feather, Food, Free stock photos, Landscapes, Modern, Music, Nature, Party, Pastel, People, Plants, Public, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Vintage, Wood.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No


This site has a large number of collection of attractive images. These images are high resolution. This site provides tracking facility so you can track views and download most popular photo. It updates 100 photos in a week.

Categories: Designs & Concepts, People & Nature, Illustrations
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

17. Life of Pix

This site provides High resolution photos. It is free of copyright restriction. It updates photo in a week. This photography is done by LEEROY creative agency.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

18. Death to stock photos

For using this site first of all you sign up in this site. So every month 10 photos are come in your inbox. This site provides high resolution images. This site has its own licensed.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Yes

19. Snapwire Snaps

This site provides 7 images in every 7 days. This is free from copyright restrictions.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No


20. Flickr

Flickr is an advanced site. It is used for tapping into millions of images. We can also say that this site is the biggest site for photo sharing. It utilizes creative common license for images. Check the license before using images.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

21. Wikimedia Commons

It provides huge amount of images. It has 15 million images. It provides video, sounds as well as images. These files are free of cost.

Categories: There are many categories
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

22. Unprofound

The name of photographer is Jim. It is used for commercial purpose. This site images are in high quality. It has no copyright restriction.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

23. Freerange Stock

For using this site first of all you have to register in this site. It is free of cost. Now you can download any images with high quality resolution. It is used for commercial purpose.

Categories: Yes
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

24. Pexels

This site provides high quality images. It is used for commercial purpose. All the images are under creative commons license. The new images updates daily. If you want to register in this site so you can do it.

Categories: Street, Drink, Rocks, Trees, Sky, Sun, Technology, Night, River, Blur, Mountain, Industry, Water, Nature, Flower, Sport, City, Animal, MockUp, Food, Wallpaper, People, Cars, Leaves.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No


In this site, you don’t need to register on it. It is very easy to access. So you can easily download. There are 35000 photos are in this site. It is free of cost.

Categories: 3D Renders, Animals, Constructions, Graphics, Industrial, Nature, Objects, People, Seasonal, Textures, Transportation.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

26. Imagebase

The name of photographer is David Niblack. This provides high quality photos. It is free stock photos. It is used for commercial, Non-commercial, creative or artistic purpose.

Categories: People, Object, Nature, Templates, City, Holy Land.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

27. Open Photo

The name of photographer is Michael Jastremski. This is photo sharing platform. Contribution offered under the creative common license. It has simple interface for finding photos.

Categories: Animals, Architecture, Flowers, Foods, Holidays, Seasons, Shapes.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No


It provides only small images. It is free of cost. For using this site you must register on this site.

Categories: People, Business, Sports, Backgrounds, Nature, Architecture.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


This provides high resolution images. Contribution offered under the creative common license.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Art, Buildings, Business, Celebrities, Education, Fashion, Food, Holidays, Interiors, Nature, Outdoor, People, Religion, Sports, Technology, Vintage
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


This site images are not in good quality. There are not large numbers of images available.

Categories: Yes
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes



Basically this site provides old stories. They are all free to use.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes


This site provides basically animal images. All the images are under creative commons license. These images are high quality.

Categories: Wild Animals
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


This site provides car images. This has well in quality.  All the images are under creative commons license.

Categories: Different car
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


This site has unlimited images. This site provides good quality images.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No


It is used for commercial use. This site provides good quality images.

Categories: Cartoon, Animal, Clipart, Symbol, Computer.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No


All the images are under creative common license. It is based on attributes photos.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


It is used for small images. All images are under creative common license.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


It is royalty free. It provides on a credit pricing plan.

Categories: Backgrounds, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Business.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

39. Deviant Art

This site provides stunning images. All the images are under creative common license.

Categories: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photography, Artisan Crafts, Literature, Film & Animation, Motion Books
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

Image Source: Pexels

39 Email Marketing Tools For Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Marketing strategies are witnessing huge shifts from emails to the social media. The reason is attributed to greater scale of coverage in terms of social media and the bigger opportunities it has. Any business, whether established or emerging, requires further development and flourishing. Email marketing is one of the true and tested methods for this purpose. Thanks to the numerous services available nowadays for this purpose, the procedure does not seem daunting as earlier. The first step includes the content that you want to be covered in your email.

Here is a list of some of such tools that are available for the purpose of email marketing. Some of them are available to access free of cost while others are paid services.

Some of the free services include:

1. CakeMail: It has free service for up to 2000 subscribers. Also is has a logo of cake in the bottom of every newsletter that it creates. This logo is removed when you upgrade it. You can import from your contacts and choose a template from one of the various templates which are professionally designed.

2. Contactology : It is also a free service but only up to 100 subscribers. After that it charges $10 for 500 subscribers. This platform also provides you with various email campaign tools like bounce tracking, stats on your email, code editor, etc.

3. FireDrum : It has a very easy and convenient system for the beginners. It has a DIY system that makes it easy for operating. One outstanding feature of this tool is the spam checker, which enables you to know whether your mail has been caught by the spam blocker of the recipient. You can also pre-schedule the newsletters which need to be sent.

4. GraphicMail : It is a template library and runs on mobile phones and tablets. Some of the perks include royalty-free Google images and image hosting. Using this tool you can also share your emails on social networking sites and create SMS’s.

5. Nourish : It is an absolutely free tool in which, subscribing and unsubscribing are absolutely free. It creates multiple campaigns. It also enables you to run some RSS feed into the email newsletter.

6. Mailman : It is an absolutely free tool which is a list manager of the open-source list type. It is comfortable for the tech-minded but not easy for the normal person to access. It has a feature by which you can customize the homepage for each of the mailing lists.

7. MailChimp : It is free for access and provides up to 12000 emails to 2000 people a month. It is a well recognisable newsletter brand. They also provide individual profile for each subscriber.

8. Vertical Response : It will host your newsletter on the web forever, which can be posted to the desired email through a unique URL. Dragging the CSV file onto the screen will get your contact list updated. This tool also offers direct mail postcards and online surveys. The free plan gives you access to 1000 subscribers.

9. PHP List : It provides you with a huge variety of features like PDF messages, foreign language support and customisable emails. You can install it for free on your web server.

10. Streak : It is an easy extension available in Chrome that adds extra tools to your Gmail and lets you manage your inbox easily.

11. ReachMail : The Company claims an unlimited supports and the free service provides addition of up to 5000 contacts. It offers a one-time list cleaning.

Some of the paid services include:

12. Feedblitz : It provides a combination of email marketing with RSS feed management and social media. The charges start with $1.49 for up to 9 subscribers.

13. Admail : It is a paid service which starts from $7.95 each month for eight months and provides you with 1000 email credits. It provides many services which include a tool known as HTML editor which tracks the click-through of the subscribers and more than 300 templates to choose from.

14. Atomic Mail Sender : It comes in a stand-alone package which costs $95. This tool provides compatibility to a wide range of windows versions from windows XP to windows 7. It has integration with Atomic Mail Tracker which has a built-in tracker to track the activity of your account.

15. Envoke : This is a Canadian tool which has a characteristic home page and provides various services like list management, auto responders, custom domains and multiple admins. Pricing is not contract based and payment depends on the usage. Starts from $10 for 25 email credits.

16. Boomerang for Gmail : This service is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and all the Google and Gmail applications. It enables you to pre-schedule your email messages. Free for few of the initial messages and paid version is quoted at $4.99 per month.

17. Jango Mail : It gives you a unique feature of foreign language support. It also gives you a spam checker named Email Delivery Optimisation Tool. It gives you 18000 emails a month for $90.

18. Mail Blaze : It provides you many features including synchronisation and importing of your contact list. It also can remove incorrectly formatted addresses from your list. The charge for 2500 emails is R179.

19. Mail Dog : It provides you with more than 240 specific tools to help you with your email campaign. The service also has more than 28 inbox previews for Blackberry iPhone and iPad. In this service, you can customize the mails for subscribers.

20. Mail-List : This tool specializes in email discussion groups. Important features include searchable web archives, digests and clickable attachments. Personal accounts start from $1.07 per member monthly and professional account starts from $1.87 per month per person.

21. BombBomb : This is a paid service starting at $25 a month when paid annually for not more than 500 subscribers. This provides a twist to your email by adding videos to your email marketing. You can also track your mail and get to know who has seen it or not.

22. MessageSherpa : This tool comes with two services, self service and full service. In self service, you can use the tools of the company to manage your own campaign and starts at $15 a month. While full service provides you with the professionals of the company to manage your email marketing. This service starts at $300 a month

23. Sendloop : It has a distinctive feature of adding a Facebook subscription widget. The service starts at $9 for a month for sending every 500 mails. You can also integrate it with Google, Highrise, WordPress and others.

24. SuccessByEmail : It presents a huge listing of features which can help you with your email marketing strategies. You can select the timezone you want to follow while sending a newsletter, exporting you list to Excel so that you can have a backup and sending text messages (SMS) to your subscribers.

25. YMLP : It gives you features like sending in any language, forwarding to any friend and public newsletter archives. The service starts at $3.75 a month and you can send upto 500 emails.

26. MailUV : The basic plan for this service starts at $2.50 per month while the business accounts start at $25 a month in which you can customize logo and colours. It offers a video email service and the homepage shows an option to record a video using your webcam.

27. RedCappi : Using this, you may upload email banners having your own logo and also provides you with mobile compatible email newsletters. The service charges $10 for 500 contacts.

28. Emma : It is also a mobile compatible service which can integrate your shopping carts, social networking and CRM’s. The service costs you $45 for upto 2500 subscribers. If you run a non-profit organization, you can also claim for 20% discount for using this service.

29. Constant Contact : It can provide you with some email campaign types including event announcements, press releases, trackable coupons and Facebook promotions. Charges start from $20 for the basic service each month.

30. AWeber : This paid service starts with free for first month. If you are running some online courses then this tool will deliver a sequence of emails by email auto-responders. It also provides you with automatic conversion blog RSS feed into a newsletter and you get 600 HTML templates to choose from. It also provides integration of many shopping carts.

31. iContact : This service starts at $14 a month. They are experts in high-volume sending and also provide you with split testing, in which you can send two version of a particular mail to check which one is received better by the customers.

32. EmailBrain : The cheapest plan of this service starts at $9.95 for 2000 monthly credits. This is a different periodic plan where number of subscribers is not mentioned but the number of credit is mentioned. This can also help you with your email marketing strategies.

33. eConnect Email : This service offers spam testing, split testing and some automatic CSS adjusting, which will help your mail look good in Outlook or Gmail both. The basic plan is for $18 and the unlimited plan costs $58.

34. SimplyCast : This is a low pay service, with $3 for 1000 emails. It also has a variety of services including test sending, multiple sender addresses and 95% delivery rates.

35. GetResponses : It costs you $15 for 1000 subscribers, valid for a month. You can wish your newsletter subscribers their birthdays and anniversaries using the autoresponder feature of this tool.

36. Contact29 : This service focuses on the real estate and credit trade. They have many pre-written email campaigns from which you can choose to use for your customers. The payment is accepted by PayPal and costs you $14.99 per month.

37. Dyn : This feature gives emphasis on the correct email being sent and also provides a spam checker to make certain that your emails end up in the inbox and not in the spam folder.

38. Campaigner :  This service costs $19.95 a month and can send email to million subscribers. They also provide you with autoresponders that are triggered on the basis of which link has been chosen.

39. MyNewsletterBuilder : This service is $10 a month and offers pre designed email contents.

21 Business Name Generator Tools

Business Name

Choosing an appropriate name for your business can be really a tough and challenging job. If you have some idea regarding names then it may also be the easiest part for you. But if you fall in the first category, then there are various tools which can help you get the perfect suggestions. These tools will instigate your creativity and will help you brainstorm.

Some such company name generator tools are:

1. BizNameWiz : To use this tool, you need to enter a word or two, regarding your business and work. Then it goes through all the available domains and gives you the available suggestions.

2. Dot-O-Mator Web Name Generator : This tool does not require any input, but it displays random names of all the possible business names, and will also tell you the availability by checking domains.

3. Name Thingy : In this tool, it can display you all the random names, and when you click on a particular name, it displays the domain status of the name. You can also enter the type of name you want or the length and number of words in the name.

4. : This tool allows you to enter the required criteria and generates a huge list of possible names. You can also select the number of words of syllables that you require in the name. For variations, you can also add rhyme or Greek and Latin words.

5. Brand Name Generator : This tool generates random business names based on the keyword you provide. You can customise and select the position of your keyword in the name.

6. Rhymer : This tool helps you enter a keyword, or required syllable, word or letter, and generates the name accordingly. It shows a list of the possible names.

7. Business Name Generator : This name generator chooses out random names from a list of 7.2 million possible names. If required, you can also sign up on this for free and can get help and assistance from the wordLab community.

8. Visual Thesaurus : This tool comes in action when you plan out the basic or root word for your brand name. Although it is a paid service, you can opt for a 14 days free trial. It will suggest you all the possible names regarding the root word of your brand name.

9. UberSuggest : This tool has a box for entry of your keyword and it adds some letters or numbers in front or back of your keyword, and searches for all the similar names over the internet. It also has the facility of searching suggestions associated with one of its own suggestions, which means you can select one option from the given ones and it will provide you with more similar options.

10. WordMerge :  This tool uses portmanteau, which means two words are combined by merging the first or last common letter of the given words. A good example of this is the Pinterest, which is a combination of pin and interest.

11. Impossibility : This tool works by adding some letters before or after your keyword. It can also add some adjective, noun or verb to it.

12. NameChk : NameChk is a simple tool which helps you check the available domain names. You just need to enter the potential names, and it will check for their availability.

13. Shopify’s Business Name Generator : This is a tool which attaches some other words to your keyword and generates a huge list of all the available domain names. It is a good tool if you want suggestion s well as availability for names.

14. Lean Domain Search : This tool also works by adding some words to your keyword and showing suggestions for all the available domain names. You can also sort the suggestions on the basis of popularity, alphabetically or by length. You can also choose whether you want your keyword to be placed in the beginning or at the end.

15. GoSpaces : This tool also works by giving you suggestions regarding your keyword. Just enter your keyword and it will give you the potential names.

16. Wordoid : This is an intelligent naming tool that will give you suggestions that look good and give a good feel. But, these suggested words need not make any sense necessarily. You can just enter your keyword and it will modify it as required.

17. NameStation : In this tool, you need to enter a keyword and choose the type of industry for which you need the name. As you enter these two requirements, it will show you a list of all potential names. It also searches available domains simultaneously.

18. NXdom : It is an interactive search engine that provides you suggestions regarding your keyword. It uses the unused and expired short domain names, which can now be reused for your business.

19. Domain Hole : This tool provides you four options which include:

Name spinner : It adds or removes words from your keyword to create a new business name.
Expired search : This function searches database for expired domain names.
Name Generator : It generates all new unique brand-able names
Brainstormer : Provides you with new ideas for domain names.

20. Bustaname : This tool provides you with quick search results by combining your keyword with their synonyms or some prefixes.

21. Domainr : This tool provides you with many short and available domain names for your keyword and it also allows you discover and explore new and short domain names.

If deciding a perfect name for your business is a difficult task for you, you can choose from any of the given tools to provide you with the best and available domain names. You just need to mention your keyword or the type of your business in some tools and you get a whooping list of available names. Use these tools to simplify the stress of choosing a brand name.

How to Find a Business Partner?

Business Partner

You may be an entrepreneur, or may have established your business and trying to expand it further, for which, you need some more funds or you may also need a technical expert for suggestions or a manager to help you ease your work. Many times in your lifetime, you will need some partner for any of such situation. In such case, you have two options, either you can hire an employee or you can find a business partner for yourself.

The basic key of finding a business partner lies in telling your business plans to people. You never know who can help you with the required frame of work. You have to get rid of the fear of your idea being stolen. You cannot find the perfect business partner until you spread your idea of business. If you share your idea frankly, people will gradually get more interested in your idea and can help you in some way. Getting a business partner does not only help you ease your burden, but also helps you in getting new business ideas and you get a partner which is as passionate about your idea of business as you.

Here are some ways by which you can find a perfect business partner for yourself.

1. Get into touch with your current or old colleagues

Choosing a business partner whom you are working with, or have worked with in the past, is a great way to find someone for starting your business with. A great advantage is the understanding you have with that person. You know their way of working, their aspirations and their dedication towards the work. Choosing a business partner from your existing or old colleagues will help you develop a better understanding of your partner.

2. Choose some of your friend to be the partner

Although some experts do not advice this, but it can be a great option if you have a good understanding of each others’ nature and working types. The most important demerit is that if your business goes in the wrong direction, this can cost you your friendship. This can be avoided if you both have clear communication; your friend has similar personality and skills as you.

3. Make the Best use of networking: online or offline

You can take help of some online co-working networking sites where you share your idea and get the best suitable partner for yourself. If you are a member of any such online groups, it may help you find a good business partner, or if you are not, then you can join any such group particular to your occupation type.

Not only the online ones, but the networking groups in general are a great place to find a potential business partner. You can attend various networking meetups, which occur in your city. Such meetups have many entrepreneurs and some businessmen who are ready to listen to your plans and ideas and have partnership with you.

4. Consider some family member or sibling for partnership

Considering some family member or sibling can be a great way, but it has the same disadvantage as that of partnership with friends. If your business does not work out well, it can cost you your relationships with your family members. If you choose a brother or sister for partnership, you both have the advantage of sharing the same bringing up and work ethic in you. It is also easier for both of you to understand and manage your areas of operation and expertise.

5. Attend some course or training and keep an eye for the potential partners

Going in this direction can give you dual advantages of being more informative and skilled about your field, and the chances of finding a potential business partner. Attending such courses will improve your qualifications and skills as well. So, it is a no harm option. You can try reaching out other people from your course to share your business idea and have partnership.

Choosing a partner is a tough job in many other aspects as well. Some points to consider while choosing a perfect partner include:

  • Find a person with a complimentary personality

This rule goes simple. You and your partner should have a proper understanding of each other’s nature and way of working. This kind of relationship is important in business so that you can balance each other when required.

  • Your partner should be trustworthy

Do not rush into getting a business partner. Understand the person nicely and give yourself time to build trust between you two. This is one of important advantage of partnership with siblings, friend or family members. You can trust the person which is the most integral part of having a partnership business. If you share your business with a person whom you have met recently or have a less history with, you can end up in huge troubles.

  • Define the roles and parameters

Keep your areas of work and operations, your rights and interferences pre-decided. Also, share your areas of strength and weakness. You and your partner should be too clear regarding everything.

  • Your partner should have high aspirations, just like you

Consider a partner who is hungry to succeed. He or she should be ambitious and should be ready for all the hard work and dedication. Both of you should have the same input towards your work, and should relish the outcome equally.

  • Consider a partner with different field

When you and your partner belong to different fields, you both can have different areas and fields of expertise, which will help you, excel in both the fields. Also, you can clearly differentiate and divide your areas of operation. Know and realise your areas of strength and weakness and of your partner’s as well.

Working with a partner can always be a treat, if you have a good understanding and trust and can manage your own areas properly. You should consider all these ways to get the perfect partner for you and expand and flourish your business further. Use your resources wisely to get the best outcome.

23 Free Online Learning Platforms for Entrepreneurs

Online Learning

It is very important for entrepreneurs to learn new skills in order to promote their business step by step. In the modern time, the most lovable source of learning is internet and people prefer to go through educational websites for learning new things. Technical advancement has given rise to leading academic sites which are efficient to make people trained in business skills online. Whether you are looking for high quality business strategies to enhance the profit percentage or you are willing to know some innovative ideas and techniques for developing your business unit. If you are also looking for free websites online to learn new business tricks, you should check out the following list of websites.

1. CodeCademy

If you are interested to learn some programming languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript, nothing can be a better site than CodeCademy. This website offers the chance of making free accounts and this is how, you can learn as more as you can. Knowing well about codes will help you to fix bugs in case you can’t have assistance of a developer.

2. Niche Consultant Courses

Beginners always like to have good online guides about building a good business. The Niche Consultant Courses is an online place where you can learn new things about building a strong business.

3. LearnVest

You might have been looking for some good online tutorials about learning how to manage your finances in business. Well, LearnVest is ready to offer you free classes online where you can learn making budget and managing your finance well on professional and personal level.

4. Khan Academy

Another good learning source online is Khan Academy where you will be accessed to high class education in science, arts, maths, technology, commerce and more. Learning taxation and accounting is possible with the help of this site.

5. edX

This site is a complete collection of over 300 courses in different subjects from finding out and making your customers to financial analysis and decision making in business.

6. MIT Open Courseware
Taught by MIT, this free site makes you smart entrepreneurs. Some courses for business development involve software business and early state capital.

7. OpenCulture

Developed as an online stage, OpenCulture is a collection of over 150 free online business courses. It is a good resource for learning business tricks through audio and video tutorials.

8. Coursera

Like MIT’s Open Courseware, this site also offers specific educational courses for free that help you to make special place in marketplace.

9. YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. Being one of the leading search engines, it is the place where you can find anything you want. Many good things like TED talks, recorded presentations and video based business tutorials are there to teach you good ways of elaborating your business.

10. Alison

Alison is among those well known names which are preferred for hundreds of business courses online. Many of the online courses offered by this platform involves big names like Microsoft, Google and Macmillan. Covering thousands of topics, Alison has become one of the favorite places for those who want to learn personality development, finance management and business tricks.

11. Skillshare

This online learning community is good not only for creators but also for those who are planning to start their new business. SkillShare is the place where you can learn basic to standard skills of managing your business well.

12. Saylor
Due to tuition free courses and affordable credentials offered by Saylor, it has earned great popularity among young entrepreneurs. The courses offered by the website are similar to those offered under bachelor’s degree.


SBA is among those selected business teaching online platforms which are preferred by mostly US and UK students. The specifically designed financial assistance programs here make it beneficial over others. Financial requirements such as debt financing, equity financing and surety bonds are something that helps entrepreneurs a lot.

14. Podcasts

Help people a lot to move forward towards the way to become a successful entrepreneur. Podcasting may involve listening via streaming on your computer or doing the same through iTunes. This is one of the great ways for learning the most updated information and strategies regarding business.

15. Managementhelp

If you are a wannabe entrepreneur or seasoned one, you will surely like to learn more about nonprofit management. Managementhelp is the place where you will find specific materials for review, topics for discussion and special activities for development of business systems. This site also involves tutorials about fund raising, strategic planning and marketing programs.

16. Rushessay

Those who are engaged in content marketing should prefer this site for learning ways to attract more clients and developing quality contents. RushEssay is a team of skilled writers and editors where you can have professional assistance. They are ready always to support you in meeting your marketing goals.

17. BizLaunch

BizLaunch is an entrepreneurial assistance programs that offers about 40 trainings and workshops regarding SEO, social media and email marketing. The objective of this site is to support local entrepreneurs and small business owners for planning and development.

18. How to start a startup

This great informative series of video lectures is good for new entrepreneurs. It’s always better to learn ways of beating waves before you dive into the world of marketing. How to start a startup tells you all about starting your first business.

19. Growthhackers

Growthhackers is a good website for those who really want to develop their small business. World class growth focused marketers are ready in the website to share their views and experience about starting a business and moving it towards the peak of success.

20. Design thinking crash course

One more place of choice for beginners in the marketing world is design thinking crash course where you will learn the complete idea generation process. So, visit this online platform when you are into a problem which requires to be solved immediately.

21. Y combinator startup library

Y combinator startup library is one of the favorite online platforms where you can discover the gems of running your current business towards the next step smartly.

22. Founders Films

This exclusive series of video tells much about successful entrepreneurs. Their videos are good enough to let you know that what uprises and downfalls you can face in the business and how to face them. Learning all about lows and highs of business is one of the most important things before you put the first step of your journey in this field.

23. HubSpot Academy

This online academy offers you free learning in the field of lead nurturing, website optimization, landing pages and inbound marketing. Every business owner should learn these strategies for ensuring more and more online presence of the business.

So, this is all about the top websites where you can know a lot about developing and running a business. Going through these reliable online platforms to learn advance business skills is like a homework to score as more as you can for securing your position among toppers.