Top 13 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back


If you are running a business then you very well know that customer is the backbone of any business. To get success in the business for long time it is very important to add new customers as well as to keep old customers coming back. Even it is not easy to retain old customers for long time. If you don’t know how to invite old customers again and again then follow these strategies:

1. Send SMS

Mobile phone has become an essential gadget of everyone’s life. It made easy for business owners to get in touch with customers by this device. Sending SMS got popularity as SMS marketing and is similar to email marketing. SMS marketing can be used in all size of businesses including small, medium to big and is useful in different types of industries like ecommerce to travel, hospitality and many others. This technique can be used to send reminders, notifications and special offers. Thus SMS marketing helps to communicate with existing clients/customers and increase communication with them.

2. Send emails to customers

Sending emails is also known as email marketing. Email marketing is an easy and simple technique to communicate with your clients and customers. There are many companies using email marketing to keep in touch with their clients. This marketing tool is very valuable so it is important to use this to send offers, new services that existing customers may like.

3. Offer deals to loyal customers

Most of the business owners target on new customers when they have some special offers. Even they forget that existing customers are their loyal customers who have been deal with them. So, offering new deals to existing customers help to increase lead generation. You can use any or all methods that include email marketing, SMS marketing, telephone call to give special offers to existing customers/clients. It is easy to attract old customers with such offers in comparison to new one because existing customers are well familiar with your services and business. Your special discounts, freebies and early access to discount help them to feel respected and very special.

4. Use the words that customers like most

There are some words like new, free and instantly which are liked by customers because these words indicate that there is something for customers. These words are also called Call to Action. These words have great power to attract new and existing customers. Such words are specially used to offer something new that customers may like and enjoy purchase.

5. Customer feedback

Customer feedback is a simple way to know what your customers have opinion about your products, services or brand. It is also important to know people’s favorite brands and products. There are many customers who give feedback in different styles. These different ways can help to maintain a connection with your brand or products. You can ask questions and comment via email, build a customer survey or get in touch with them on social media websites.

6. Thank you customer

“Say thank you to customers” is an emotional appeal to come back. So you should say thank you to each customer. Customers feel respected and very especial especially when they spend money with you. It is bonus for them to spend money in your products or services.  There are many ways to say thank you like “Thank you so much for your interest in our services”, “Thank you to offer us a great opportunity to serve you”, etc. If you are running an online store or business then you can include a thank you letter or send a personal “Thank you” email to customers.

7. Use customer’s language

Language gives a special and personal attachment when someone talks with us in our language. Language is the biggest barrier in success of most of the businesses. It may that your customers are not convenient in your language so you should use customer’s language to make conversation comfortable and easy for customers. This is the most used technique that help to customer back.

8. Right platform  

It is important to choose right platform to connect with customers. Right platform may vary business to business and industry to industry.  You should do a research before to use any platform that which channels are mostly used by your existing customers or which channel they mostly prefer. The channel should be helpful, easy to access and reach of most of the customers like email. Right platform will give you more success and great pleasure to customers.

9. Respond quickly

It is important to respond quickly to your customer’s needs. Quick response on each query of your loyal customers along with new one as well. When you reply quickly to your customers requirements, then it captures customer’s attention and they feel that they are special for you. So, you should make sure to check your SMS, voicemail, email on a regular basis. You can try to reply within two hours to your top customer. You also can provide them key contacts like phone number and office number for major concern.

10. Stay in contact

You should communicate with your customers on a regular basis. You can use a coupon, newsletter and event invitation for this purpose. Existing customers want to be updated with new services, products, discounts, events and other update related with your business, products and services. So you can send regular notification and offers via email, SMS and some other ways of communication. A strong customer relationship helps to come back again and again.

11. Quality is important than speed

Quality is the supreme factor that keeps customers coming back. The study shows that quality stuff is more important than speed. If you want to increase your business, want customers come again and again then it is essential to focus on quality of products and services before speed. Both new and existing customers like to pay for quality because it offers satisfaction.

12. Deliver entertainment  

The entertainment has become an important part of business strategies. It is essential to make a brand famous, attract new customers effectively, keep existing customers and bring a long-lasting, multiple experiences. Many companies know the fundamental value of generating entertainment facts that connects both new and existing customers with their product or brand.

13. Maintain detailed notes

Maintaining detailed notes about customers help in next conversation with same customers. You can give different notes to customer if you have more services or products for customers. It will help you to offer same thing that customer may like when you talk on phone with customers. It is an open invitation for customers to take your services next time as well.

5 Reasons Enabling Startups To Thrive


Starting a business is always hard, especially in the today’s world of fast-changing economies. Companies make a fortune or declare bankruptcy in just a few months’ time. But there are certain patterns of conducting business which will help you and grow and knowing them will make a great difference in whether your startup will succeed or fail. Here are the five crucial characteristics of all successful startups.

1. Vision

All startups begin with an idea, and that idea should be your guiding force throughout the whole venture. It attracts people and money to your cause and serves as a compass when times are rough:  it will make you and your startup succeed. Don’t keep it vague – create a plan of growth from registration to actually being in business.  How will you do things? Why will your way of handling a business be better than all the others? The more you work on it, the easier it will be to cross the finish line.

2. Flexibility

Startups are a roller coaster ride: circumstances change often and maneuvering through them untainted is one of the biggest challenges startup owners have to face. It’s one of the reasons why so many startups fail: because people are not willing to be flexible when it comes to their business plan, and that’s a crucial mistake. At some point in time new factors will emerge that will require of you to change the way you handle the startup, and you shouldn’t be afraid to scrap or modify your business plan, even if you thought it was perfect the way it was. Don’t be tied to a specific method or a course of action – flexibility and adaptability are keys to getting a startup on its feet.

3. Strong Online Presence

Thanks to the Internet it’s now possible to reach quite a number of people without investing too much money, and a successful startup should go for it all the way. It’s a great way to present your work to the public, to attract potential investments and establish yourself as a brand in your field. Even a simple WordPress website and Facebook and Twitter accounts will suffice, if you publish content regularly and in an interesting manner. According to Croatian hosting and managing professionals I’ve spoken to, the most important thing to remember is to have an up-to-date, stable website keeping it fresh with new content, and to communicate with your followers on a daily basis and in a friendly tone – good word of you will spread quickly.

4. Mastering the Budget

An average startups doesn’t have a lot of funds at its disposal; at least not in the beginning, and handling the money you have carefully is a sure road to success. That means avoiding all unnecessary expenses and always looking for a way to save some money: set your financial priorities, know exactly how much you need and keep detailed records of where the money went. You can also get some money by getting investors, which should actually be one of the main duties of a startup CEO. Raising capital will provide you with enough time to see your vision come through.

5. Speed

The ability to act fast is one of the main reasons why certain startups succeed and reach their goals: they launch on time and can do things much faster than the competition. A successful startup never delays things and the people behind it know they how to work as much as necessary to do the job. This is especially true for the first year of a starter, when productivity and speed matter the most.

Five Effective Techniques to Get Your Business Noticed Online

online business

Business is an important part of every business owner. Every business needs some type of investment and trustworthy customers to make a successful business. There are lots of successful businesses run by many business owners. These days, online business is increasing very fast because it helps to target global audience very easily. There are several successful businesses, which are running totally online. These businesses are successful because everybody knows about them and visits their website again and again.  Therefore, it is very important to know all the things about online business. If no one knows about your online business that means your online business is not promoted in right direction. So, here are the some cost-effective techniques to notice presence of your business online.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most popular segments of the online marketing. This marketing helps to increase website traffic and awareness by social media sites. It is one of the best, useful and cost effective techniques to promote your online business and improve the visibility of your products and services. There are some social media websites that are useful in marketing such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and some other social channels. These days most of the companies are using these sites to get in touch with clients and customers. Thus, social media is a great tool for promotion and you can use it.

2. Optimize Your Website

Every website requires its maintenance and optimization that has become the most important part of online business. Website optimization is the initial thing for best performance of the website in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). If your website is well optimized then there are changes that it will get higher ranking in search results. Higher ranking in search results means more traffic/visitors. More traffic means more business thus well optimized business website has become important marketing factor for business owners.

3. Start a Blog

These days most of the online businesses have business blog. It is a very simple and easy way to promote products and services. Blogging is the most effective way to increase the visibility of business website. Blogging increases your search engine ranking, enhance visibility and increase chances of success. In addition, blogging helps to make better relationships with clients/customers. Therefore, the best blog includes lots of great and excellent posts. You need to post fresh and new content on your blog regularly related with your services/products, offers or anything else that you want to share with your customers. You must try to keep a balance between writing posts that are subject-driven and community centered.

4. Video Marketing

These days video marketing is getting popularity as one of the best online marketing channels. It is helpful for all size business. There are some popular video websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Metcafe. These sites can be used for video marketing. You should make branded videos related with your products/services and promote with help of these sites.

5.  Join Events

All most all events get headline by media groups. These media groups and online communities have very strong online and offline presence.  Therefore an event is an excellent way to market online your business and connect with your clients, customers and experts in your business niche. The events are organized by many professionals and experts of online community. If you join these events, then your website and your business also get promotion parallel with events.

Best Sites for Entrepreneurs


There are many websites which help entrepreneurs to grow their business and make it better.  These websites are packed with detailed information but entrepreneurs don’t have adequate time to read each and everything in details. So, I filtered some websites which give point to point assistant and are not time consuming.


TED is one of the world’s most popular communities for all including entrepreneurs. TED is a nonprofit global community, started in 1984 as a conference.  A worldwide community that welcoming people from every regulation and civilization who look for a deeper understanding of the humanity. TED has become one of the most popular platforms to listen role models of the society and successful people in their field.


David Skok is the author of “ForEntrepreneurs” who is a five time successive entrepreneur turned VC (at Matrix Partners).  For Entrepreneurs is a blog for entrepreneurs and startups. Its tagline is “Startup Help, expertise, wisdom and resources for startups and entrepreneurs”. You find it real true when visit this blog. Its aim is to address the key problems that occur in starting a new company. David helps to make a successful business or company. David Skok’s approach to startup technique and economic modeling is easy to use.


Noobpreneur is also a blog; best for who want to enter entrepreneurship. It is an award winning blog, rated Inc-50 best websites for entrepreneurs in 2014. Noobpreneur shares small business trends and industry insights, new ideas and techniques for small business owners. This blog is the best online platform for both small business owners and business experts.


Onevest is a crowdfunding website. There are numerous crowdfunding sites but find the reliable, reputable and trusted site is not easy. Onevest is your helping hand at this stage. If you are running a starup company and in need of fund then onevest is right choice for you.

Business Software – Efficiency and Success

Business Software Efficiency and Success

The age we live in is heavily influenced by new technologies. This can be seen in every aspect of our lives – from our jobs to socializing with other people, from the cars we drive to the gadgets we have in our pockets. Another field where technology is also is showing its influence is in business.

For example, most business today use at least some kind of business software to help them run more efficiently and, ultimately, more successfully. In fact, you would have to be a pretty ignorant business owner and not too good at your job to ignore everything that different types of business software can do for you.
And that is exactly what we will be talking about today.

Office Suites

Office suites are software packages that include a lot of tools that are aimed at helping people run and work in an office. Microsoft Office is the most commonly used such package and it is still a prototype for what these suites need to offer – a word process, spreadsheets, presentation software, an email client, etc.

These software packages enable increased productivity in the office and they definitely help with efficiency. People are no more forced to use typewriters which do not correct spelling mistakes; they have easy to use and navigate records and spreadsheets and it is easier than ever to cooperate on a project with someone.

Communication Software

In today’s world, there are a lot of businesses that are not strictly localized, meaning that everyone is working in the same building. It is quite common to have businesses whose employees are miles away, even continents away. Also, many businesses today have outside partners who work from home and who need to be available when needed.

The good news is that there is a whole range of various software solutions for just such cases. In addition to bringing everyone closer in the company, they can also be used for remote meetings with investors or partners. The important thing is that people can communicate and that nothing is wasted or done wrong just because of the lack of communication.

Warehouse Management Systems

In the United States, a company did a research on how efficient warehouses are and how much money is wasted. They came to a conclusion that only 30% of the American warehouses can be considered to be efficient. They also realized that the same percentage of warehouses uses warehouse management systems, software solutions that help managers and business owners run their warehouses.

These systems are envisioned so as to reduce waste of man hours and of resources that are often left unused in warehouses. They are an investment that pays off very quickly and they become so important for the company that owners often wonder how they did without them.

Insolvency Software

No matter how well you run your business, there is always a chance that something might go wrong. The market might suffer various events that make businesses see diminished income, a new competitor might appear or someone might make a mistake in your company. These things happen and insolvency sometimes becomes an issue to be dealt with.

With solutions such as Encompass, insolvency becomes much more manageable as this software allows you to see what is going on, where the money should go and how you can handle your assets in order to mitigate the crisis.

In Conclusion

Pretty much all of the business software is aimed at making businesses more efficient and thus more successful. You cannot afford to waste money and time on something that a piece of software can do. You have more important things to handle and take care of.

Windows Apps To Download Right Now

windows phones

Windows store is an application store for Microsoft Windows. It is a digital distribution platform developed by Microsoft. Users can browse or download its application which is made by third person. Before you know about Windows app, you should know about Window App Studio. Window App Studio is a free, online app creation tool which is also provided by Microsoft for Window and Window Phone. It allows you to build windows and windows phone apps to test, publish and share. This is the best web application for fresher because it provides facility to create software application for windows phone. Moreover, it is a suitable graphical interface for user to download source code of the applications for little bit editing in Visual Studio. When we talk about windows features so:

1. It works on “try before you buy” where user download its application and run.
2. In this, user can download any apps related to any field.
3. Window phone app studio is one stop source to rapid app building for window phone.

There are some apps that you can use right now:


This app is used for storing your personal as well as work data in one place. You also can access it from anywhere from any devices like Windows Phone, Personal Computer etc. In this app, you are free to store any data related to any area because this app provides security. In case you lose your data in the device, you can get access to certain data from this app. You can also share videos, files etc. You can delete, create, update, move data from this app.
Cost: It is totally free app.

Adobe Reader

This app is used for viewing documents in PDF form. With the help of this app, one can bookmark important pages. You are free to open this page whenever you want because the bookmark URL is saved. In case you are willing to find a word in PDF, you need nothing but to type that word in the search tab and simplify the search. This high rated app is preferred by people not only for personal purpose but also for commercial use.
Cost: This is free app.

So, you know everything about some of the high rated windows app now. Installing these apps on your phone will definitely help you to organise your life in a better way.