32 Business apps and tools for Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur has to perform number of activities during running a business therefore most of the entrepreneurs face shortage of time problem. Even there are numerous apps and tools that help to solve this problem. These tools save valuable time, offer more results during working hours as well as are very useful and helpful for every aspects of a business. These enable entrepreneurs to reduce distractions and focus on their business. The following tools will help you to be more productive during working hours.


1. Fiverr: Fiverr is the biggest marketplace in all over the world and their services starts at $5. A service presented on Fiverr is known as the Gig. Fiverr assure to keep customer information confidential and safe.

2. Upwork: At present, Upwork is the leading platform for many companies to hire talented professionals for work. It is the best online way for hiring freelancers.

3. Gigster: Gigster connects you best 5% software developers and Silicon Valley based product managers. So, you can hire the best development team in a few minutes.

4. Clarity: Clarity is the best marketplace that links entrepreneurs with industry professionals and top advisers. It perform market investigate, get planned business guidance and find out a specific talent to help business.

Social Media Management

5. Hootsuite:  Hootsuite is very popular platform for running social media, which is used by above 10 million people all over the world. It is really most extensively used social relationship platform.

6. Buffer App: Buffer is an excellent method to drive traffic, enhance follower engagement and save time in social media. Buffer app helps users to share social media content by schedule online posts during the day.

7. Sprout Social: Sprout Social is made on the suggestion that the world is enhanced when businesses and clientele talk freely. It provides a platform for business to handle social media engagement, publish and analytics.

8. TweetDeck: It is great twitter tool for managing, real-time tracking and engagement for the Web and mobile devices.

9. Hearsay Social: It helps to financial services teams to improve their business on social. Most of the worldwide financial services companies are using Hearsay Social.

10. ScribbleLive: It is content marketing software platform that increases your higher funnel by combine large data near with workflow technology.


11. Evernote: Evernote is the software that is useful for teams work. It is available for smartphone, tablet and computer. Thus, it is the place where write free from interruption, collect details, find what you want and provide suggestions to the world.

12. 1Password: 1Password provides an easy and convenient security. It is an excellent way to make a secure and strong password for all website you visit. It is available for Mac, windows, android and ios.

13. Dropbox: Dropbox is great for every entrepreneur and easy way to work with everyone from anywhere. This is a cloud storage app for business. It is easy to share big files with anyone even they do not have a Dropbox account.

14. Toggl: Toggl is free time tracking tool that is built for speed and simple use. Time maintenance with Toggl is very easy and entrepreneurs should use it.

15. Mod Notebooks: The Mod knowledge starts with a wonderful notebook as the establishment. When design notebooks, Mod start with a usual thread bound design. Notebook lives in the Mod app after digitized your notebook by mod. It is a completely open web app and simple to access from any mobile phone, desktop and tablet. Moreover, you can sync your pages with Evernote, Dropbox and OneNote.

Additional App

Projectmanager: It is an online project management and collaboration software. It has an iOS and Android mobile app that can be used to update projects from anywhere. The tool has a Gantt chart, project dashboard, task management features, and more.

Customer Support

16. Zendesk: Zendesk provide software that makes easy support to its customers when they want help.  Zendesk levels with you and offer a broad range of client service tools for business at any level.

17. Freshdesk: Freshdesk is cloud based client support platform, which aims to provide great customer service.  It offers a solution for customer support needs and as well as online helpdesks.

18. Uservoice: Uservoice builds product administration and client support software that helps many companies to make better products and support for users. It is one of the best product management platforms that make it simple to collect feedback.

19. Clickdesk: ClickDesk is the best online chat software that combines help desk and live chat. Small businesses owners use ClickDesk’s live chat software to increase customer engagement by web chat, video chat, voice chat, real-time analytics social media management and integrated help desk to supervise support tickets and offline chats.

Website Data

20. Google Analytics: Google analytics is the best solutions to track users’ activity on your site. It helps to make right marketing strategies and understand consumer behavior for your services or products.

21. CrazyEgg: Crazy Egg finds out and lets you see exactly what visitors are doing with your website. It is showing you where visitors are clicking, how many visitors scroll down your web pages and more others.

22. Piwik: Piwik is the top open source analytic platform that provides you more free open source software, user security, customizable, complete data ownership and more others.

Email Marketing

23. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is the best email marketing service provider that sends over 600 million emails per day. It provides many features and integrations that allow you to send automated messages, marketing emails and targeted function.

24. Customer.io: Customer.io is the best platform for email marketing that sends targeted messages. You can send outbound message in a particular great interface.

25. Constant Contact: Constant Contact is the email marketing software that improves your business with email marketing. It is a helpful marketing tool that will transform the method for small business achievement.

26. Exact Target: It can make scalable and custom-made email marketing operation that is based on data by Email Automation. It designs 1-to-1 client experiences over all channels through Journey Builder.


27. Grammarly: Grammarly is the world top grammar checker. It is best tool to immediately find and correct many grammatical errors and mistakes and makes you the best writer.

28. Hemingway Editor: Hemingway Editor is a great tool that makes writing and spelling mistakes or errors bold and clear. This app highlights lengthy, complex sentences, general errors, complicated and some other errors with colors.

Graphic Design

29. Sketch: Sketch is made for latest graphic designers. This includes great features such as symbols and shared styles to build reuse elements fast and simple.

30. InVision: It is the world’s great design prototyping tool for developers and designers. It gives the clearness, teamwork and organize need to power your design procedure.

31. Photoshop: Photoshop is the best tool for designers and they can get most excellent shots that make them improved with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

32. Canva: You can easily make beautiful designs and documents with the help of Canva. You can use Canva’s drag and drop element and proficient layouts to design always dazzling graphics

Top seven Indian cities to launch your startup


Currently, India is the 3rd biggest startup ecosystem country all over the world after US and UK. The US is more than triple the size of India and overall a different world for the startups. India is growing very fast with metropolitan areas beyond Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, which includes more than 20 upcoming metros cities. There are several cities in the India that are in startup grounds race but no one is a leader. The location choices for a startup are huge problem and decision is generally determined by individual’s acquaintance and ease with the place. There are 7 startup cities in India where you can start your carrier.


Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. Bengaluru is the center of India’s high-tech and advance industry. It is India’s Silicon Valley because there are lots of startups at different stages of development.  Bengaluru is a big union of higher quality talent, economical real estate and better access to capital through higher density of mentorship and investors support as well as helpful administration. There are successful startups like Ola, FreeCharge, InMobi and Quikr that had shifted their base to Bengaluru in search for economical talent and lower real estate price. Bengaluru is a safe city compare to Delhi and Mumbai in terms of women safety.


Pune is the second biggest city of Maharashtra state after capital Mumbai. Pune is currently listed in Union Government Smart City plan.  This city also has a very strong startup action and maybe the top ecology for development the startup action. There is India’s largest IT Park that is called as Hinjavadi.  Most of the people are apparent to kick jobs to connect exciting startups. The city has developed enormously with the coming up of high-value start-ups like support storage startup Druva, mobile commerce platform Mobikon, gaming startup Rolocule and Letsintern, online portal for student internships. There are many top areas for startups in Pune that includes ecommerce, education, ERP, marketing and advertising. Moreover, the potential is enormous for Pune to quickly run on the development path but it will take time as startups achievement stories are yet to rise. The ecosystem is still in pre stage in Pune.


Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra that is also known as Bombay. Mumbai is the financial and glamour capital of the country and also the metropolitan nightmare. The city is also well-known as the heart of Hindi Bollywood film industry. It is also top startup ground for beginners. There is the biggest workforce of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). As India’s head office for economic services, Mumbai all the time enjoys the benefit when it comes to production and entrepreneurs. In spite of many development problems, Mumbai continues to be the centripetal strength attracts businesses, at least the early phase businesses before they go out for ability and cheaper sources.


Delhi is the heart of India. It provides many huge advantages than Bengaluru like better transportation, great admittance to top engineering schools, low rentals and admittance to ability that wants to keep on in North India among other things. There are some of the biggest e-commerce companies like Paytm, Snapdeal, and Grofer in Delhi/NCR. There are many investors in Delhi and Gurgaon, which make it easy for entrepreneurs to get assets and mentorship. Therefore, no other city comes nearer to Delhi for understanding and knowing how to do and start a business.


Hyderabad is the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for next few years. The city takes pride to be home of worldwide companies like Microsoft and Facebook that have its major campus in Hyderabad. Recently, the Government of Telangana announced tie-up with Google for setting up its main campus outside the Unite State in Hyderabad with Rs 1,000 crore investment. The city has knowledgeable and worldwide travelled young professional all along with excellent physical communications and overall cheaper price of living, a required thing for startups to breed. Although tech ecology is in Hyderabad for past several years, the city is however to come up with important start-up achievement story. Though, companies like growth-hacking toolkit for app developers AppVirality, genomics startup Mapmygenome and mobile business platform MartMobi are quickly increasing.


Ahmedabad is the biggest city of the Gujarat. Ahmedabad has appeared as a vital financial and industrial hub in India. After the big startup cities, Ahmdebad come that is making the next wave of India’s start-up hubs. IIM-Ahmdebad Centre for improvement Incubation and Entrepreneurship has already keep warm and support over 100 start-ups in social, clean tech and IT space. The startup action is quite growing by only few names like e-commerce platform, angel groups like Gujarat Angels and Infuse Ventures that is based in IIM-Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is improving with the help of good administration support that gives the information that Gujarat has a pro-business and pro-industry management and transportation among the top in the country.


Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu. It is the largest commercial and industrial centre in South India. Its businesses are well-known for maintaining a small profile, which is quick turning into Software as a Service (SaaS) center. There are number of large and small B2B SaaS product companies such as Freshdesk, ZOHO, InterviewStreet and Unmetric have become Chennai’s satisfaction in domestic and also in global market.