56 Smart Ways to Generate Leads Online

Lead Generation

Each business and company wants more and more leads because it is base of their business growth. Even there are number of ways to generate leads and all ways do not work for all businesses. It varies business to business. Some people believe on social media and due to this they want to increase their presence on social networks. These days presence of business and company has become very necessary for all business owners as number of people use it. You can generate leads using social media because social media builds the web traffic and increases promotion. You can use advertising, content creation, networking to get more leads. In order to generate leads, you should have affection, interaction and time. The following are some smart ways to generate leads online by social media, content marketing, blogging and SEO.


facebook image

1. Facebook page: Facebook is the best online social networking site that is a double-edged platform with frequently changing content. Facebook page is a simple way to attract web traffic and follow customers to generate leads.

2. Create custom tabs: Facebook allows you to setup custom tabs on page that makes it perfect form. These forms are right way to capture lead on Facebook.

3. Schedule facebook post: You can share your post on Thursday and Friday at 1 pm for getting the most shares and 3 pm for most clicks.

4. Post photos and videos in your timeline: It is important to post photos and videos in timeline. It helps to attract prospective customers and re-invite them on facebook profile or page.

5. Monitor and respond on comments: It is important to monitor all comments and respond according to importance of the comment received by friends, customers and other people as well.

6. Link your blog/website from facebook: If you have a blog or website then it should be linked with facebook page or profile. It helps to redirect facebook traffic on your website that helps to generate leads.


twitterImage Source: Twitter

7. Twitter: Twitter is another most popular social networking site. It allows users to send, receive and read messages that is called “tweets”. It is also an excellent online source for generating business leads.

8. Daily tweet: If you are not tweeting constantly then your followers may lose interest. You should tweet that your followers like or you like.

9. Schedule tweet time: You should tweet Monday to Friday for B2B, Wednesday to Sunday for B2C at 12 pm and 6 pm for most clicks and 3 pm for more re-tweets.

10. Use Hashtags: Hashtag (#) is used in twitter as search tag to find similar tweets. Using hashtag increase possibility of your tweets to come in search results. So, you should use hashtag in twitter to get more traffic.

11. Use twitter cards: Twitter released new lead generation card for twitter users. So, you can use it and generate leads.

12. Ask followers to link your website: If you have sufficient targeted followers on twitter then you can ask your followers to link your website and tweet, retweet your services.

13. Interaction with followers: You should interact with followers by sending message them. You can retweet their tweets as well to build strong interaction with them. It helps to build trust in you and fascinate them about your business, services and products.

Google Plus

Google plus logo

14. Google Plus: Google+ is the best place to connect with family, friends, same interest people and explore all interesting content, photos, videos with them. It is a good platform to send messages and stay in touch with the people.

15. Google Hangout: Google Hangout is an excellent communication platform so you can use hangout to keep in touch with friends, family members and customers as well. You can send message, start video and phone call to customers or targeted audience to share your services and business details. You can start conversation with one person or a group.

16. Google plus post time: If you share post on Monday to Friday at 9-11 am then you can get more lead for your business. This is the time when most people online on Google plus.



17. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a business oriented online social networking platform. It is extremely useful for professional networking. There is one of the major benefits of using LinkedIn is, your messages are read by targeted audience. LinkedIn is more useful social network for B2B businesses.

18. Join groups: It is important to join groups that are relevant to your business or services. It helps to get more engagement with targeted customers and make easy to generate lead.

19. Promote content in groups:  Sharing useful content or services in relevant groups increase traffic. It is really helpful to build credibility among group’s members.

20. Be active in relevant groups. You should be active in relevant groups after joining. It helps to share business, products or services with group members. You can ask questions or reply to questions of other members for this purpose.

21. Schedule Post Time: Like other social networks timing does matter here as well. You should make sure to share post at specific time like Tuesdays to Thursdays at 10-11 am, 7-8 am and 5-6 pm. It is the most prefer time even timing may varies according business types and targeted audience.



22. Pinterest: Pinterest is visual invention tool which you can use to get ideas for every project and interests. You can make and monitor a plan to generate leads with the help of image and infographics.

23. Create board on topics: You can create different boards on different subjects, services or products. So, you should take advantage of it by creating board on your services or business. It is the best way to drive traffic through Pinterest boards and generate lead.

24. Schedule pin time: It is consider that the best Pinterest time is Saturdays at 8-11 pm. This is perfect time to generate leads because most of the people use Pinterest in this duration.

25. Promote attractive post: It is important to share informative and useful content with relevant and eye-catching images and videos. It redirects traffic on your website.

26. Connect with other pinners: It is necessary to connect with other pinners who deal with same business or services. It will help you to find targeted audience that they are targeting. You should follow your business theme based boards, pinners and pins too.



27. Instagram: Instagram is an online mobile based video, photo sharing and social networking site which enables users to take photos and share them on social networking platform. These days most of the people are using it. Now Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active users. Thus it is a great source to generate lead and target huge audience.

28. Text to post with relevant links: Instagram is all about images but an interesting text or description in your picture or video can help you to attract targeted users.

29. Instagram post time: You should share image or video when your followers or targeted audience is online. Sharing post on Mondays at 3-4 pm EST is more helpful.

30. Make a series: It relates to images and videos and share with followers. It keeps high engagement with people who want to know what happens next.

Video Networks

31. YouTube: Video is a good tool to increase web traffic and develop business. YouTube is a video sharing website where you can optimize your YouTube videos and invite targeted viewers to watch videos. Thus you can get more web traffic, views and more leads.

32. Vine: Vine is also a video sharing service where users can share their short to long looping videos. Users publish video on Vine’s social network that share in other services such as Facebook and Twitter.


Blogging image

33. Create a blog and share helpful information: These days blog has become an active medium to get in touch with targeted audience or customers. So, it is important to create a blog and share helpful guide, tips based on your business.

34. Optimize blog: Optimization is necessary part of blog maintenance. It helps to increase SERP ranking, traffic and spread blog content over internet if it is done professionally. Thus it generates lead and business as well.

35. Use attractive title: Title is “Call to action” in blog post therefore it should be attractive and targeted audience based.  Attractive title attracts right visitors that may convert in customers.

36. Use image in blog post: Image is an attractive way to invite web traffic on blog. If you add images in blog post then you can attract more users. You can find numerous websites for free images over internet from where you can download copyright free images to use in blog.

37. Keywords in title and body: Keywords are important when you write and share a blog post. You should add website or business keyword in blog post on that you want top SERP ranking of your website or blog. You can insert it in the title and body of the post.

38. Use tags: Tags are just like keywords that help to increase ranking of website and blog. High SERP ranking means more traffic, more traffic means more chances of lead generation.

39. Establish your expertise: Blog is a good platform to show your knowledge. So, you should use this platform to explore your expertise and invite more and more web traffic.

Content Marketing

40. Promote your own content: You should promote your own blog post or content related with your business, services or products on social platforms. Social media plays very important role in this regard to generate lead.

41. Promote quality content: If you want to get full benefits of social networking sites then should contribute and distribute quality content. Quality content may be your own or find over internet.

42. Crowd source content: Crowd sourcing content provides several benefits such as fresh viewpoint, build trust and drives sales profits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO image

43. Forum: Forum is an online discussion portal where you can start conversation related with your services or topic on that your customers may be interested. It is a good platform to find new customers and generate lead through participating in discussion.

44. Presentation: You can make presentation based on your business or services and share on top presentation websites like SlideShare. Making, uploading and sharing presentation help to increase traffic and convert this traffic into prospective lead.

45. Press Release: Introducing specific news, latest offers, new services etc. about business through press release websites help to find targeted audience.

46. Business blog: You can design and develop a blog and attach it with official business website. You should update it regularly and share your business news, products, services information frequently. It will help to engage your loyal customers with your business as well as attract new customers.

47. Blog Comment: You should comment in other blogs which are sharing and posting information related with your business theme. With blog commenting, you can invite dedicated web traffic on your official website or blog that will help to generate lead.

Organize Events

48. Contest: Contest is the easy way to connect with prospective customers. You can organize contest to find interested people in your services or products and can give stunning award to winner. It will help to increase awareness about your business among prospective customers.

49. Host a webinar: Webinar is a form of web conference or web seminar. With the help of webinars, you can assist to prospective customers who are in need or searching more information about the same business you deal with. It also helps to increase ROI.

Google Analytics

google analytics

50. Google Analytics: It is the best solution that can help you to turn client insights into action for business. It is also the best marketing solution to know how visitors are using website.

51. Landing page: The landing page is a single web page that looks in response to click on search engine results or an online advertisement. Analytics help to know how landing page is performing and it also helps to choose right page for more lead generation.

52. Call to action: You can use one strong call to action on every landing page and put them in well-known place on each landing page. Call to action is very important for lead generation.

53. Business trend: With the help of analytics you can know how your business is trending. It helps to increase traffic. You should check business trend in regular basis and apply information according that.


54. Listing: A good method to generate lead is targeted listing. There are number of sites which allow listing like business directories. You should list your official website or landing page there to generate lead. This listing may be paid or free.

55. Ebooks: Writing ebook on the subject associated with your business is one of the best ways of lead generation. It helps to target prospective customers and increase chances of conversion.

56. Multiple channels: There are number of channels available online where you can find customers like social sites, business directories, forums, video sites etc. Therefore, you should use multiple channels on the basis of your prospective customers’ presence.

Digital Marketing and Business Conferences in 2016

Digital Marketing and Business Conferences

There are many people specially business owners, entrepreneurs, company owners and some skilled person, they are waiting for 2016. They are planning to develop business, knowledge and skills in upcoming year. If you are one of them and want to improve your networking skills and knowledge then 2016 has a great deal to offer you in the way of conferences. These conferences can assist you increase a frame in your business and provide you the ability to cooperate with your clients, customers and experts in your business, desired influencers and peers. You can get a huge list of business and digital marketing conferences for 2016. It will cover a broad variety of topics such as big data, analytics, blogging, conversions, content, design, entrepreneurship, development, innovation, local, leadership, mobile, search, publishing, social, venture capital, technology and writing. Below are the lists of conferences:

January 2016 Events

International CES :  International CES stands for International Consumer Electronics Show. It is the global meeting place for everyone who is interested in the consumer technology business. It held conferences every year. The 2016 conference will start from 6 Jan 2016 to 9 Jan 2016 in Las Vegas.  Thus, The International CES showcases more than 3,600 companies, which includes developers, manufacturers, supplier of hardware consumer technology, content technology delivery systems and more. The conference program is more than 200 conference sessions and more than 150K attendees come from 150 countries.

Type-A-Vegas Mastermind : Type-A Vegas Mastermind Bootcamp will be host conference first time that is a hybrid of their popular Bootcamp and intelligence summit formats. It will add some of the top components of both. There will be advanced sessions led by modern speakers. It will provide interactive discussions among associate top media professionals. There will be nitty gritty work to assist all attendee build up a plan to boost their business for the upcoming year. The conference will be held on 9 Jan 2016 in Las Vegas.

Affiliate Summit West : Shawn Collins and Missy Ward are the co-founders of Affiliate Summit, who have more than 32 years of experience in the affiliate marketing. In 2003, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward established Affiliate Summit with the purpose of giving educational sessions on the most modern industry issues and development creative networking surroundings for affiliate marketers. The conference will start from 10 Jan 2016 to 12 Jan 2016 in Las Vegas. Affiliate Summit events attendees break out into 5 major categories that are affiliates, agencies, merchants, vendors and networks.

SocialMedia.org’s Brands Only : This event or conference will be focused on the core social media skills that you need to be a successful social media manager. The conference will start from 25 Jan 2016 to 27 Jan 2016 in Orlando. It is a special conference for the people who are dealing with social media section of big brands. There is also an interesting pre-conference on social media measurement, surprising networking prospect and many delicious foods.

Social Recruiting Strategies: Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) will offer top practices and learn lessons from recruiting gurus, business leaders, case studies of top brands and organizations. The conference will be held from 26 Jan 2016 to 28 Jan 2016 in San Francisco. The three day conference offers top practices, case studies, tools and metrics that matter on nowadays talent pool. Speakers and attendees will mix and join for 3 days, discussing their knowledge in how to successfully influence social and mobile employ strategies to get the best candidates.

2016 Carnegie Conference: Carnegie has been at the top in developing response-driven communication, employment solutions and advertising services. The top performing recruitment, lead production services and advanced digital marketing team join to bring customized solutions for their customers and clients. Carnegie has place the standard for educational marketing and carry on to guide the education business. The 2016 Carnegie Conference will start from 28 Jan 2016 to 29 Jan 2016 in Orlando.

Image Source: Pixabay

Things to Think About When Choosing the Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Once the old server is gone, your small business should switch to the cloud immediately. According to a survey conducted by MYOB, the small businesses that turned to cloud have more revenue. The reason for this might be the efficient IT, which is more efficient when using the cloud (ARN.com, 2013.) This is reason enough to switch to managed hosting and here are the things you need to make sure you get with your managed hosting plan.

Good Server Technology

If you are about to trust somebody to take care about your data and to provide you with such important services, then you need to make sure that they have the latest technological solutions. The newest servers are not only more reliable, but they are also more efficient and they even save energy. Better technology means cheaper and more reliable service to you, so ask around about it.

Disaster Management

Even when everything is done to prevent disasters, they sometimes can happen. However, you need to be prepared for those and make sure that you and your service provider agree who is responsible in those cases. Proper managed hosting providers will also include the disaster management option in their services to you. Some providers do that and some don’t. Either way, ask them about it before signing a contract with them.

Constant Support

Constant Support

Glitches and occasional coughs during work are tolerable if they don’t happen all the time. However, they sometimes happen at worst moments and that is why you need support and help. Ask your providers about their call center and the ways they offer support. Some will reply with emails or online chat support, while others will accept phone calls. You need to figure out what is the best way for you and what suits you most. Support that is provided 24/7 is very important for managed hosting, so find the provider that will have it included in their services.

Good References

As usual, no other form of marketing can beat the value of word of mouth reference. Your service provider should have no problem giving you their references and the list of their clients that you can contact. In this way, you will be able to hear all the good and the not so good things about the service provider and make your choice based on more facts. On the other hand, you may want to start your search by interviewing other businesses about their experiences in the first place. Either way, asking around never hurts.

Choosing the managed hosting provider is a serious decision that you don’t want to make without having all the facts. These are the things that you need to think through thoroughly before choosing the company that will take care of all your business processes and make them go smoothly. Therefore, make sure that they have the means, the technology and the professionalism that allow you to trust them with your own business.