31 Best Web Analytics Tools to Analysis Web Data

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the process of collection and analysis of web data. This web data is used for market research that is the base of business growth. There are number of web analytics tools and software that help to know traffic, page views, users’ activities on a web page etc. Thus these tools are backbone of market research of web data. Therefore we filtered the best 31 tools for you.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. StatCounter
  3. Compete
  4. Clicky
  5. KISSmetrics
  6. Crazy Egg
  7. Moz Analytics
  8. Open Web Analytics
  9. Woopra
  10. Piwik
  11. Clicktale
  12. GoSquared
  13. Optimizely
  14. TrueSocial Metrics
  15. BuzzStream
  16. FoxMetrics
  17. Mint
  18. BrightEdge
  19. Mixpanel
  20. ChartBeat
  21. GoingUp
  22. Webtrends Analytics
  23. HootSuite
  24. WordStream
  25. Raven
  26. SERPAnalytics
  27. Site Meter
  28. Histats
  29. WordPress Stats
  30. CloudFlare
  31. WooRank

Detailed info about best web analytics tools:

  1. Google Analytics:


  • Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics tool and service that is offered by Google for tracks and reports website traffic.
  • The Google Analytic helps to improve performance for your websites, apps and online marketing.
  • It is the best marketing solution for all size businesses.
  • You can set up and customize tracking for websites, web, mobile apps and internet related devices.
  • You can create Google Analytics accounts for yourself and for your customers as well.
  • The Google Analytics includes the features of ecommerce reporting that can track sales action and performance.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: http://www.google.com/analytics/

  1. StatCounter


  • StatCounter is a powerful and trustworthy web tracker, which is customizable based on your data necessities.
  • StatCounter is a useful and great tool to assist you to make right decisions about performance of the website.
  • You can use StatCounter to check actual human motion in real-time.
  • StatCounter can be used 100% free that does not require credit card.
  • StatCounter provides 2 stages of analysis, easy summary statistics for every page loads, exclusive, returning & unique visitors and extremely detailed analysis of a little number of your newest page loads.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://statcounter.com/

  1. Compete


  • Compete is a great and admiring analytics tool that provides you innovative intelligence on what your competitors are doing or how your users finished up on your website in the first position.
  • It provides state of search report, easy upload reporting tools, compete pro enterprise features and watch compete pro video.
  • Users can check competition and standard performance.
  • Compete has acknowledged the performance of many online consumers that offer the data directly that is available to sales people, marketers, agencies, researchers, analysts, empowering them to evaluate and examine the performance of practically any website.

Price: Paid

Website: https://www.compete.com/

  1. Clicky


  • Clicky is the best web analytics tool that offers the real time analytics solution. Clicky includes the best, attractive interface, real-time stats and reliable customer service.
  • Many people love to use Clicky because it provides everything in real time, ridiculous detail, individual visitors and actions, heatmaps, on-site analytics, uptime monitoring, easy to use and some other.
  • Clicky informs you to find out all visitors and their action that they do on your website. Clicky provide you the alternative to attach custom data to visitors such as usernames and email addresses. You can analyze each visitor individually and find out their complete information.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://clicky.com/

  1. KISSmetrics


  • KISSmetrics is a great place to find out latest and innovative strategies and techniques. It provides the solution of optimization troubles that marketers always face.
  • KISSmetrics follows individual and group visitor actions from first anonymous visit by each change that increases their lifetime importance. KISSmetrics reports provide you metrics to completely analyze and significantly develop your business.
  • KISSmetrics have features like analyze, engage, click to track, integration and provide solution for SAAS, ecommerce, agencies and implementation.

Price: Paid

Website: www.kissmetrics.com

  1. Crazy Egg


  • Crazy Egg is the great and excellent way that lets you observe accurately what someone are doing on your website.
  • With the Crazy Egg you can get several benefits like get expensive insights for high-ROI transforms.
  • You can use your web budget more efficiently and create a great case for prioritize your redesign.
  • With Crazy Egg you can speed up your user testing and analysis procedure and show your manager about work changes.
  • Get pleasure from more conversions and enhanced engagement.

Price: Paid (All plans FREE for the first 30 days)

Website: http://www.crazyegg.com/

  1. Moz Analytics


  • Moz is the great and most excellent Internet’s leading company for search engine marketing that offers a full web analytics package.
  • Moz analytics is analytical tool that help you to track your search marketing, brand activity, social media marketing, links and content marketing efforts at one convenient place.
  • You can try this best and excellent free tool for analysis, webpage performance, link building, keyword research, local listing audits, twitter analytics and more.
  • Moz provides different software for doing different types of process like Moz Pro for search marketing, Moz local for local search marketing, Moz content for content marketing and Followerwonk for twitter analytics.
  • It also provides some free tools for SEO, local marketing, content marketing and twitter analytics.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://moz.com/

  1. Open Web Analytics


  • Open web analytics is well-known as OWA that is great software for open source web analytics. It is an easy, open and web analytics tool.
  • You can use this software for track and examine how many people use your applications and websites.
  • OWA provide support for websites tracking that made by popular content managing frameworks such as MediaWiki and WordPress.
  • OWA is approved under GPL that offers website developers and owners the simple and easy ways to put web analytics to their websites with using simple PHP, JavaScript and REST based APIs.

Price: Free

Website: http://www.openwebanalytics.com/

  1. Woopra


  • Woopra helps to companies for taking control of customer data and make it actionable.
  • Woopra analytics is made to adapt your business and put most essential data front & center that makes it easy and simple to find the insight that you require.
  • It allows all companies to track, investigate and take action on customers’ action from every touch point by linking all tools to a single focal point.
  • With the help of Woopra, You can manage and control your customer data like customer profiles and some other related things.
  • This is simple compare how different sections move all the way through your funnel to discover your best and bad adapting types of customers.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://www.woopra.com/

  1. Piwik


  • Piwik is the top open source analytic platform, which provides you more than influential analytics.
  • It is free of cost open source software with 100% data rights.
  • It provides user privacy security and centric insight.
  • It is very extensible and customizable.
  • There are many Individuals who are working with huge and small companies all above the world who have already use their analytics with Piwik.

Price: Free

Website: http://piwik.org/

pie chart

  1. Clicktale


  • Clicktale is the great tool that records all action of your visitors. It gives all the details from their first click to the last click of visitors.
  • Clicktale assists you identify your users, appreciate their goal and reconnect with those in risk of slipping away.
  • Clicktale is basically a video recorder for website visits that gives great information about visitor like mouse move, scrolling and many of other important visitor behaviors.
  • Moreover, Clicktale disclose visitor’s behavior, requirements and intention at every touch point of the digital chat. It delivers insights to joy customers and make more value.

Price: Paid

Website: https://www.clicktale.com/

  1. GoSquared


  • GoSquared is also a great tool that evaluates real-time visitor engagement.
  • GoSquared is great tool for powerful analytics that take control of your online business in a simple way.
  • It provides direct notifications, minute by minute timeline, traffic sources, easy comparisons, smart predictions, daily email reports, easy team sharing, the trend dashboard, ecommerce analytics and always check your website in real-time.
  • GoSquared provides you an easy and simple email reports that sent you in every morning to your inbox.
  • With the help of smart predictions, trends and ecommerce analytics generally give you an estimation of key metrics for the present day, week and month.

Price: Free (14 day unlimited free trial)/Paid

Website: https://www.gosquared.com/

  1. Optimizely


  • Optimizely is the worldwide leading knowledge optimization platform that provides website and mobile A/B testing and personalized for the global leading brands.
  • Optimizely is the best tool that delivers the best knowledge for every customer across mobile web, desktop and mobile apps.
  • With Optimizely you can get started and take action rapidly with easy implementation, code-free visual editor, best-in-class integration.
  • It is useful for optimization around the web and mobile apps that target experiences for all customers. It generates ROI in real time.
  • Optimizely is a reliable, trusted platform and supporting network. It provides professional support team and resources, ecosystem of first-class partners, quick, scalable and safe infrastructure.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://www.optimizely.com/

  1. TrueSocial Metrics


  • It is the wonderful dashboard that compares the performance and profitable value for all your social media accounts in one control panel. It finds the most effectual social networks for your production.
  • TrueSocial metrics is also a wonderful trends analytics tool that identify the activity of users on your social media pages. It changes over time and instantaneously compares the percentages of increase and decrease for every metric through days/weeks/months.
  • Engagement and communication price analytics help you to compare numerous accounts performance by using complex engagement and contact values for every social interaction summarize.

Price: Paid

Website: www.truesocialmetrics.com

  1. BuzzStream


  • BuzzStream helps the marketers to build relationships with influencer they need to find that awareness, drive rumor traffic, enhance search performance and increase knowledge.
  • It easily find the way prospect list, add contacts in your promotion and automatically gathers website and social metrics.
  • BuzzStream is also software for digital PR, link building and content Promotion that manages all projects and provides research scenario faster, send successful outreach and so on.
  • It helps the brands and agencies to make relationships for successful results.

Price: Paid

Website: http://www.buzzstream.com/

  1. FoxMetrics


  • FoxMetrics is the great tool that helps to track customer engagement in real-time. You can not only track what your customers doing on website in real-time but also you can track the customer life cycle like where are clicking, what emails are opening, what products are buying and many more.
  • FoxMetrics offers services like strategic, onboarding, education, implementation, quantitative, qualitative usability and some others.
  • It enhances your email marketing performance through target messages to custom section with using insights you have uncovered.
  • FoxMetrics observe accurately how your users are navigating your website and if they are tracking the future path to buy.

Price: Paid

Website: http://www.foxmetrics.com/

  1. Mint


  • Mint is a self-hosted and extensible website analytics program. Its interface is easy to use and simple to implement.
  • Mint provides flexible dashboard where you can visits, popular pages, referrers and searches that can all be taken in at a quick look on.
  • Mint offers lots of features like it provides breaks down site action from the past day, past week, past month and past year with total page views & unique visitors.
  • Mint is compact, easy to install and easy to digest interface that adapts the size of your browser window.
  • It supports for the authorized Bird Feeder Pepper for track your feeds with Mint.

Price: Paid

Website: http://haveamint.com/

  1. BrightEdge


  • BrightEdge is an excellent analytics tool that is used specially for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the great content and SEO Platform that is able to web-wide, real-time extent of content engagement all over the digital channels that includes research, social, local and mobile.
  • It includes all the information on keywords, traffic, backlinks, conversions, geographies, competitors, devices and more. It also includes details on local search and on a daily basis ranking.
  • BrightEdge change online content into real business results such as traffic, income and engagement.
  • There is one of the best features of this tool modern report that used by SEO experts frequently.

Price: Paid

Website: https://www.brightedge.com

  1. Mixpanel


  • Mixpanel provides you the facility to simple and easily check and identify what people are doing in your app on Android, iOS and web.
  • It drills into your data by segmentation thus you can observe where to focus your power when make your product.
  • You can visualize your statistics in diverse ways. For illustration, you can level out noisy outcome to really identify what’s going on.
  • The mobile app of the Mixpanel allows you to simply create a control panel or dashboard of your most essential metrics so you can test in your business all over the place you go.
  • You can simply insert several key metrics to your dashboard that allows you to quickly observe the trend of your most essential metric.
  • Mixpanel has an SDK that you can install on all major platforms. Even if you find stuck, elegant and fast support team that can help at no more price.

Price: Free/ Paid

Website: https://mixpanel.com/

line graph

  1. ChartBeat


  • ChartBeat is a tool to create, capture and take advantage of on attention.
  • ChartBeat evaluates every second of engagement on all single pages on all main website in the world. It means a technically defined insane quantity of statistics.
  • It is multi tracking platform, you can understand your viewers and where they select to spend time like Real-time analytics and audience insights.
  • You can take benefit of every opportunity to capture spectator’s attention like page optimization and headline testing.
  • With the help of Chartbeat, it is all about expressive your viewers. It tells you if they are analysis, sitting inactive and even how far down.

Price: Paid

Website: https://chartbeat.com/

  1. GoingUp


  • GoingUp offers the best tools for business to evaluate performance of your website, visitors and traffic to search engine. It optimizes your site and enhances your search engine ranking.
  • GoingUp also provides the great and top class web site analytics and SEO tools for your website.
  • With the help of GoingUp, users can easily track visitors, observe conversion rates, monitor sales and enhance your search plans.
  • GoingUp aims to place all the tools to get better your website’s performance in one simple to use place.
  • GoingUp offers the entire image of your website that any other web analytics package do not offer.

Price: Free

Website: https://www.goingup.com/

  1. Webtrends Analytics


  • Webtrends Analytics truly understand your customers and see the whole picture of how they cooperate with your brand across several digital channels at any time and also observe those insights in one location.
  • Webtrends analytics delivers classy user segmentation to increase insight invention and data-driven advertising campaigns. The key features give details to allow complex analysis and action systems throughout list exports for use in targeted marketing promotion.
  • There are several features includes in Webtrends Analytics like unlimited data collection, web, multi-channel measurement across social, mobile and SharePoint.
  • It also provides configurable digital dashboards, standard and customized analytics reporting, extensive data export, custom and calculated metrics and ad-hoc data exploration to unlimited dimensions.

Price: Paid

Website: http://www.webtrends.com/

  1. HootSuite


  • Hootsuite allows multiple teams; sections and regions within an association to securely and safely use social media that provides assessable business results.
  • The Hootsuite identify social media engagement patterns all above the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ that insert insights from Google Analytics.
  • With the help of Hootsuite, you can track, measure and share major social media metrics like create social reports, tag and track messages and measure internal metrics.
  • Hootsuite makes it simple for all marketing, sales and customer service teams to connect with customers, increase your social reach and distribute real time brand insights.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://hootsuite.com/

  1. WordStream


  • WordStream is an effective and smart tool that guided workflows and make social advertising easy and
  • WordStream is cross-platform administration of paid search and social campaigns like AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.
  • WordStream has powerful audience targeting ability such as lookalike spectators that mirror your top customers.
  • You can get advice on when to support posts, optimize for CTR, pause ads and more.
  • The WordStream provides dedicated professional team and complete service account management for your online marketing efforts that includes search, paid social, remarketing and more.

Price: Paid

Website: http://www.wordstream.com/

  1. Raven


  • Raven is the great tool where you can create wonderful marketing reports that save time and keep clients longer with excellent marketing reports.
  • With Raven latest tool, you can beat up any combination of social media, SEO and AdWords PPC data in minutes with the help of easy drag and drop reporting tool.
  • There is one of the best benefits of Raven software that gives you the fulfillment of a work well done, assurance in delivering exclusive reports to customers or clients and the biggest additional benefit is time to spare.
  • It is the great and frequent search of making software easy to use but also an influential reporting tool. It will leave you feeling more helpful and secure that you are making the most intuitive marketing reports for your customers.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://raventools.com/

  1. SERPAnalytics


  • SERPAnalytics is an online search engine position tracking service that is intended for SEO and SEM professionals.
  • It tracks sites positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing and analysis position dynamics graphs. It can use plan tool to track most advantageous keywords for the site.
  • It includes features like sites & keywords manager, position dynamics, daily email reports and gives also up to 2000 positions tracking through essential plan, spy tool and plenty of extra tools.
  • It provides various SEO tools with access to many records of necessary data that includes search engine positions records and competitors statistics.

Price: Paid

Website: http://www.serpanalytics.com/

  1. Site Meter


  • Site Meter is the great and complete real time website tracking & counter tools that give you instant admission to important data and information about your websites spectators.
  • It provides you with wide-ranging geographic location data for all visitors. With detailed report you will have a clear picture of who visits your website, where they came from, what they found, what interests them and many more.
  • Site Meter has real-time web analysis statistics that gives exact reports that includes of referring URL’s, search keywords, visitor place, admission page, visitor path, exit page and out clicks.
  • Moreover, Site Meter is a free web counter that can be customized according to customers specific requirements.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: http://www.sitemeter.com/

  1. Histats


  • Histats is a wonderful tool that is free web statistics and stat counter. It helps you to track all your website visitors down to which pages they visit and wherever they are coming from.
  • Histats includes features like fast and solid network 99.99% uptime with over 1.500.000.0000 hits that tracked monthly records.
  • It provides full real time information and also provides Geo location, toolbars, browser, languages, hardware information statics and latest trends.
  • It includes features like visited URL’s, visited page titles & tags, customized events & variables, downloads & clicks and stats & trends.

Price: Free (UPTO 10 MILLIONS hits/day)

Website: http://www.histats.com/

  1. WordPress Stats


  • WordPress Stats is useful or webmasters who built blog in wordpress.com. It is specially design and develops for WordPress.
  • WordPress stats page includes many nifty graphs, charts and records that show you how many visits your website find and what posts and pages are the most well-liked and much more.
  • It provides posting action according to visualization of your posting trends that shows how many posts published and when.
  • Your website gets the most views what time of day and week.
  • It provides record of posts, views, and visitors like total posts of your website, views and visitors.
  • WordPress Stats gives you stats of the present day such as how many views, likes and visitors and comments website received at present.
  • WordPress Stats offers latest post summary of how many likes, views and comments of your most latest post received.

Price: Free

Website: https://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/

  1. CloudFlare


  • CloudFlare keeps and go faster any website online and its web traffic is running scared through CloudFlare smart worldwide network.
  • CloudFlare automatically optimize the delivery of web pages hence your visitors get the highest page load times and top performance. They also block threats and limit offensive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server possessions.
  • It includes features like monitor threats, traffic control, powerful threat control, search engine crawlers, augment with third party analytics, real time traffic and geographic location.

Price: Free/Paid

Website: https://www.cloudflare.com/

  1. WooRank


  • WooRank are useful to optimize and analyze unlimited website from SEO to digital Marketing.
  • It includes features In-depth reviews, competitive analysis, marketing checklist and also generates as many website reviews that you want and track your advancement in real time.
  • With WooRank, in-depth website analysis gain knowledge of how to increase your website rankings and online visibility all the way through SEO, usability, social media and more.
  • It offers to download reviews as branded PDF that simply represent development to your colleagues or customers.
  • You can download information and presentation slides in one click and build them to look eye-catching with brand’s logo and colors.

Price: Paid

Website: https://www.woorank.com

SmartUp – All in One Banking Solution for Startups by HDFC Bank

SmartUp - Banking Solution

HDFC Bank has launched SmartUp that is all in one banking solution dedicated for startups. SmartUp is personalized to meet up all the essential and general needs of a startup to fulfill all their banking requirements. SmartUp is started in association with ZSI (Zone Startups India) that is a Mumbai based startup accelerator. ZSI is a joint business enterprise of the Ryerson University Canada and Bombay Stock Exchange organization. It has been ready for more than two years and helped more than 70 startups. There are some essential benefits that highlights in SmartUp banking solution.

Benefits of SmartUp

  • SmartUp is a complete and perfect banking solution. This is not only provides fundamental or basic banking related transaction but also provides important and helpful services such as payment solutions, forex and advisory services.
  • SmartUp current account helps startups to get a waiver of Average Monthly Balance (AMB) for the first six months and expandable for a year. There are number of benefit of SmartUp current account.
  • The salary accounts for all employees by waiving the minimum number of employee criteria.
  • The bank recommends dedicated relationship manager, regulatory, suggestion of a chartered accountant for tax and compliance problems.
  • It provides PayZapp for business that is basically a payment and collection solution. It is the best Digital Payment Solutions.
  • With the help of SmartUp, you also can get the chance to showcase products on SmartBuy of startups to 32 million HDFC Bank customers.
  • The platform will also be available all over the India and includes tier-2 & tier-3 cities that are fast appearing as startup hubs.

According to Smita Bhagat, branch banking head – north and co-head, ecommerce, HDFC Bank, “We believe startups in India need partners who will be with them right from the start of their entrepreneurial journey, creating solutions that evolve as the company grows.”

However, these services are only for startups that are well recognized with their process and have an excellent rank of traction. If your startup is on early stage of growth and development then you should look and search for something else. Hence, the recently launched service is designed to provide a complete qualified banking solution to the startup segment.

Happy Birthday Twitter – Twitter Turns 10

Twitter Turns 10

Twitter has completed 10 years on 21st March. It started journey with a single Tweet. There are lots of iconic moments that have gone on this social media site in the last ten years. Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s first and present CEO) sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. On its 10th birthday, Twitter has 320 million users with the presence of world famous celebrities such as Harry Styles, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. At present, Twitter is not a small, strange unprofitable startup but it is a big, well-known, profitable corporation. There are some amazing that happened in the last ten years on twitter.  They have rounded up a list of sites including stars first tweets, iconic pics and more for your happiness.

Interesting Facts:

According to twitter “Throughout the years, you’ve made Twitter what it is today and you’re shaping what it will be in the future. Thank you for making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day.”

Moreover, until the end of May 2009, twitter took over to reach the billionth tweet in 3 years. At present, approximate 6000 tweets are tweeted every second on Twitter. It corresponds to more than 350,000 tweets sent every minute. Therefore, around 500 million tweets per day and approximately 200 billion tweet per year. The data is according to Twitter Usage Statistics. Hence, it is great for twitter that started on 21st march 2006 in the Australia and now moving all over the world. For twitter, all the best wishes for 10 wonderful and incredible years.

How to Pursue a Career in the App Department

App Development

If you have a smart phone, you probably use dozens of apps and widgets on a daily basis. They can make our lives easier and more organized in many ways. But have you ever thought of becoming an app developer? It is a booming branch of economy and it will need new experts in the years to come. Let’s see how to join that crew and launch a career in the app department.

Find proper courses

The first thing that every app developing wannabe needs to do is how to get some basic education in this field. Today there is a growing number of websites and channels in social media through which experts share their knowledge that can help rookies in this field. It would be great for your future career to decide what operating system you would like to deal with at this initial stage. App developers usually start from one platform and later master the techniques necessary to work in all three dominant app markets. For instance, if you want to start with iOS, you could use the opportunity given by Stanford University to attend some free online courses and learn the basics of the Apple apps.

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Target the market

When you get some fundamental knowledge about the world of mobile applications, you need to decide what market you are going to target. Do you want to create fun apps or direct your career towards gaming? In addition, you can try to offer some new business management software solutions for small businesses. Many people out there are striving for useful apps and you only have to decide what niche to start with.

Moreover, this is also the moment when a new app developer should make up their mind when it comes to the nature of their work. Do you want to work as a freelancer or join a larger company? Whatever path you choose, try to make a positive impression for the beginning and avoid some common mistakes that app developers often do.

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Save your assets

No matter whether you launch a career of an app developer as a side job or make it a full-time effort, the vital thing during the first few months of your work is to save as many assets as possible. The aforementioned free courses and tutorials, as well as reading useful articles on the web can help you minimize your expenses. Furthermore, for the beginning of the story you can use simple online tools to build an app.  It will give you a better insight at how business owners create apps on their own. Such an experience can make you aware of the drawbacks of benefits of such solutions. Developers can apply that knowledge in their future projects.


Follow your product

When you finally make your first app, try to offer it on one of the online app stores. Since there are millions of apps out there, every new app needs to be useful for specific purposes. For instance, an app that describes twenty best restaurants in Florence would be too general and probably unsuccessful. On the other hand, coming up with a resourceful app about well-rated fish restaurants with an integrated map would be a better solution.

Finally, always analyze the feedback you get by the users of your applications. They will tell you what should be improved and help you come up with practical updates. And if you want your updated and handy app to start making money, follow these guidelines, given by Forbes.

The app market is probably the most exciting market in the world. Billions of people are using smart phones and the omnipresence of the Internet can make every app a global viral hit. Therefore, learn your apps basics, get down to work and pursue a career of a successful and productive app developer.

39 Reasons Why People use Social Media Sites

Social media               Image Source: pixabay

First of all, it is important to know what social media or social networking is. Social media is grouping of online communication channels that are dedicated to community based participation, communication, content sharing and cooperation. Social media are the best ways and tools that are useful for people and companies to create, share information, career interests, ideas and videos in essential communities and networks. In short, social media is the best technology and excellent application that allows people to socially interact with friends, colleagues, companies, relatives and others. There are number of sites which got popularity as social media but few are leading and millions of people are using it worldwide. In this row, Facebook is leading while others are trying to beat it. Let know how many are using these sites:

There are basic two reasons to join social media community, first one is personal while second is professional that passionate people to join social media sites.

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Now look at the personal reasons:

  1. Sharing personal information
  2. Stay in touch
  3. Stay up to date
  4. Share thoughts
  5. Create photo album
  6. Share photos and videos
  7. Fun and entertainment
  8. Find old friends
  9. Meet with new people
  10. Passing time
  11. For chatting
  12. Create events
  13. Be a mentor
  14. For networking
  15. Information seeking
  16. Know about others
  17. Join interest groups

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Now look at the professional reasons:

  1. For marketing and advertising
  2. Show product and services
  3. Get traffic
  4. Find clients/customers
  5. Find partners
  6. Customer feedback
  7. Find new projects
  8. Stay in touch with clients worldwide
  9. Establish business online
  10. Grow an existing business
  11. Online reputation management
  12. Build a community
  13. Build relationships
  14. Targeting specific groups
  15. Share company’s story
  16. Get and Give help
  17. Social interaction
  18. Establish as an industry expert
  19. Create a buzz
  20. Make money
  21. Better hires
  22. Develop better ideas

people               Image Source: pexels

Now look at the personal reasons in detail:

1. Sharing personal information: Social media is the great tool for sharing personal information with others. People use it to share their professions, physical address, education and relationship status.

2. Stay in touch: Facebook, Twitter and some other social media sites offer number of functionality to keep in touch. This is the reason some people use these sites to being in touch with their love one and friends.

3. Stay up to date: People share their day to day personal information that helps other friends or relatives to being familiar with what is going on in their friend’s life. Thus social media has become the strong medium to stay up to date with news, current events as well as others life.

4. Share thoughts: Sharing thought is the most favorable feature of the social networking sites. People are free to share their own thought on any type and also share their free voice and raise voice.

5. Create photo album: Social media sites allow users to all photos and create photo album that they can share with their friends and other people. There is not all social networks offered to create photo albums but most of them provide this feature. This feature is attracting people to join social media.

6. Share photos and videos: People share all types of photos and videos that they like to share with friends.

7. Fun and entertainment: Most of the people share funny things on social media like funny photo, videos that make great entertainment of others. It has become reason for some people to join these sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are leading sites for this purpose.

8. Find Old Friends: Facebook is the leader of this feature. Most of the people joined Facebook to find their old friends. The list of such people is increasing day by day.

9. Meet with new people: There are great numbers of people who like to meet with new people. To meet with new people is hobby of some people that why such people join social networking sites to find new people.

10. Passing time: There are number of ways to pass time like watching television, reading books, newspaper etc. but these all have been old fashion. New trend is join social networking sites and pass time. For example: some people play game on Facebook to pass time.

11. For chatting: Facebook provides chat option to their users. It is attracting many people to live chat with their friends and relatives. This feature force chat lovers to join Facebook.

12. Create events: Sending invitation by post card has become outdated. New trend is creating event on social sites and invite friends. A number of people join these sites to create events and invite friends relative online.

13. Be a mentor: There are number of people expert on one or more skills. They create their social profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as an expert and offer their services to new one as mentor.

14. For networking: Increasing personal or social networking is hobby of some people. They like to have a great network of people who know them. Social media sites are right choice of these people therefore most of people join these sites.

15. Information seeking: Billion of people using social media and most of them share useful and valuable information over here. These sites are great source of information for some people. Availability of information attracts to join as well.

16. Know about others: There are numerous people who always eager to know about others. These people join social networking sites to know about their friends, competitors etc.

17. Join interest groups: Groups are community of people of same thoughts, services, products etc. Social sites allow its members to create groups and join others groups as well. Most of the internet surfers join these sites to be a part of such groups.

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Now look at the professional reasons in detail:

18. For marketing and advertising: Billions of people are using social media sites daily and this made these networking sites a great platform for marketing and advertising. Almost all marketing professionals join these sites to market their products and advertise their services.

19. Show product and services: Some sites allow showing or promoting products and services by using social platform. Professionals create a business page on Facebook and show their products and services there.

20. Get traffic: Huge number of users worldwide made social networking sites a great source of traffic. Entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers are using these sites to invite targeted traffic on their business website or divert traffic on other online presence.

21. Find clients/customers: Finding clients or customers is also main reason to use social sites for business purpose. Almost all from small, medium to big companies join Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram to find new clients.

22. Find partners: Few professionals have different purpose to joint these sites like finding partners. There are a number of entrepreneurs are unable to run their own business. They join these sites to find partners.

23. Customer feedback: Social media sites are open space to give feedback. Some business owners join social sites to take benefits of this feature and ask customer feedback about their products and services.

24. Find new projects: Some small companies and entrepreneur join such sites in hope of finding new projects because possibility opens where their targeted people spend time.

25. Stay in touch with clients worldwide: Stay in touch with clients is a major problem especially when target market is worldwide. Even social networking sites solve these problem and offer facility to stay in touch with clients remotely. These social media sites help to get in touch via chat, message etc.

26. Establish business online: Most of the small business owners don’t prefer to manage a website for their business purpose. These people join social networking sites to reduce site management cost and establish business online with help of it. Creating a business page on Facebook is an example of such effort.

27. Grow an existing business: Social networking sites play very important role to grow existing business. All most all businesses have its own business profile on social sites this is also a reason to join it.

28. Online reputation management: Competitors try to create bad reputation of opponent therefore it is very important to maintain business reputation as well. Social sites use as an online reputation management tool.

29. Build a community: The success of any business is based on its community. Professional join social media sites to build a strong business community that help them to run business successfully for long time.

30. Build relationships: Strong relationship with customers is a symbol of success in any business. Social networking sites also known as social relationship sites that force entrepreneur to join it to create relationship with customers.

31. Targeting specific groups: Many social media sites have features to create groups and numbers of members are taking benefits of this feature by creating group based on products and services. This feature invites to join and use professionally.

32. Share Company’s story: There is no best platform to share success story of a company. LinkedIn allows creating a company page such many other features invite professional to join social sites and share their business or company’s story with others.

33. Get and Give help: Get and Give help is just like Take and Give help on these sites. Experts help to newbie and thus generate business.

34. Social interaction: Social interaction is very important for business success. Social sites are great channel for social interaction. Many marketers join social sites to take benefits of this social power to boost their business.

35. Establish as an industry expert: There are number of skill based experts. Social networking sites help them to establish themselves as an industry expert therefore experts join social sites to make aware others with their expertise.

36. Create a buzz: Crating buzz is very important for business it helps to raise business very fast. Professional use social media sites to buzz their services.

37. Make money: Some companies run money making companion as affiliate. Thus these companies increase sale and make money.

38. Better hires: Social media sites are also platform of talented and skilled people. Most of the professionals and companies join this platform to hire high talented people as well.

39. Develop better ideas: Some small companies have lack of unique ideas to include in their promotion campaign. Even social sites are ocean of ideas without any physical limit. These companies join social sites to find new business ideas as well.