How to Manage Stress – 21 Small but Effective Ways

stress management

Stress is the feeling or body’s way of responding that occurs when you are in full of frustrations due to deadlines on job, extra demands from other people and for some other things. Stressful life has become very common for most of the people such as entrepreneurs, businessman, service providers and some other professionals. It is important for all of us to know how to manage stress in difficult situations. There are many ways to deal with stress in every hard situation. These techniques help people to reduce stress from their mind and make feel happy. I listed below many effective ways that will help to reduce anxiety.

Small ways:

  1. Playing games
  2. Play with pet animals
  3. Short trip
  4. Have a family time
  5. Go to movies and fun
  6. Call a friend and family
  7. Early go to bed and early rise
  8. Walking on road
  9. Working out
  10. Yoga
  11. Breathing exercises
  12. Daily 10 minutes meditation
  13. Positive memories
  14. List of powerful values
  15. Short-term goals
  16. Use social media sites
  17. Take a shower and get relax
  18. Write a goal
  19. Go green and natural
  20. Take a snack
  21. Work something different in a day

Effective ways

1. Playing games: Playing games is the most effective stress management tips and helpful way to remove stress for businessman, entrepreneurs and office workers. There are many different online and offline games so they can play game and forget tension for some time.

2. Play with pet animals: Playing with pet animals is a good way to get self relaxes. Maximum businessmen after office time come back to home and like to play with pet animals. It is really effective way to get relax easily and reduce all types of stress.

3. Short trip: Many entrepreneurs live stressful life because they do not have time for enjoyment. If they want to reduce pressure of work for sometime then they should plan short trip on weekend or once in a month with their friends or family members. Short trip is helpful to refresh mind and gives lots of online side business ideas for doing something new and different in the business.

4. Have a family time: Spending some time with family is the simple, easy and the most effective way to reduce tension. There are lots of ways and options to spend time with family members like watching a movie, go on long drive, stay out and many more. If there is no family members then pick your friends and hang out.

5. Go to movies and fun: Movies are another effective way to get refresh and make lots of fun. It is superb way for entrepreneurs and businessmen to take some time from their busy life for fun. They should go to movie once in a week with family members or friends for fun and enjoyment.

6. Call a friend and family: There are many entrepreneurs who have to face troubles every time. If they are living in other city then they can call to family members and friends if they are not in contact with them for a long time. Talking with close person is very effective way to reduce tension. It helps to feel happy.

7. Early go to bed and early rise: “Early go to bed and early rise” is the main formula behind every successful person and businessman. It is very important way to reduce stress, give relax and refreshment in every moment from early to bed and early to rise. It is also one of the most excellent tips to success in business because it is helpful to make healthier, successful, happier and smarter. So make it your habit and do all the week to get rid from all worries.

8. Walking on road: Walking is always helpful to manage stress, mind and brain. It is also helpful to make businessman, entrepreneurs and other people physically and mentally healthy and fit. If you are mentally healthy then you can easily over come on your problems. Therefore, walking is the easy stress management technique and is beneficial to make healthier and happier.

9. Working out: Workout reduce tension and make your mind fresh. For the reason workout is an excellent stress management exercise because it gives you healthy and fit lifestyle. If you feel happy and fit in any environment then it makes you smart and better person whether you are a businessman or a common people.

10. Yoga: Yoga is the best exercise for physical and mental health for human being. It is one of the most effective stress management activities because it helped millions of people to make them physically and mentally fit and healthy. By yoga millions of people reduced stress and living a happy life. They are successful in their life due to this as well.

11. Breathing exercises: Entrepreneurs have lots of stress in their daily business life; they always do some breathing exercises. Breathing exercises help to get relax and stress free mind. It sharps the mind that helps to find out business mistakes easily without any stress.


12. Daily 10 minutes meditation: Daily only 10 minutes meditation makes mind powerful thinker. Meditation takes effort and practice. It is helpful to make mind relax and more thinker. It has mind clearing rewards.

13. Positive memories: It is essential for businessman to always live with positive memories, spend maximum time to remember the best moment of the life. This is the best way to reduce stress and feel happy. Thus, you can always try to live a life with best positive memories. It will make you happy and will be helpful to get success in the life with positive thinking. Recalling positive memories is an incredible form of mental recharging.

14. List of powerful values: Every businessman and entrepreneur take lots of tension about their work, business and some business related things. If a businessman gets failure result then he needs to make a list of powerful values because it is the best business lessons for businessman to overtake failure and get success easily. This will really help you to do work without any stress.

15. Short-term goals: Every businessman should have set of some short term goals means what they are doing in this weekend, what is next beneficial plan for the company etc. These set of some quick simple goals can give you stress free mind and quick burst of energy.

16. Use social media sites: Social media sites are the biggest source for share anything like pictures, videos, status with friends, family members etc. It is really effective way to reduce stress and entertain self when feel bore. It is not only useful for sharing things but also useful for business purpose.

17. Take a shower and get relax: Shower is the most common and the easiest way to reduce all stress. It makes stress free, relax and mentally strong.


18. Write a goal: Write a goal is useful to reduce pressure. It is important for businessman to plan a right goal because it will always force you to do work sincerely without any extra pressure. If you work according to written goal then you will be able to increase client base and business as well. This is helpful to achieve goals and gives powerful sense of recharging.

19. Go green and natural: Greenery is natural gift for all people. Looking at plants or greenery for little as 40 seconds can boost your concentration power. It is important for businessmen to live sometime in greenery that reduces work tension but energizes and motivates.

20. Take a snack: Hunger is also a big reason of mental and physical weakness. Our body always needs nutrients and energy to function at optimal levels then snacks could do a world of good.

21. Work something different in a day: If you feel stressful then you can do something different in a day like you can go with friends for a coffee or tea. It is an easy to apply and effective way to reduce stress.

37 Best Business Lessons You Can Learn From Cricket

Business Lessons From Cricket

Cricket is the most popular game in India. Even it is not only a game but also there are lots of things to learn from it because it is a complete pack of planning, discipline, team work, consistency, enjoyment and many more. I have listed the best 37 business lessons for you to learn from it.

  1. Preparation
  2. Planning
  3. Right Strategy
  4. Training
  5. Discipline
  6. Rules
  7. Team Work
  8. Leadership
  9. Management
  10. Competition
  11. Consistency
  12. Passion
  13. Body Language
  14. Communication
  15. Patience Pays Big
  16. Fitness
  17. Enjoyment
  18. Humbleness
  19. Asset Allocation
  20. Specialist Players
  21. Back Up Of Specialist Players
  23. Strong Culture
  24. Things Don’t Go As Planned Always
  25. Situation Can Change Any Time
  26. Importance Of Time
  27. Every Match Is Different
  28. You Don’t Win Every Match
  29. Glory Doesn’t Pay
  30. Single Run Can Change The Result
  31. Don’t Over Try
  32. Hand To Hand Efficiency
  33. Learn From Mistakes
  34. Don’t Play The Short Game
  35. Don’t Doubt Once You Decide
  36. Pressure Handling
  37. How To Achieve Target

 Business lessons from Cricket in detail:

  1. Preparation

Preparation is an essential key to perform excellent in the match. This preparation is done regarding bowling, batting and fielding.

In the same way, preparation is an essential key to start, run and get success in business.

  1. Planning

Planning is considered as “Do or Die” in cricket. Captain do proper planning then he gets success to win a match.

Business also needs step by step planning to do business activities. It is base of the business.

  1. Right Strategy

The right strategy is the winning factor in cricket match. Right strategy according to situation can make you a winner while wrong strategy can make you a loser.

An entrepreneur needs to make and implement right strategy according to current circumstances. One wrong strategy can make you out from business.

Cricket Training

  1. Training

Cricket players get proper training for batting, bowling and fielding. These training help them to work on their weakness and make perfect players. They also get training about some other essential factors that make them fit, powerful and increase ability to perform best in the match.

Similarly, it is important for business owners to provide proper training to employees about job profile, machines and for other required things to do proper working in the organization.

  1. Discipline

Cricket players manage discipline in the match while they do batting, bowling or fielding.  For example, a bowler gets punishment if he crosses the bowling line as do one extra bowl.

Discipline is an important part of business as well. Employees need to follow all the required aspects that come in discipline like avoid lateness and unnecessary leaves. Opening office on time is also important discipline for the companies.

  1. Rules

There are lots of rules and regulations in cricket that are essential to make this game first choice of people. Each team and player is bounded with these rules therefore Cricket is considered a gentleman game.

Each company and business must have rules regarding office timing, working, employees’ behavior, responsibilities and discipline. These all help to do each and everything in proper manner.

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  1. Team Work

Cricket is a game that played as a team. There are eleven players on the field in a match that help and support each other to win the match. It is called team work.

Team work also requires in every part of the business because without team work it is not possible to get desirable success in business.

  1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important characteristics of a caption in cricket. A captain leads whole team in difficult situation and motivates players to put all efforts to win the match. This is the reason; leadership plays a great role in win of a match.

In business, team leader must have adequate leadership ability to manage team and fulfill all assignments in given time period.  A strong leadership has the ability to take a normal business to a successful one.

  1. Management

In the cricket, management plays an important role because there are numbers of players but most of the time only few are able to manage their innings bowl to bowl on the ground.

Similarly, business is like a test match and proper management of each business activity is needed to get desirable success in respect field.

  1. Competition

Competition is very important to get success in every phase of the life. In the cricket, players always compete with each other because they want to secure their place in top 11 those get opportunity to play on the ground.

Similarly, every business is increasing on a daily basis so, it is important for entrepreneurs to prepare for all the competition. If they are ready then they can secure their place in top position.

  1. Consistency

Consistence performance is very import for a player and teams as well to continue win the matches. Consistence performance is applicable for all including batsman, bowler and fielder. Consistency is the major key of continue win in the cricket.

If businessman follows the consistency rules in the business then continue success is sure. It is important for business owners to serve more customers on a regular basis for successful business.

  1. Passion

Passion is very important in Cricket. It makes a common player to a top player.

Entrepreneur also requires passion to become a top businessman. In other words, Passion is the most effective and successful motivator when it comes to start business with no money.

Cricket Body Language

  1. Body Language

Body language is one of the essential characters of cricket players. This is the reason players have positive body language because it plays a huge role to win the match. In the match, many worst situations happen but positive body language overtakes it.

The body language criteria apply in business as well. It is important for business owners to maintain their behavior in front of suppliers, employees and clients.

  1. Communication

Communication plays the biggest role in cricket match. Players always talk to other players in proper manner because they want to win the match. Junior players respect to senior player on behalf of that senior give suggestion and advice to juniors. It is the benefits of communication.

Communication is very important in business because if businessman does not communicate properly with customers then he can lose the proficient customers. So, it is important for the entrepreneur to understand their customers or clients’ communication medium and response according to their needs.

  1. Patience Pays Big

There are many difficult situation occurs in the Cricket matches that’s why players keep patience. It is very difficult to win the match is such difficult situation but patience helps them to overcome on situation and win the match.

Many difficult and hard situations may rise in business as well if you lose patience in such situations then you would not be able to get success. So, a businessman must have adequate patience to tackle such hard situations and become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Fitness

Fitness is the most important for a cricket player. Many times you have seen players do different exercises, drink lots of energy drinks, eat healthy food and do some other things to be fit. These exercises, healthy food and drinks make their body fit and healthy. This is the reason; all players have power and sufficient energy for whole match and play cricket perfectly.

It is also important for business owner, employees and other staff to be fit and healthy every time. If they are fit and healthy then there will not be reason to apply for sick leaves. Thus business will run in proper manner. Businessman can do exercises and some other fitness related things, take healthy food to lead healthy and fit life.

  1. Enjoyment

Enjoyment is the essential part of life in every phase. Cricketers do lots of enjoyments activities to make mind fresh.

Different enjoyment activities are important in the office for customers, employees and others to make their mind fresh. If you are not enjoying then you should sincerely think about it because enjoyment is directly connected with productivity.

  1. Humbleness

Humbleness is wonderful thing when you do help of others. Players also have the humbleness for their juniors and other team members. It is the important to win the match.

In the same way, humbleness in the business is the great way to running office for longer time. It is important for businessman, customers and employees to do help of each member that requires for successful business.

  1. Asset Allocation

Right assets allocation is very important in cricket to win the match. For example, they arrange high quality assets like right and proper bats for batsman and many other things that help to score high and achieve set goals.

Similarly, business requires different and essential assets to run the business in proper manner. For example, companies need to set up all the essential machinery and other requirements as well.

Specialist Player

  1. Specialist Players

There are 11 players in a cricket team but one or two players got popularity as the best player. These best players are expert batsman and bowlers. These players play role of match winner. There are other players to support specialist.

Likewise, entrepreneurs have experts and professional employees and loyal customers as well. It is really important for business success.

  1. Back Up Of Specialist Players

There are many specialists players in the Cricket from beginning of the time. The current teams always keep the record of their specialist player who left the job or retired. The record is helpful for the current cricket team to learn lessons about how to play according to track records or tight situation.

The business also requires records of their expert employees who left the job and customers. It is helpful for the businesses owner to make strategies and build systems around for business on the basis of record.

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Views describe the way of insight. Players have always the positive opinion in the mind about other players. This is helpful to win the match.

Similarly in the business, entrepreneur requires the positive opinion to get better success.

  1. Strong Culture

Cricket players have their own tradition like way of life, way of talking, way of living, enjoyment and way of representing to others. They always follow their own cultures and make strong team.

Similarly, business needs its own strong cultures like the way of working, way of enjoyment and some other things.

  1. Things Don’t Go As Planned Always

A cricket team plans many things but it always know that either they will win or lose the match. Players always have plan A and substitute plan B because things do not go well according to plan. They are ready every time to deal any situation.

For the businessman, he must have two plans such as plan A and plan B. If plan A does not work as planned then plan B should substitute to A.

  1. Situation Can Change Any Time

Players see their match is going in right direction but they never relax during the match until they win. The reason is that they know situation can change any time and therefore fight till the last bowl.

It is important key point for businessman to keep in mind because business mistakes can collapse the complete business.

  1. Importance Of Time

Time is precious.

Importance of the time is one of the major things for cricketers. Cricket players know the importance of time because there is limited time, over available in a match to achieve target.

Similarly, most of the time you get paid in the business when you deliver your project, work, products on time. If you do not deliver the essential things, products, services on time then you are not able to get success in business.  Thus, it is important to everyone to know the value of time to implement successful business ideas on time because time does not wait for anyone and goes without any care.

  1. Every Match Is Different

There are many matches that are played in different ways. Players face different situations in different matches. Cricketers always plan separate and be ready for all matches to tackle each and every situation.

In business, entrepreneurs face the different situations regarding different business aspects so need to have separate plan and planning to overcome on difficult situation. It is very important for business owners to handle different employees, customers and suppliers differently.

  1. You Don’t Win Every Match

In the cricket, it is not possible for all the teams to win all the matches sometimes they win but sometimes they lose. Win and lose is the part of the game. Every player knows it and they prepare for all the conditions. Players always try to play better in the next match after losing previous one.

In the business, keep clients and deals forever is not possible for all businesses. It is also a part of business. One client goes then other one comes. If you cannot understand this thing then you cannot enjoy your business.

  1. Glory Doesn’t Pay

Cricket is the game where sixes, fours and wonderful 2-3 runs is sufficient to give fame and glory to a player but it is not the thing to win the match. The match is won by careful batting, smart field placements and tight bowling. Every cricketer knows it.

Similarly in the business, some business owners include many glorious elements in their business but it is not the way to impress anyone and get success. There are lots of essential requirement that is important for every business to adopt in business and to get desirable success.

  1. Single Run Can Change The Result

You see many times single run make big difference in the match and change the result that is unexpected. The single run can change the whole match.

In the business, you should keep in minds that every single opportunity is very important for your business because one opportunity can make employee to entrepreneur and entrepreneur to employee.

  1. Don’t Over Try

Trying is the foremost effort in cricket to achieve goal. Working hard and follow strategy is the key element to accomplish goals in the cricket. It is not important to try over because trying anything make difficult to achieve goals. Every player knows it.

Trying over in the business gets failure results. Working hard and follow prepared plan is important elements to fulfill business goals.

  1. Hand To Hand Efficiency

There are many players in the cricket team some players have more efficiency but some players not. All the efficient players maintain the level of efficiency like one player make less runs then other players try to score high and make maximum runs.

The efficiency level is also important part for every company. Business owners need to maintain the level of efficiency that is the sign of good organization. If one employee is capable to perform his responsibilities but another is not then needs to train employee and match the level of efficiency.

Learn From Mistakes

  1. Learn From Mistakes

Everyone do mistakes.

In the cricket, all players do mistake in the match but good players find the mistakes, work on it and do not repeat it again. They learn from their mistake and try to give their best.

It is also important in business to learn from mistakes.  Learning from mistake creates difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people do not repeat mistakes again but unsuccessful people do same mistake again and again. SO, needs to learn from mistakes.

  1. Don’t Play The Short Game

A good cricket captain always plans big for game and manages his team with right people and right strategy. Big plans are beneficial in cricket to achieve goals and win the match in appropriate manner.

Similarly, entrepreneur also requires big strategy to run business in appropriate manner. For businessman, do not make a short-term plan because it is not possible to become a successful businessman with short-term plan. It requires big plan to achieve your goals.

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  1. Don’t Doubt Once You Decide

Cricket captain takes many decisions for the match but they don’t doubt on their own decision and not lose confidence.

In the business, if you have doubt on your decisions then you are not able to run a business. Losing patience and confidence is a bad habit of a businessman.

  1. Pressure Handling

Cricket is one of the best examples to know how to handle and control pressure. The cricketers have the ability to handle it and perform well that helps them to win the match. Best cricket players always handle the pressure in tight situations.

There are many businesses that include lots of management activities on a daily basis like selling products, attending customers and many more. It is important in business to deliver products on time, pack the products, checking the workers and some other pressure work. If you handle the pressure then you are able to do anything without any problem.

  1. How To Achieve Target

Cricketers make plan to achieve target like they plan to maintain required run rate in the match. It helps them to keep match under control according to their aim. Planning to achieve target is an excellent way to win the match in cricket.

Similarly in business, it is not easy to get appropriate target but it is necessary to plan to achiever target and overcome troubles.

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How to Adapt Your Retail Store to New Market Conditions

Retail Store

The arrival and rise of electronic commerce has also brought significant changes to the retail market. The most important novelty for retailers working nowadays is that their customers have become choosy and more aware of their consumer rights. While this makes shopping easier for consumers, retailers have to devise unique strategies to adapt their stores to those new conditions.

Expensive location justified by high revenue

Although it might sound odd, retailers should not escape from higher rents for their stores. One of the key elements that ensure success in business of a retail store is the right location. You should treat your retail store like a living organism. It has to be nurtured in a proper way. Moreover, since people need a social life, too, retail stores have to be exposed to people. Otherwise they will not be noticed by customers and fall into oblivion.

According to an analysis in Entrepreneur, a location can either skyrocket your retail store or bury your retail effort. This is why you should go for a better store location even if it is a bit more expensive. If the business does not take off properly, you should change your marketing strategies, but keep the location.

Spoil your customers

The cult of a local store owner is something that cannot be terminated by commerce trends. However, every store owner has to make some adaptations to meet their customers’ new needs. The thing is that people like to stay within their comfort zone when it comes to shopping. Buying at a local store, where you meet your neighbors can also serve as some sort of socialization in a world in which people are getting more and more alienated. In line with these aspirations, retailers should treat their customers in a friendly way. From cordial communication to flexible payment options, retailers can make their retail store a real local hub, like one of those bazaar stores in the Middle East.

Special product selections

One of the most interesting trends in the modern commerce is the level of expectancy that consumers have. Influenced by ecommerce websites, where they can choose products from dozens of categories, shoppers count on such comfort when they buy in retail stores, too. While goods in supermarkets and other stores are also grouped, this selection has to be diversified, to meet customers’ expectations. That is why a retail POS display can do a lot for your retail business. If it is a smaller store, only one will do, given that the selection of goods on it is changed as often as possible. On the other hand, larger stores should always have several displays installed in strategic positions. They will nudge the customers to choose more items from such well-selected groups of products.


Continuous analysis

Evaluation and self-assessment is the dominant trend in many fields of work these days. If you want to see what makes your customers happy and what they think about your retail store, you need to conduct regular surveys. However, do not be pushy to get their answers. The feedback has to be obtained in a subtle and kind way. For instance, the customers can be asked to fill a short questionnaire when they are offered to buy products at a discount. Such actions need to be followed up by serious analyses and proper reactions, to correct the mistakes you make with your retail strategies.

Although it is harder and more demanding than before the Internet era, retail trade is still a relevant niche. What retailers need to do is to realize that the world is changing and play their retail game in accordance with the new rules.