45 Tools to Collect and Send Emails

collect and send emails

Marketing is one of the pillar of business either it is small or mid-sized business. In today’s competitive and fast changing time online marketing visualized as business growth tool therefore most of the marketers run email campaign to reach on next level of success. There are number of email marketing tools but I filtered the best 45 tools to collect and send emails to existing and prospective customers.

1. Scroll Triggered Box : It is a wordpress plugin that identifies the engaged visitors, get them to take an action and increases conversation rates.
Website : https://wordpress.org/plugins/dreamgrow-scroll-triggered-box

2. Hello Bar : With Hello Bar, you can convert new visitors into customers and get additional email subscribers.
Website: https://www.hellobar.com

3. MailChimp : It helps to send better email.
Website : http://mailchimp.com

4. Contact form 7 : It is a popular WordPress plugin that helps to collect email address for marketing purpose. It manages and customizes multiple contact forms.
Website : https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7

5. SumoMe scroll box : With scroll box, you can increase your email list.
Website : https://sumome.com/app/scroll-box

6. Many Contacts : It is free to contact bar site that helps to collect more calls and emails.
Website : https://www.manycontacts.com

7. SumoMe List Builder : It converts one-time visitors into lifelong email subscribers.
Website : https://sumome.com/app/list-builder

8. Nourish : It is a free newsletter service that enables you to convert any RSS feed into an email newsletter.
Website : http://www.nouri.sh

9. Cake Mail : It is easy to use email marketing tool allows you to send newsletters in less time.
Website : https://www.cakemail.com

10. SharpSpring Mail+ : It is a powerful email marketing tool that captures and connects. It helps to fulfill your all expectation that you can from email software.
Website : http://graphicmail.com

11. PHP List : An open source power to deliver message that provides maximum features and varieties like customizable emails, PDF messages and foreign language support.
Website : https://www.phplist.com

12. Reach Mail : It offers free email marketing for life long, provides number of features that you could expect or need. It is cheaper than others.
Website : http://www.reachmail.net

13. Atomic Mail Sender : It is one of the best automatic email senders having various tracking facilities.
Website : http://www.amailsender.com/massmailer

14. Jango Mail : It is a new technology for cutting edge email that provides facilities of multi-languages
support and email delivery optimization tool.
Website : https://jangomail.com

15. Mail Dog : It gives you various specific tools to run email marketing campaigns, publish online videos, web/landing page and social media integration.
Website : http://mail-dog.com/explore


16. Message Sherpa : It is an online marketing solution to evaluate performance of your business. It provides self and full services to manage your campaign and email marketing.
Website : http://www.messagesherpa.com

17. YMLP : It is a handy web application helps you to send email newsletters. It is simple to access, includes 30 beautiful free templates and having outstanding delivery to mail servers.
Website : https://www.ymlp.com

18. Emma : The marketing solution tool gives you a platform to create clever email programs that make the most effective channel for powerful marketing.
Website : http://myemma.com

19. AWeber : It gives you automatic conversion blog RSS feed into a newsletter for free.
Website : http://www.aweber.com

20. Simply Cast : It is easy marketing automation software that includes variety of services to change your business for high growth.
Website : https://www.simplycast.com

21. Contact29 : Here, you can make unlimited email working for you in just 3 easy steps-sign up, personalize email and the last is adding contacts. It is mainly focuses on the credit trade and real estate service.
Website : http://www.contact29.com

22. My Newsletter Builder : It is a simple effective marketing platform offers you built-in email news letter, fast in 3 minutes and pre-designed email contents.
Website : http://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com

23. Campaigner : You will find big data economy for mobile optimization, to boost your engagement and better result of delivery. This email marketing platform provides you a variety of email campaign tools like code editor; bounce tracking, stats on your email and many more.
Website : http://www.contactology.com

24. FireDrum : It is a powerful email marketing platform helps you to customize email solutions and get your message out.
Website : http://www.firedrumemailmarketing.com

25. Mailman : It is integrated with the web and free software for managing E-newsletter lists and electronic mail discussion.
Website : http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html

26. Vertical Response : It is a marketing platform for professional email and social media helps you creating, sending and tracking emails and social post that shine on every device. It reaches to your customers in large amount.
Website : http://www.verticalresponse.com

27. Streak : It is a simple extension in chrome that adds more tools to your Gmail and makes your inbox management easy for your entire business.
Website : https://www.streak.com

28. Admail : It is a social media and all in one email marketing solution that makes easy to build and run professional email marketing campaigns for your organization or business.
Website : http://admail.net

29. Feedblitz : It is all in one service solution that provides a combination of email marketing with subscriber list solution and RSS feed management.
Website : https://www.feedblitz.com

30. Boomerang for Gmail : It let you enables to pre-schedule your email messages. It is easy to use email reminders.
Website : http://www.boomeranggmail.com

Send email

31. Envoke : It is a lead generation system for all online digital marketers that convert more website traffic into insight and lead. It provides various services like auto responders, custom domains, list management and multiple admin.
Website : http://envoke.com

32. Mail-List : It is a private email discussion group included special features like clickable attachments, searchable web archives and digests.
Website : https://www.mail-list.com

33. Mail Blaze : It is email marketing platform makes you effortless to creating, tracking and sending your email campaign.
Website : http://www.mailblaze.co.za

34. BombBomb : It is an email marketing platform makes your email more interesting by easily adding and sending videos from your Gmail, web or mobile.
Website : http://bombbomb.com

35. Sendloop : It is powerful marketing software and marketing automation helps you to increase long lasting relationship with customers for your small business.
Website : https://sendloop.com/email-marketing

36. Success By Email : The email marketing software solution make you enable to collect data from customers in large group and send messages on your customers’ mobile and email.
Website : http://successbyemail.com/email_marketing_smsdetails.aspx

37. Red Cappi : It is a simple email marketing tool that allows you to create, send and track email newsletters. You also can share it on Twitter and Facebook. It plays main role to gain customers’ trust and loyalty.
Website : https://www.redcappi.com

38. Mail UV : It provides you the homepage shows and online video services to record and send the email by using your webcam.
Website : http://www.mailvu.com

39. Constant Contact : It offers several types of email campaign and online marketing campaign including Facebook promotions, event announcements, track able coupons and press releases to build your business growth.
Website : https://www.constantcontact.com

40. eConnect Email : It is a powerful web-based email marketing application offers you to create your businesses. With help of it, you can send and track email easily, affordably and run campaigns as well. It provides services like split and spam testing and some automatic CSS adjusting that make your mail look good in both Gmail and outlook.
Website : https://econnectemail.com

41. iContact : It is a smart email solution to exploit the power of your email marketing.
Website : https://www.icontact.com

42. Get Responses : It is world simplest email marketing provides you various features to keep your message
Website : http://www.getresponse.com

43. Campaigner : It is an email marketing solution for targeted customers with advanced segment from start to end. Its A/B split test campaigns boosts your result.
Website : http://www.campaigner.com

44. Dyn : It is an email reputation management helps to maintain and improve your email reputation of the brand to be strong.
Website : http://dyn.com/reputation-management

45. YesWare : It works in the background of the email customer you already use, so your team can get progress quickly and stay focused on selling, not learning new software.
Website : http://www.yesware.com

How the Choice of Employees Will Determine Your Future

Choice of Employees

When you decide to start a business, you have to be aware that you are setting off for the most exciting adventure of your life. Today the economy is on shaky ground, especially for new entrepreneurs, so you need to have an X-factor if you want to succeed. That special ingredient can be your employees. You only have to choose the right people for your business needs and make use of their presence in your company.

Creative contributions

Employees are the key to every success. If you are a wise and skilful business owner with highly developed managerial skills, you should know how to take the best from every employee. The first stage of this process is to encourage your workers to share their original ideas with you or their team leaders. In the modern business context, sharing is probably the most important concept. When educated and creative employees gather to come up with original ideas for your business, it is easier for business owners to make the best choice for their business future.

Loyalty to business

When you are choosing your employees among dozens of candidates, it is essential to set a list of priorities even before you start testing them. Although their skills, experience and work potential are all important features, you should also pay attention to their personality traits. This matters because every business wants to avoid brain drain. What often happens with startups is that their owners invest in their employees’ education and spend a lot of time training those employees to become successful workers. And then they leave the company, because they think they deserve more. This is why it is also important to hire employees who will be loyal to your business and committed to their work. Here you can learn more about boosting your workers’ loyalty.

Financial performance

Employees can also help you increase your revenue and improve your financial performance. However, they cannot do it on their own, just like a business owner cannot do everything alone. This is why every person you hire needs to be put into a perfect slot in your business. That position should suit their skills and preferences. For instance, if you hire a marketing specialist, you already have to have products waiting to be launched on the market. Also, during that process you will need to apply some smart sales recruitment techniques that will make choose the right person for the marketing job position. Later, you can apply the same strategy for other workplaces in your company.

Team work

Team work

Although you need to have some creative and successful business ideas for growth, they will mean nothing if you do not have a team with which you will put them to practice. Therefore, when you are looking for your future employees, try to follow your business vision and choose the people who can easily incorporate into your business ideas. The worst thing for your budget and business development would be having knowledgeable people with no real tasks on your payroll. On the other hand, hiring only when you really need new workers will ensure steady growth.

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The end of every startup story depends on workers. Only when the business owner and their employees form a firm, creative unit will the business manage to succeed. So, if you follow our tips, you will be looking forward to a successful and promising business future.

What SMBs Can Expect from Modern Technology

small and mid-sized businessesBusiness and technology are so intertwined today that it is impossible to work without new tech features. Even if you are not a tech-savvy business owner, you can easily master those tools in no time. New solutions are usually thoroughly tested and adapted before they are launched for wide use. The great thing is that you can rely on those incredible tools and tech features that enhance the entire business management process. So, here is what modern technology has to offer the owners of small and mid-sized businesses.

Globally scattered workforce

The cloud is the brightest business feature of 2016. It seems that this year the use of cloud services throughout the world has reached its peak. Also, it seems that the peak is here to stay for a long time, leading to new summits of online business management. Since the availability and reliability of the Internet is growing at rapid pace, both large companies and SMBs are hiring employees from different parts of the globe. This globally scattered workforce is a boosting mechanism that drives the global economy to more productive times. According to Forbes, only in the USA one-third of the workers are freelancers, mostly in the IT field. This trend is about to grow, so workers and business owners should take this trend into consideration.

Enhanced workflow

If you want to make your workflow more efficient and improve your employees’ output, you should start using some cutting-edge business management tools that will inject a new dose of technology-generated efficiency into your business. When a business owner can distribute tasks to their team leaders, who can then give assignments to their employees, you establish a clear work hierarchy that will yield better work results. In addition, those modern management solutions are easily controlled via the Internet and smartphones. Also, every change or update your employees do on a project is immediately synced and stored. All those innovations increase the work speed and contribute to better work productivity.

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Advanced employee protection

You can often hear today that managers treat their employee potential as human resources. Indeed, modern management refers to their employees and assets in a similar way. So, if you want to keep your entire business safe and sound, it is essential to ensure the same level of protection for your business assets and your employees. While it goes without saying that every office needs to be protected, the type and level of protection makes a difference. By incorporating some cutting-edge security options, you will show your employees that their safety is also an important thing for you. For instance, if you include continuous alarm monitoring into your office security agenda, it will immediately reduce the risk of exposing your human and technical business resources to any criminal acts.
Modern Technology

Improved customer support

Thanks to some handy Internet options like customer feedback software, live chat software that customer support teams can count on these days, it is much easier to reply to your clients’ requests. For instance, today you can include a chat pop-up window to your website, where your current and potential customers can write their questions. That way the members of the customer support team can provide them with answers in the shortest time possible. Moreover, features such as social media pages, groups and chat options also add to the possibilities provided by new tech solutions when it comes to customer support.

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Business is already conducted in a way that way unimaginable only twenty years ago. And yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg when we look at some business tech features that will be available to us soon. To get ready for those innovations of the nest generation, business owners should go with the flow and use new technologies as much as possible in their business enterprises.

Do you know benefits of starting a business?

working women

Business, what is it? We know? How to start a business? How is it beneficial for us? How can we grow it? There are many such questions come to mind to start a perfect and successful business. All of these queries should be fixed earlier to go ahead on successful business ideas. For a perfect business, the person should have knowledge related to market, business requirements, and all others essential factors that are essential to run a business. With the help of essential factors, the business can be successful and reach to the next level. It all depends on upon your experience, knowledge, market, shares and ability to represent it.

Benefits of starting a business:

Most of the people think starting a business is better than working for others because there are numerous benefits of running business separately or managing business with friends. The government plans some campaigns that help to set up new business start up. These campaigns provide lots of ideas to make a business perfect. Thus, a number of different ways are helpful and supportive start innovative businesses, just need to look around and choose the best one.

Reasons to have own business

Reasons to have own business:

  • Great source of income
  • Working in interested area
  • Being your own boss
  • Control own destiny and power in hand
  • Find own work with life balance
  • Freedom to choose the people with whom you want to work
  • Networking
  • Independence and flexibility
  • Take over challenges
  • Follow your passion
  • Making own clients
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Give back to the community
  • Feel pride in building something of own
  • Dreams become reality

What will you get after starting your own business?

  • Most of the people want to have a great source of income this is the reason they prefer to establish their own business. There is nothing better than having own business for the source of income. If you able to manage cash flow in business then it will really become a great source of income.


  • Working in the interested area is the great advantage of starting a business. A big number of people always prefer things that they want in their interest area. This is the major reason why people prefer it.


  • Who do not have the wish to become own boss? Everyone want to be own boss. This is an attractive reason people want to begin their own company or business. In addition, being an own boss required lots of things that is vital for a boss. Before being a boss, you should know about your responsibility and business that is required for a boss. Starting a small business gives the felling of being own boss.


  • It is an amazing feeling that all decisions are dependent only on you. You are able to control your own destiny according to your own decision. In addition, you also have the power of your whole business. That’s why most people choose their personal business and get success.


  • Everyone is able to find their own work what they like. This is one of the key reasons why people start their own business. They do things what they like and control life in right manner.

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  • Freedom to choose the people with whom you want to work is the one of the advantages of having own business. There are numerous people run their own business and have the worker or employees according to need and their skills. There is major benefit of establishing own business because you select people according to business requirement and their ability.


  • If you start your own business then you will get more connection in networking areas. Some people have strong networking while some have few people connected in their networking. So there is nothing better than having own business to increase connection.


  • All people prefer independence and flexibility either it is job or own business but only your own business offer this facility. So, if you are independence and flexibility lover then should go for your own business.

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  • If you love to take challenges then own business is the best to check ability to overtake challenges. Your own business always will be helpful to overtake challenges because lots of challenges and difficulties are in the business but there is important to know how to handle it. However, build own business and take the ability to take over challenges.


  • Own business is the best and great way to follow your own passion. For the fresh mind, fun and enjoyment, passion is very important. If you run your own business then you can add more fun and enjoyable activities according to your passion.


  • Starting a business is the first step to making own clients because if you have own clients then you are able to increase business and get success.

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  • Everyone wants something that will be pride full in their life. Having own business gives this feeling. Success in business always makes you successful people that give positivity and feel pride.

These are the best reasons why people should have their own business. It is really helpful to become successful, positive, confident, passionate, trustworthy and flexible. It will always encourage you to do lots of things that will help you to get success in business.