Do you know how to start a small business?

Almost everyone wants to start his own business. The strategy of starting a business is almost same either it is a small business or a big business. There are some specific things for every beginner need to know to start a business to stay on the right side of the law, to start a business with the highest potential for success.

Establish your own business can be a big event of your life but before starting it, save your time and money by being familiar with the information about what things need to involve in running a business. Investment of time according to appropriate planning is essential to turn your dream into a reality. Operating a small business is not an easy task, it is not just about working for you or working from home, it is about having the essential skills such as management skills, technical skills, industry expertise, finance management, long-term vision, development and success.

small businessAre you ready to start a small business? So, here we are providing you the complete business planning toolset that will help you in proper planning, exact preparation and good management of your business.

1.  Make business plan

It is important to make a business plan that may include many factors but most common things are market analysis, product or service line, fund, marketing and sales, organization, management and expected profits.

2.  Take training and proper guideline

To expand or reinstate a business, prepare a business plan and take advantage of training and consulting services available for running a business successfully.

3.  Decide business area

Location selection of a business is one of the most important decisions for a small business owner. It requires accurate planning and proper investigation that may include demographic research, competition monitoring, evaluation of supply chain, understands state laws and taxes, stays on budget and more.

4.  Fund for business

If you are in need of fund to run your business successfully then there are government and venture capital firm that can help you to start and run a small business.

5.  Business structure

Make a decision to take the best kinds of possession for you such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), sole proprietorship, cooperative, partnership or non-profit.

6.  Register your business name

Your business name is essential for business branding. You can choose your business name as your personal name or something that you like. A business name is needed to register with the respective government authorities.

7.  Tax registration

It is required for the business owner to pay business taxes that vary in each state. Some local taxes are also compulsory to pay. Therefore, you will have to register your business for paying taxes.

8.  Permits and business licenses

There are some permits and licenses are very required to run a business successfully and legally. So, make a list of such permits and business licenses and apply for those.

9.  Responsibilities of employers

Responsibilities of an employer are different from employees and more, so you should be ready to pay more responsibilities.

10.  Local assistance

Local government bodies and the small business administration are always available to help you to plan your small business. So, get full details of local government assistance may help to run business in the right direction.

These top ten tips will surely help you to start your business with long-term profitability.

Benefits of startup India

The India has become the largest startup spot in the world. The startup is becoming very popular every day in India. It is playing a big role in encouraging innovation, job creation and positively impacting on the social-economic fabric of the country. To promote entrepreneurial spirit and help Indian economy, the government of India has taken several initiatives under the Startup India. There are lots of benefits of startup India, some are described below.

startup india

  1. It is easy

There is the easiest way of registration for everyone in the startup with easy use of the mobile app and the website that is launched by the government of India. If anyone is interested in startup and set up then he or she can fill the simple form on the website and upload certain documents. The entire process of the startup is completely online.

  1. Provide a cost reduction facility

The list of patents’ facilitators and trademarks are also available in the startup provided by the government. They offer the high-class intellectual property rights services including a quick examination of a low-fee patent. The government only takes facilitating charges so you can enjoy 80% reduction in the cost of the patent filed.

  1. Easy to access the fund

A fund of 10,000 crore rupees has been set by the government to provide funds for startup in the form of venture capital. The government is also giving the guarantee to the lenders to encourage the banks and other financial institutions to provide venture capital.

  1. It is tax-free for 3 years

There will be no income tax payable on all the profits earned in the first 3 years. Thus it is government’s financial assistance to the startup.

  1. Apply for tenders

The startups also can apply for the government tenders. The startup India is exempted from the “pre-experience / business or turnover” norms applicable to general companies applying for government tenders.

  1. Research and development facilities

The seven new research parks will be established in the research and development sector to provide better startup facilities.

  1. No time-consuming compliances

For saving the time and money of the startup, various compliances have been simplified. Through the Startup mobile app, startups are allowed to self-certify compliance with 9 labors and 3 environmental laws.

  1. Tax saving for investors

The people investing their capital in the enterprise fund established by the government will get the exemption from capital gains tax. This will help a startup in attracting more investors.

  1. Choose your investor

The startups will have the choice between the VCs, where they are free to choose their investors.

  1. Easy to exit

In a case of the exit, the startup can easily close the business within 90 days from the date of application for closing business.

  1. Huge networking opportunities

The government has proposed to organize two start-up festivals at a national level and international level so that they can meet with the various stakeholders of startup. This will provide the vast networking opportunities.

The startup is extremely encouraging by the government. Therefore people are setting up startups. If you are one of them then tax relaxation can help you on your way.

Best ways to scale business for more profit


Every entrepreneur, always things about two wishes that is more time and more money. We all want more time for balancing our lifestyle and career while having friends, family and other interest that needs more time.

For every entrepreneur, the main desire is getting more money in any condition. They do every possible effort to earn money so that they could pay to employees, run ads for business, expand their operations and do everything to earn more. A number of entrepreneurs earn well and have adequate money but this money is wasted if you don’t know how to invest the money properly on marketing to grow your business. You need to constantly work to increase your skills by creating plans, taking action and staying persistent. It will help you to increase the scale of your business in growing market. Some points are given below to scale your business for more profit.

  1. Use SEO techniques

SEO techniques are very helpful for growing business in the market. Every businessman should use SEO techniques and be familiar with the process to apply it for business growth and more profit. The SEO seems complex and confusing, but it is based on a few fundamental principles. These fundamental principles provide the better result on Google for searched term. So learning SEO, leveraging the technique properly and adhering to Google’s many rules help to get the high ranking is SERP and the success in your business.

  1. Start creating and sharing content on a blog

Blogging is the best way to build authority and create the audience in normal way over time. By increasing authority in the market, you can easily attract customer in large amount. So start blogging with creating and sharing content on a blog. You should post unique and useful contents that add the marvelous amount of value for great promotion of your business.

  1. Use Quora for question answer

Quora is the great platform for all online marketers to directly connect with massive audience and customers. The marketer can use it in very simple way. You just need to answer the questions on Quora and will easily connect with the audience or same minded individual from all over the world. Use Quora to increase value and establish yourself as a perfect businessman on the market.

  1. Use for content promotion is one of the most popular and useful sites for content marketing. This authority site offers the wonderful platform to all entrepreneurs for showing their ability to post useful unique content to market their business online. Here, you can create useful discussion and tutorials for your targeted customers. The main goal of this site is to promote your voice online in the right way without any spamming.

  1. Use social media channel

If you are looking for channels to promote your business online then social media offers great opportunities to scale your business. There is no matter what types of business you have started in the market. It provides the way to directly connect with the people all over the world. Here, you can get the massive following, where you can spread the value of your business on the market throughout social media to raise the awareness and visibility of your offers.

Top Seven Skills – You Need to Be Successful

Be Successful

“Success” the name only makes us excited to achieve it. No one is here who do not want to be successful in their life. In this competitive life everyone is running behind the success but out of 1000 persons, only 10 get success in their life. It is not a tough task. We need some key skills to get success. Some people say the success is the luck and some say the success is the hustle but the truth is the success made with both of the combination the “luck and the “hustle”.

There are millions of people who always think about earning million dollars a year and some want relax full life with lots of money so that they could go on world tour every year. Someone wants success in their business. There are lots of views and opinions of people to get success in the life. There are many people who only think about success and still running behind it. To get success in the life you need to adopt some necessary key skills. It will help you to get the desirable success that may include money, name or fame in your life.

  1. Important role of thoughts

We always take it easy but thoughts play important role in our life either it is negative or positive. The positive thoughts always make us motivated to remind that what we had achieved in our life and what we can do better than that in our life. On the other hand, negative thoughts help to learn by our memory what we did wrong and mistakes in our life. It makes us better and avoids same mistakes to repeat in the upcoming time.

  1. Avoid negative environment

We never notice but the positive atmosphere (environment) is an important part of anyone’s successful life. Where you spend your maximum time, with who you are meeting, the place where you are working everything plays an important part in it. If everything is positive then it will help you to get engaged in your work, stay focus on your main motive as well as helps to achieve goal soon. Always try to avoid negative environment because it affects your motivation and will engage yourself in negative sides.

  1. Always be clear with your aim

You always must be clear about your aim. What is your aim and why? It will help you in long term. Sometimes these two thoughts “what we are doing” and “why we are doing” distract us from our inspiration in the middle of the way. If it will be pre-decided that what we are doing and why we are doing then it helps to describe yourself in front of others in any condition. It helps you to keep your mind on your aim.

  1. Strong communication

Communication is the fundamental skill for the people either it is written or oral. It shows your personality in front of others. If you are a working man or woman then your communication skill must be strong. You should have knowledge about accurate writing, proper emails and letters. For better conversation or any official meeting, you need to improve yourself because your body language and your communication skills impact on your personality in front of other. Sometimes your personality does that work which other can’t do by impressing another person. So don’t shy, challenge yourself and make your personality stronger by good communication skills.

  1. Fulfill commitment

If you have a commitment to your goal then no one can stop you. Do everything which makes you passionate about your goal and reminds you every time your aim. You should make positive environment nearby you, it can be your room, your clothes and other accessories that would help you to remind your goal. This helps to be motivated about your goal. There are lots of example in the world who known for their achievement. You can learn from them, how they were passionate about their goals like William Shakespeare and others. After commitment, they had done everything that could make them closer to the goal. So commit yourself to your goal and try passionately for it.

  1. Practice more and more

Practice makes man perfect. So always do practice as much as you can. To be successful in your life you need to be a master in skills and the strong belief in what you are doing and why. To be a master in particular skills you need to practice more and more. Sometimes the luck with hard work helps to touch the sky. It will help you to make your own personal identification.

  1. Continue to optimize and learn

The main part of the success continues to optimize and learn to make everything perfect over the time with the best use of available resources. If you stop improving yourself, you can go far away from success. It is a secret key of every successful person. In their life, they never stopped optimization. It helped them to become a successful person in their life. The construction, reconstruction, and development are the part of the life that never ends. This skill will help you to improve yourself and make your personality stronger. So keep testing your new strategy and make them stronger because pioneer crosses the high curves of the life.