How to stay motivated in the startup journey?

According to the research 5 out of 10 startups close in the first year. There are lots of reasons behind it like not having sufficient funds, lack of knowledge etc. However, one thing that also plays a major role in the startup journey is “motivation”. If founders are not motivated then their startup journey may stop soon.

startupWhen someone dreams about the startup he thinks that he will work for self, make unlimited income, will have own schedule to work etc. because he is highly motivated during dreaming startup. However, sometimes entrepreneurship journey may be boring and dull. So, it is important to stay motivated in a startup or entrepreneurship journey.

There are some tips that can help you in this regards:

1. Celebrate each goal you achieve

It is important in a startup journey to observe your progress. For this, you should set small sized goals that can be achieved on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. Whenever you accomplished any set goal celebrate it. Celebrating each set goal not only help to stay motivated but also increase confidence.

2. Never forget your dream

Startup journey starts with a dream that you want to make true in the future. However, in entrepreneurship, you may have to face frustration and disappointments as well. In such condition, you may forget your dream behind the startup. So, it is necessary to focus on purpose and set goal. Always think you are not alone who are facing these problems, even all successful entrepreneurs had to combat against these obstacles.

3. Obstacles are learning opportunities

Unexpected obstacles are very common in the entrepreneurship and due to this many beginners lose their motivation. They throw their startup dream aside. Getting discouraged is not a solution to the problem even it is a learning opportunity for you. Refusing obstacle is the first step to defeat obstacle. You should take each problem as a challenge that is making you strong to face big problems.

4. Reading stories of successful entrepreneurs

It is possible that you may lose confidence and motivation due to a number of obstacles. Reading stories of successful entrepreneurs will help you to know what types of challenges and problems they also had to face during building their company or ventures. The success stories of the successful startup always start with great challenges. So, it will encourage you to continue your startup journey.

5. Take time to relax

At the start, you may have to perform many tasks together and soon. It may feel you tired and bothered. Due to that focus on the important task may be difficult that may away you from set goals.

You should take time to recharge yourself. You can do anything that makes you relax like spending valuable time with a loved one, watching the movie, go to an outdoor ride, taking adequate sleep etc. It will help you to rid of from work tension.

You will feel better and free mind when you will return on work after relax. It will increase your productivity that may benefit to your startup.
Motivation and confidence are the two tools that help to continue the startup journey, therefore, you never leave these.

How to use social media websites effectively?

These days, social media is the easiest way to reach thousands of people across the world. It makes networks among people, businesses, companies that connect with each other for the different purpose. Due to the existence of a number of people, it has become the number one online marketing platform for all businesses. All small, mid and big size brands and companies are using it to increase their clients’ number and base. However, some forget the basics of the social media and did not get a desirable return.

use of social mediaHere, we have discussed some social media tips that will help you to use these websites effectively.

1. Purpose of the share (posting)

First of all, you should have a clear purpose of the using these websites and share like people engagement, lead generation, brand awareness or any other. Your marketing strategy should be based on social share or posting.

2. Use of hashtags

All most all social media websites allow hashtags (#). However, each website has its own algorithm to use it for the different purpose. Using hashtags is in trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Hashtags help to get more visibility and find people, posts, images, videos with similar interests. You should not use the hashtag on each word, using on keywords is good and a number of hashtags also should be less.

3. Your targeted audience

There is a big difference between audience and targeted audience. You should go behind the targeted audience. This is the audience or people who can become your customer/client in the future or are interested in your products or services. On social media websites, people, brands, agencies, and companies are in the race to increase followers, likes however, having targeted followers and like may help to grow business.

4. Mix use of pictures, audio and videos

Each social media site allows sharing different media files like images, audio, video, illustrations etc. You should go for the mix of these all related to your products or services which people may like. These media files are the easiest way to increase engagement and stay active on shared posts. Share interesting, useful and related things with your business.

5. Your Bio

If anyone is interested to know more about you or your business then he/she can check your about or bio details. The details mentioned on the about or bio page should be real. It should include what you are, what you do, the business you deal with, each and everything that you want other people should know about you.

6. Stay active

There is no sunrise and sunset in the social media world. It is a 24×7 world so be active is one of the success parameters in social websites. Some people use these websites only when their business season come and on rainy days forget marketing. You should stay active on these websites and share on regular basis like daily or weekly. You also can share something useful related with your industry that your audience like if you have not anything to share.