Taking care and advantage of technology in new business setups

advantage of technology

Irrespective of the nature of your business or the nature of products you sell, technology has a major role to play in it. The business can reach an advanced level only if it incorporates latest technology within it. If you make sure that your business is making use of the basic technologies in the correct direction you are sure to succeed. Just put up the right technology in the right place and see your business flourish.

Make your business set-up flexible with flexible hardware

Gone are those days, when the offices used to be decorated with similar looking desktop computers, arranged neatly in cubicles or in straight rows. Those conventional desktop computers are still very popular; but having only them in your office is certainly not a good idea. There has to be flexibility in the hardware. A blend of desktops, laptops and few tablets is the best option one can have in his office.  This can be called as technology mixture; it can be incorporated in office with ease but few points should be kept in mind with each.
•    The desktop computers should be space saving, energy saving and wireless (as much as possible).
•    Keeping the desktop updated with the advancements is not as tough as it used to be earlier, but make sure that the desktops you use have enough room to become an upgrade version each time.
•    Workers, who are mobile, should use the laptops.
•    The laptops should have the ability of video conferencing.
•    They should be equipped with high clarity camera, microphone and speakers.
•    They should have enough technological advancement to save important data and to recover the data if any is lost.
•    Lastly the how the tablets will be utilized is decided according to the nature of business.
•    They are versatile hence; they should be handled with utmost care.

Installation of the following technologies in your office in compliance with other technologies in your office will give you some additional results.

Safety and Security of your Office Infrastructure

If you own the above described hardware, its certainly great, but one thing that should be kept in mind is its maintenance. It is the biggest challenge to keep the laptops, desktops and tablets, all under working condition at the same time. The IT services are costly; remember the repairing services are costlier than prevention services.

The maintenance might not be problem for the tech setups but for the non-tech setups it is a must to hire additional IT services for maintenance of the hardware and its repair, whenever required. A staff member who is tech savvy can also handle this job, but it’s not a permanent solution. Luckily now there are several IT companies which are offering software and maintenance services at very nominal price. The services of such companies will include prevention and recovery of the ill effects of IT failures.

Arranging office suites and other major software

Office does not only mean having hardware all over, proper software are needed to run them. Many business owners get confused on how much they need to pay for the software to make the hardware run. Different operating systems are installed in the systems by default but many other important software and office suites require additional expense and installation.

Again luckily, there are many options for open source software and their installation. Many of them are available for free. However those free versions often create compatibility issues and the staff might get annoyed with their interface. It’s better to purchase the licensed version and keep your employees away from such issues.

Mostly the software that were licensed earlier are now available as service. It means that the business start-ups will now be able to hire them as subscription instead of paying a large one-off amount. The new start-ups will find this way much affordable. The software, as services have some additional benefits like constant support and cloud storage etc.

Another software solution that the new businesses must consider is few form of BIS i.e. Business Intelligence Software. This software is generally installed with the accounting software and lets you keep an eye on the forecasts and insights of your business data recording capabilities.

These were few ways for the start-ups to use their hardware and software in the best possible way. With these instructions they can be made flexible and capable of your business helping it to grow.

Incorporating BYOD policy in the office

A popular trend, which is running amongst most of the businesses across the globe, in which the employees are allowed to bring their devices at work to perform their tasks using their personal devices only. Garner, the technological research firm has estimated that 90% of the firms will be supporting BYOD in their office premises by the end of 2015.

Why is it becoming so popular and how does it affects the business, let’s find out.

Increases the productivity : According to the survey conducted by Dell, around 66% of the companies have already started practicing BYOD in their business and have seen a noticeable increase in the productivity of their employees. Also 50% of the employers believe that they would face a competitive loss if they prevent BYOD. How does BYOD increase the productivity of the employees? Its simple; employees who are use their personal devices at work also use them at home, which reduces the fine line between professional and personal life. Also the workers are able to take advantage of the skills which they have developed using their own device.

Saves Employer’s money : Companies that incorporated the BYOD plans in their working have found that the employee becomes more valuable than before. The companies were able to save approximately $3000 per year on such employees. So its not just the matter of productivity but also of saving bucks. Also there will be no expense of buying the newly joined employee a new tablet or laptop.

This way you can make use of technology in different ways and make it flexible according to your business requirement.

Kamlesh Mourya

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