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Today, we all are friendly with technology. In simple words we can say that technology has become a part of our life. When we talk about mobile phone it is part of our life. Today many businesses are running with the help of mobile phone. There are thousands apps which comes market in a single day. Some apps are used for business purpose, some apps are used for chatting with friends or relatives, some apps are used for playing game, some apps are used for searching purpose. When we talk about business apps, these apps are used mostly for small business purpose. It is simple to use. It provides security also. It is convenient for working. Some apps are free and for some apps you pay. There are many Android apps which are useful in business and are given below:

1. Daily Accounting: It is simple and small in designing, easy to use and very useful app. Before you use this app you should have little bit knowledge of accounting. Otherwise it is difficult for you. With the help of this app you can easily track your income and expenses. This app is basically for those who have small business or those who are studying accounting.
Cost: It is free app. You can easily install it.

2. Book Keeper Accounting: It is financial accounting application. It is used for small business. It is simple user interface. It is purely accounting package which is used for maintain all accounting work of company or business. In this app you don’t need to internet.
Cost: This app is free for only 45 days. If you want to continue your work with this app so you will have to buy this app.

3. FreshBook: This app is used for small business purpose. In this app, you can attach snapshot of receipt. It has a timer who’s focused on how long you spend on project. In this app you can attach Invoices or Estimate.
Cost: This is not free app.

4. Outlook: This app is used for email purpose. It is made for managing your inbox at the office. This app shows as a calendar with the help of this app you can send or receive message via email. And it shows you alert or give notification when the time of meeting.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

5. Expensify: It is used for small business. This app is used in desktop as well as mobile. This app is taking snapshot of tax receipts. In this app GPS is here for tracking client position.
Cost: It is free app.

6. inDinero: Actually this app is depending on your business. It is used for both mobile as well as desktop. It performs all task related to accounting. That means it complete financial information, accounting information, tax information. This app shows information in graphical way.
Cost: This is not free app. This app is based on three levels of paid service.

7. Business Model Toolbox: This app is used for sketching your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book. They need to turn Business ideas to Business model.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for this app when you install it.

8. StratPad: It is also known as strategic planning app. This app is a decision making process. This app is made for beginners who write their first business plan.
Cost: This app is onetime fee plan which ranges from $9.99 to $54.99.

9. Skype: It is used for Video Conferencing. Skype is the best medium to share your thoughts with your business colleagues. Skype recently decided to make to make group video calls for everyone. That means it is not used for business purpose but anyone can use it.
Cost: It is free app for everyone.

10. Square: This app is used for small business purpose where space is limited. It is portable credit/debit card to make transaction fast and convenient. This app will works on every devices and operating system.
Cost: This app is not free. For this app you have to pay.

11. Mynd: It is used for small business owner. This app tracks the time and location of all your meetings and events. It also shows a time when you want to leave your office depending on the current situation.
Cost: This app works on Android phone and iPhone. It is totally free app.

12. PayPal: It is used for transferring money. It has basic feature as banking platform which checks your balance and transferring money. This app secures your data. In this app, first of all it takes picture of your check and add it to your savings account. You can also add your financial information in your profile. It provides security.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

13. Daily Expense Manager: This is the most successful app now days. Basically, it is used for Saving Money. This is very good finance planner app. It saves your monthly income up to 30%. It tracks your bill due, account balances, expenses, income. It has ability to understand and record your data.
Cost: It is free app. It is available on Google Play Store.

14. MyBudgetBook: This app is used for tracking your expenses and income and manages your money more effectively. This app gives a graphical way. Because of graphical way it is very easy to understand. It does not require any internet connection.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for it.

15. E-Trade Mobile: This is an android app. This is an inventing tool. You will get anything those you want in trading. It is an easy setup. It is viewing and editing of open orders. It has economic and earnings calendar.
Cost: It is free app. You can download it from Google Play Store.

16. Stock Earnings Calendar: In this app, you can easily check the earnings of stocks in the US market with calendar. Earning calendar are grouped into before market open, during market Hours, after market closed. This app provides you full EPS chart.
Cost: It is not free app.

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