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Are you running a business and wish to increase sales? The answer would be definitely ‘Yes’. If you wish that your business sale should hike up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars for it. You just need to keenly observe your business and look at what is working in your business and what’s the successful element. The Direct selling Education foundation, a national partner of BBB has surveyed businesses and extracted the following ways of increasing sales without spending too much money.

  • Recognize your loyal customers and provide them extra

Certainly there are some special customers in each business who spend more on your brand than others; you need to pick up those key customers and treat them in a special way, by offering them more; yes much more than what they are already getting. Like for instance, initiate a VIP program offering special promotions, rewards, incentive and exclusive insight to the new products and service to the special customers. When the special customers will receive that ‘special treatment’ from your side, they will certainly feel appreciated and will become more inclined towards your business. They will also share their positive experience with their family and friends. This type of publicity will have a remarkable and long-term positive result on your business.

  • Customize sale pitch differently for different customers

Remember no two customers can be same; each has its own taste and liking, hence they should be treated accordingly. Don’t mug-up a similar sales pitch and portray it in front of every client. Each individual should be given special attention and if possible a bit research should be done about him. While talking to each client, incorporating some personal interest in him or her into sales pitch will leave a deeper impact on them and chances of them converting into loyal customers from just prospects become more.

  • Increase target referral and see sales rising up

Increase the number of referrals which are being targeted each month or each week. It doesn’t mean that you have to take a very steep hike, a 30% to 50% hike is enough initially to boost up the sales process. Like for instance if you are targeting 6 referrals each week or month, make it 8 or 9. Obviously, this will require a modification in your timing schedule, do it smartly and see your sales pitching up quickly with time. Once you find that you have become habitual to the new schedule, try to increase your goals again. Make it 10 now. It simply means that business should never run in a straight line, instead, it should be targeting an upward direction to maintain success and growth.

  • Interact personally with clients and take Feedback

No matter what type of business you are running, whether it’s wholesale or retail business, always keep a habit of interacting with your clients on a personal level. This may seem a bit tedious but again it will have some outstanding results. Also, make a habit of taking feedbacks from them once the sale is made. This will have a positive impact on them and they will build a trust on your products or services. If you can do much at this point, try to learn few personal things about your customers, like their names, facts etc. This will make sure that they will come to you each time they want to buy that product. This fact has been proven to be very effective through surveys.

A continuous research work is always needed to know what will increase the sales and what is best for your business, so come out of the comfort zone and start thinking high for your business.

Kamlesh Mourya

Author: Kamlesh Mourya

Kamlesh Mourya is the director of 7eyetechnologies; an India based IT Company that provides services web development, designing and online marketing. Kamlesh occasionally blogs about social media.

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