How to learn new skills in half the time?

Everyone has different methods to learn new skills in different areas such as business, career, sports, education, language etc. There is no definite time to learn something new; you only have to know how to develop it over the time. In the beginning, it can be frustrated but over the time, it will become a part of habit and help you to gain long term profit. Here, you only need to search the best ways to make your learning skills fast and stronger. Here, I have my personal experience that can be helpful for you to make your learning skills superb and faster.

new skills1. Begin easy

The start of learning of new skills should be always simple. Before starting anything, the concept should be clear so that you can implement it in right ways to learn fast. For example, if you are learning business skills then you should have clarified the basic concepts of it like what is the goal of business, the current status of the market etc. If the basic concepts will be not clear then learning new skills become tough and will take lots of time to learn.

2. Chunk time

It is an awesome method to learn anything in the best way. Sometimes, the continuous effort of learning can tire your mind and reduces the ability of learning. As a result, it can take lots of time to learn and will not get the expected result. In such case, to stay away from such kinds of problems, the best way is “chunking”, where you can break up topics into smaller or learning bits. It will help you to refresh your mind and create huge excitement for learning. This method has become more popular all over the world and people are applying it as an efficient and superlative process of learning.

3. Discuss it with someone

This method really works. If you have to memorize anything and you are not doing it well then the discussion is the best way. Here are lots of options for you like your friends, family members or colleagues. It never takes your precious time; you can do it during walking, driving and working. Even with the help of discussion, you can create more ideas to develop your skills in lots of ways.

4. Write things down

In this process, no one can more helpful than the pen and paper. Nowadays, notepad is also an option on mobile phones and laptops to note down or write down the note to remember. It is a basic part of learning, which is always helpful to learn skills for long period. It reduces the burden to remember and when you ever need the important notes, you can use it anytime.

5. Take breaks

On studies found that taking breaks can help to boost your energy and refresh your mind so that you can finish your day with full of strength and new ideas. For me, within work and studies, the break is very important. Sufficient breaks help me to become more productive and make my learning skills stronger and faster.

6. Meditation

Although some consider meditation is a somewhat pseudo-science, in fact, it has proved to be an excellent mental exercise. Overall, it can be one of the best ways to increase the concentration to learn something. For this, you can take a few minutes from your day to do.

How to deal smartly with difficult people?

angry woman

There are many people and sometimes to deal with them can be a very difficult task especially dealing with difficult people. Some people don’t work their best. If you want to keep a relationship with such or difficult people then you must be familiar with some strategies to deal with them. The following are some easy and useful tips to twist around any situation with a difficult person.

Keep cool to maintain self-control

It is the first rule to keep cool. It means you should maintain your self-control when another person is angry. When you are less reactive, there are more chances to do better judgment and handle the situation. Keep cool is the best way to deal smartly with difficult people. If you feel angry or upset with any person then before say something, take a deep breath it will make you cool.

Listen carefully

Listening carefully is also one of the best steps to deal with difficult people. There is no doubt, everyone wants to feel thoughts. When you are listening, focus on what the person is saying then it will be really helpful to deal with his. It is essential to take a deep breath before responding your opinion and control your emotions.

Avoid arguments

If you want to put your point with difficult people that may be the reason of argument then it is the best to avoid these types of arguments. It is necessary for you to do not waste your time trying to show that you are right. Wait for the situation when it is neutral.

Examine your own behavior

It is helpful to identify your own weaknesses and strengths. This is the best way when you tackle tricky people in the future and you will be better ready to handle them.

Make proficient communicator

In every communication, it is very important to think about the relationship with the person and the problem that you discuss. An efficient communicator knows how to solve the problem with the respective person. When you are cool and soft with the person, they decrease their temper slowly. The reaction of the other person does not matter, keep you calm and solve the problem in an efficient way is important.

Apply required pressure to decrease difficult behavior

It is very important to apply an appropriate force to decrease difficult behavior. Sometimes people feel weak and think that the situation is out of control to solve the problem. So, you should remove this negativity from your mind because if you have calm behavior means have a chance to reduce the problem. If difficult people talk with you in wrong way then you can stop this behavior simply by changing the matter.

Move from reactive to proactive

It is essential to minimize misinterpretation, misunderstanding and need to concentrate on problem-solving. If you feel that another person is very difficult to handle then come up with many ways of viewing the circumstances before reacting.

Being nice and manipulative

Nice people always know how to deal with difficult people and handle them. Negative emotion always makes you negative and positive makes you positive so being nice and manipulative is the effective way to deal with negative people. As you should keep on breathing deeply that will allow your feelings to get higher and then fall away again, like a flourish in the sea.

Avoid unnecessary complications

Some people do arguments with the difficult people that make the problem bigger. If you want to control problem then it is vital to avoid unnecessary arguments. Unnecessary complication stops the ways to make the conclusion. If you do it smartly then you are able to deal with tricky people.

Do you know how to stay positive at work?

stay positive


It is very easy to be happy at work when all things go well but it becomes more difficult to be happy and maintain productivity when things do not go as we want. There are a number of things important to maintain productivity in work. Stay positive is one of them. However, it is not easy to stay positive all the time at the workplace. In order to, keep work smoothly and act professionally, you should be familiar how to keep your mood positive. The following are some important tips that will help you to be positive and happy at workplace.

1. Smile and Good Laugh

A good laugh and genuine smile send positive signals to the brain. These signals help the brain to see things in positive ways. Some words like “Thank You”, “Sounds Great”, “My pleasure” help to keep mood positive whole day during working. Good and genuine laugh release work pressure. You can talk with the funniest colleague regarding this. You have another option to watch funny videos on YouTube to put on the smile on face.

2. Be Optimistic

Be optimistic is the easiest way to stay positive at workplace. Everyone faces challenges and difficulties in work but optimistic attitude help to think about the future. It also helps to imagine dreams and fulfill them. An optimistic attitude and behavior assist in looking things in the positive way that is the essential tool to fight against nervousness.

3. Learn New Things

Learning new things offer great pleasure and it is the first step to feel positive. It is not necessary to spend money to learn something that you want. There are a number of online learning sites and free resources available over the internet like YouTube and other websites from where you can learn without spending a penny. Try to learn new things helps to fell accomplish.

4. Build relationships with colleague

To have a positive and friendly relationship with the colleague, team leader, manager or boss helps to create positivity at the workplace. The interesting thing is that you deal with your colleague more than 40 hours within a week therefore respectful relationship with them help to be happy and positive at work. There is no need to be the best friend of your colleague, friendly relationship is sufficient regarding this.

5. Reward yourself

You should reward yourself for your each achievement. It might be to complete the task or achieve the set goal. You can offer yourself small treats like chocolate, favorite desert or a cup of favorite tea after lunch. Seeing the first show of the new movie, buy something that you want to buy from long time anything else may be a good treat for you. Rewarding yourself with small gifts offer you pleasure and thus keep you stay positive at the workplace.

6. Adjust your thoughts

Positive thoughts create positivity while negative thoughts create negativity. So, thoughts adjustment is very important to stay positive. You should try to avoid negative thoughts that are the hurdle to stay positive. However, it is not easy in all condition especially when things are against us.

The 10 Best IT Jobs of 2017

IT Jobs

New Year has started and it looks bright for the IT industry because more tech companies looking to hire high-skilled IT professional to grow their business. No doubt, IT industry plays a significant role to decrease unemployment problem of the world. There is no secret that IT sector offers many best and high paying jobs. There are some best IT jobs for 2017 that are given below:

1. Software architect: In the recent analysis, software architect job is the best IT jobs for 2017. Most of the companies are planning to hire professional software architect for their company’s growth. This job position includes responsibility for the development and initial design of the newest and latest software or software revision.

2. Data scientist: There are many companies which are searching the candidates who are interested in data scientist job. This is the major reason; data scientist is in the queue of top IT jobs in 2017. A data scientist plays an effective role to use predictive analytics and machine knowledge to take insight and actionable details from the firm’s data stores.

3. Quality assurance manager: It is also in top rank jobs of 2017. This job position is responsible for ensuring the quality of the products and services that meet with recognized standards.

4. Full stack developer: This year, enterprises are looking for a person who know-how across diverse layers of the stack. The job position is important for all areas of the business that provide great customer knowledge and interface.

5. UX designers: UX designers are the latest and best Job in the list of this year. Now, companies are hiring and recruiting UX designers to build up their online presence all over the world. This jobs leads to the appearance of UX and UI developers through more professional skills in this area with mobility skills.

6. Software engineer: Software engineer jobs are also in higher demand for many years that’s why it is in high demand this year as well. Software engineers focus on the most excellent practices, application requirements, standards of development and maintenance.

7. Entry-level engineer: Entry level engineer ranked top in job postings in the technical world and engineering segment.

8. Analytics manager: Analytics managers are responsible for making successful strategies to collect data, conduct research, analyze information and apply analytics solutions for products and services. This is the major reason; companies are increasing recruitment of analytics manager this year as well.

9. Machine learning engineer: Machine learning engineer also top ranked in the job list of 2017. It is becoming more popular with increasing awareness of artificial intelligence in different industries.

10. Information security specialist: The need of information security professionals is bigger than ever before that predicted to the 2017. The people wants to pursue a career in this field need to be able to show interruption detection, risk improvement and cloud data security proficiency.

Bonus jobs:

11. HR manager: This is always top ranked job, so this year is in the list as well. HR manager is essential job position in IT companies.

12. Senior accountant: The role requires an important participation with other parts of the business, therefore the capability to transform financial terminology for non-finance people is a key factor when applying for this responsibility.