How to use social media websites effectively?

These days, social media is the easiest way to reach thousands of people across the world. It makes networks among people, businesses, companies that connect with each other for the different purpose. Due to the existence of a number of people, it has become the number one online marketing platform for all businesses. All small, mid and big size brands and companies are using it to increase their clients’ number and base. However, some forget the basics of the social media and did not get a desirable return.

use of social mediaHere, we have discussed some social media tips that will help you to use these websites effectively.

1. Purpose of the share (posting)

First of all, you should have a clear purpose of the using these websites and share like people engagement, lead generation, brand awareness or any other. Your marketing strategy should be based on social share or posting.

2. Use of hashtags

All most all social media websites allow hashtags (#). However, each website has its own algorithm to use it for the different purpose. Using hashtags is in trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Hashtags help to get more visibility and find people, posts, images, videos with similar interests. You should not use the hashtag on each word, using on keywords is good and a number of hashtags also should be less.

3. Your targeted audience

There is a big difference between audience and targeted audience. You should go behind the targeted audience. This is the audience or people who can become your customer/client in the future or are interested in your products or services. On social media websites, people, brands, agencies, and companies are in the race to increase followers, likes however, having targeted followers and like may help to grow business.

4. Mix use of pictures, audio and videos

Each social media site allows sharing different media files like images, audio, video, illustrations etc. You should go for the mix of these all related to your products or services which people may like. These media files are the easiest way to increase engagement and stay active on shared posts. Share interesting, useful and related things with your business.

5. Your Bio

If anyone is interested to know more about you or your business then he/she can check your about or bio details. The details mentioned on the about or bio page should be real. It should include what you are, what you do, the business you deal with, each and everything that you want other people should know about you.

6. Stay active

There is no sunrise and sunset in the social media world. It is a 24×7 world so be active is one of the success parameters in social websites. Some people use these websites only when their business season come and on rainy days forget marketing. You should stay active on these websites and share on regular basis like daily or weekly. You also can share something useful related with your industry that your audience like if you have not anything to share.

39 Reasons Why People use Social Media Sites

Social media               Image Source: pixabay

First of all, it is important to know what social media or social networking is. Social media is grouping of online communication channels that are dedicated to community based participation, communication, content sharing and cooperation. Social media are the best ways and tools that are useful for people and companies to create, share information, career interests, ideas and videos in essential communities and networks. In short, social media is the best technology and excellent application that allows people to socially interact with friends, colleagues, companies, relatives and others. There are number of sites which got popularity as social media but few are leading and millions of people are using it worldwide. In this row, Facebook is leading while others are trying to beat it. Let know how many are using these sites:

There are basic two reasons to join social media community, first one is personal while second is professional that passionate people to join social media sites.

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Now look at the personal reasons:

  1. Sharing personal information
  2. Stay in touch
  3. Stay up to date
  4. Share thoughts
  5. Create photo album
  6. Share photos and videos
  7. Fun and entertainment
  8. Find old friends
  9. Meet with new people
  10. Passing time
  11. For chatting
  12. Create events
  13. Be a mentor
  14. For networking
  15. Information seeking
  16. Know about others
  17. Join interest groups

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Now look at the professional reasons:

  1. For marketing and advertising
  2. Show product and services
  3. Get traffic
  4. Find clients/customers
  5. Find partners
  6. Customer feedback
  7. Find new projects
  8. Stay in touch with clients worldwide
  9. Establish business online
  10. Grow an existing business
  11. Online reputation management
  12. Build a community
  13. Build relationships
  14. Targeting specific groups
  15. Share company’s story
  16. Get and Give help
  17. Social interaction
  18. Establish as an industry expert
  19. Create a buzz
  20. Make money
  21. Better hires
  22. Develop better ideas

people               Image Source: pexels

Now look at the personal reasons in detail:

1. Sharing personal information: Social media is the great tool for sharing personal information with others. People use it to share their professions, physical address, education and relationship status.

2. Stay in touch: Facebook, Twitter and some other social media sites offer number of functionality to keep in touch. This is the reason some people use these sites to being in touch with their love one and friends.

3. Stay up to date: People share their day to day personal information that helps other friends or relatives to being familiar with what is going on in their friend’s life. Thus social media has become the strong medium to stay up to date with news, current events as well as others life.

4. Share thoughts: Sharing thought is the most favorable feature of the social networking sites. People are free to share their own thought on any type and also share their free voice and raise voice.

5. Create photo album: Social media sites allow users to all photos and create photo album that they can share with their friends and other people. There is not all social networks offered to create photo albums but most of them provide this feature. This feature is attracting people to join social media.

6. Share photos and videos: People share all types of photos and videos that they like to share with friends.

7. Fun and entertainment: Most of the people share funny things on social media like funny photo, videos that make great entertainment of others. It has become reason for some people to join these sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are leading sites for this purpose.

8. Find Old Friends: Facebook is the leader of this feature. Most of the people joined Facebook to find their old friends. The list of such people is increasing day by day.

9. Meet with new people: There are great numbers of people who like to meet with new people. To meet with new people is hobby of some people that why such people join social networking sites to find new people.

10. Passing time: There are number of ways to pass time like watching television, reading books, newspaper etc. but these all have been old fashion. New trend is join social networking sites and pass time. For example: some people play game on Facebook to pass time.

11. For chatting: Facebook provides chat option to their users. It is attracting many people to live chat with their friends and relatives. This feature force chat lovers to join Facebook.

12. Create events: Sending invitation by post card has become outdated. New trend is creating event on social sites and invite friends. A number of people join these sites to create events and invite friends relative online.

13. Be a mentor: There are number of people expert on one or more skills. They create their social profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as an expert and offer their services to new one as mentor.

14. For networking: Increasing personal or social networking is hobby of some people. They like to have a great network of people who know them. Social media sites are right choice of these people therefore most of people join these sites.

15. Information seeking: Billion of people using social media and most of them share useful and valuable information over here. These sites are great source of information for some people. Availability of information attracts to join as well.

16. Know about others: There are numerous people who always eager to know about others. These people join social networking sites to know about their friends, competitors etc.

17. Join interest groups: Groups are community of people of same thoughts, services, products etc. Social sites allow its members to create groups and join others groups as well. Most of the internet surfers join these sites to be a part of such groups.

professional                Image Source: stocksnap

Now look at the professional reasons in detail:

18. For marketing and advertising: Billions of people are using social media sites daily and this made these networking sites a great platform for marketing and advertising. Almost all marketing professionals join these sites to market their products and advertise their services.

19. Show product and services: Some sites allow showing or promoting products and services by using social platform. Professionals create a business page on Facebook and show their products and services there.

20. Get traffic: Huge number of users worldwide made social networking sites a great source of traffic. Entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers are using these sites to invite targeted traffic on their business website or divert traffic on other online presence.

21. Find clients/customers: Finding clients or customers is also main reason to use social sites for business purpose. Almost all from small, medium to big companies join Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram to find new clients.

22. Find partners: Few professionals have different purpose to joint these sites like finding partners. There are a number of entrepreneurs are unable to run their own business. They join these sites to find partners.

23. Customer feedback: Social media sites are open space to give feedback. Some business owners join social sites to take benefits of this feature and ask customer feedback about their products and services.

24. Find new projects: Some small companies and entrepreneur join such sites in hope of finding new projects because possibility opens where their targeted people spend time.

25. Stay in touch with clients worldwide: Stay in touch with clients is a major problem especially when target market is worldwide. Even social networking sites solve these problem and offer facility to stay in touch with clients remotely. These social media sites help to get in touch via chat, message etc.

26. Establish business online: Most of the small business owners don’t prefer to manage a website for their business purpose. These people join social networking sites to reduce site management cost and establish business online with help of it. Creating a business page on Facebook is an example of such effort.

27. Grow an existing business: Social networking sites play very important role to grow existing business. All most all businesses have its own business profile on social sites this is also a reason to join it.

28. Online reputation management: Competitors try to create bad reputation of opponent therefore it is very important to maintain business reputation as well. Social sites use as an online reputation management tool.

29. Build a community: The success of any business is based on its community. Professional join social media sites to build a strong business community that help them to run business successfully for long time.

30. Build relationships: Strong relationship with customers is a symbol of success in any business. Social networking sites also known as social relationship sites that force entrepreneur to join it to create relationship with customers.

31. Targeting specific groups: Many social media sites have features to create groups and numbers of members are taking benefits of this feature by creating group based on products and services. This feature invites to join and use professionally.

32. Share Company’s story: There is no best platform to share success story of a company. LinkedIn allows creating a company page such many other features invite professional to join social sites and share their business or company’s story with others.

33. Get and Give help: Get and Give help is just like Take and Give help on these sites. Experts help to newbie and thus generate business.

34. Social interaction: Social interaction is very important for business success. Social sites are great channel for social interaction. Many marketers join social sites to take benefits of this social power to boost their business.

35. Establish as an industry expert: There are number of skill based experts. Social networking sites help them to establish themselves as an industry expert therefore experts join social sites to make aware others with their expertise.

36. Create a buzz: Crating buzz is very important for business it helps to raise business very fast. Professional use social media sites to buzz their services.

37. Make money: Some companies run money making companion as affiliate. Thus these companies increase sale and make money.

38. Better hires: Social media sites are also platform of talented and skilled people. Most of the professionals and companies join this platform to hire high talented people as well.

39. Develop better ideas: Some small companies have lack of unique ideas to include in their promotion campaign. Even social sites are ocean of ideas without any physical limit. These companies join social sites to find new business ideas as well.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools for Every Good Business

Social Media

Social media is one of the most efficient and quick ways to market your business and company. You can get more traffic for your website and share new leads in social media sites. If you are a businessman or marketing manager and don’t have sufficient time to share your products or services on a daily basis then you can use social media marketing tools. Social media management tool is the software that are designed for marketing departments and organizations to share and publish in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many others. These tools will help you in many ways and having the right social media tools is very important. The following are the best tools for social media marketing campaign.

1. Buffer: Buffer is the best social media management tool for agencies and marketers. It is a better and excellent way to share on social media. It is the most appropriate way to drive traffic and enhance fan engagement and also save time on social media. There are several benefits of using buffer software like you have to log in Buffer at once and manage everything. In addition, you can do multiple actions in the same spot like scheduling, sharing and analyzing. It is available for social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is also the most popular and top social media marketing tool. You can use it to collaboratively perform businesses campaigns across many social networks like Facebook and Twitter in one web-based dashboard. Hootsuite has become an essential tool for managing social media, tracking conversations and assess campaign results using the web and mobile devices. Hootsuite offers free, pro enterprise solution for operating unlimited social profiles, improved analytics, Google Analytics, superior message scheduling and Facebook insights integration. There are several small medium businesses, agencies and enterprise using the Hootsuite social media dashboard. It connects with more than 35 popular social networks.

3. Crowdbooster: Crowdbooster focuses on collecting data from your Twitter and Facebook feeds. With the help of this, you can enhance your online presence with Crowdbooster. There are many benefits of using Crowdbooster like it saves time on reporting, export graphs & tables, schedule unlimited tweets posts for the most optimal time, find your most engaged fans & followers and so on.

4. SocialFlow: SocialFlow is the best and top level software company that enhances distribution of owned and earned content over the social media platforms. Their partners are Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn. The benefits that the software provides like:

• Release posts when timing, significance and viewers are optimized.
• Identify top performing posts to increase with advertising.
• Integrate better posts into platform-specific advertisement vehicles.
• Set up a nonstop loop of feedback by examine responses.
• Develop innovative and latest advertising opportunities that expand your reach beyond existing audiences.

5. SproutSocial: Sprout Social is one of the best tools that can manage post, check, evaluate and multiple social media accounts from one place. It is better way to manage your social messages. It includes smart Inbox that brings all messages from all your profiles into a single profile, filterable stream. It covers the whole publishing process like draft, schedule, queue and post messages to Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It offers shorten links, attach pictures and target specific viewers. It offers many features like flexible account & group structure, assign and manage tasks, visibility across organization, never duplicate efforts, track & measure your social performance and so on.

6. Spredfast: Spredfast is an excellent tool if you are looking to determine data gathered from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. It makes able to observe how many people you have reached and target audience is connecting with you. The Spredfast is a social software platform Spredfast that transforms the technique to connect with fans and customers by controlling the power of social. It makes and keeps helpful connections with your viewers. Conversations lets you to optimize content scheduling and publishing, take action powerfully with context and notify the rest of marketing with insights from social performance in a single secure platform.

7. SocialOomph: SocialOomph is a service that offers free and paid productivity improvement services for social media users. It enhances your social media productivity that doesn’t have to be a manual time-consuming procedure. It works for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogs, RSS feeds, Plurk and You can simply schedule updates, get quality people to follow and check social media activity.

8. Sendible: Sendible is the great and influential social media management software. You can manage social networks, schedule post and messages, connect with your audiences and measure ROI (Return On Investment) right from one user-friendly dashboard. With the help of Sendible, you can update Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Blog sites at the same time from a single place. You can get benefits of shorten links, target your audience on Facebook, attach photos, customize your posts and many other things.

9. Tweepi: Tweepi provides a collection of easy tools to help you find out and follow new Twitter users, follow user’s followers & friends, follow by tweet, follow members of Twitter list and follow by user-bio search. It includes many features like follow relevant users, reciprocate, cleanup the inactive, force to unfollow you, make your following, establish valuable connections and custom method for your business.

10. TweetDeck: TweetDeck is an excellent application and social media dashboard for management of the Twitter accounts. TweetDeck provides the Twitter experience with more flexibility by allowing you view many timelines in one simple interface. It includes plenty of new and innovative features that help to advanced users like manage many Twitter accounts at one place, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, make Tweet collections and more. You can simply sign in with your Twitter account to get started.

51 Social Media Tools for Business

Social Media Tools

Today in the global marketplace every business, whether small or large, must have to use the social media for marketing communications related to their product or services. Here we are trying to provide a list of 51 social media tools especially useful for small business.

Facebook Tools

Today Facebook is one of the most popular social Media. You can get likes, shares and tags for your posts.

1. Like Analyzer: This tool ( will give you complete details of the likes you have received as compared to those of competitors. It also indicates your ranking in the industry as well as of the rivals.

2. Fan Page karma: This tool ( gives you valid and vital data about increase in number of visitors, comments or feedback along with Karma which means weighted engagement value.  Additionally Fan Karma integrates data from Twitter & YouTube which may support your visual presentations or communications.

3. Face book custom Audiences: With the help of this tool you can customize your audience and address the communication to select the target customers.

Social Media Analytics Tools

4. Rival IQ: Marketers must know what the competitors are doing and this wonderful tool helps you finding everything you want about the chosen brands. This tool gives you mirror image of competitors status on Facebook, Twitter, google+, Linked in or SEO. You can avail a free trial of 14 days for your convenience. Website:

5. Klout: This special tool provides a ready reckoner of popularity index of varied social profiles with an indicative marking from 1 to 100 along with comparative level of your profile. You can also keep a track of movement of such scores.

Visual Content Tools

6. Infogram: Here we can develop impressive infographics directly on the spreadsheets of Infogram. Special facilitators like design templates or full design editor etc. are ready to use for you.

7. Piktochart: You can make your data attractive, presentable & impressive with this free to try tool. The built in editor and themes make your task easy. Website:

8. Visually: If you are looking for professional help for adding shine & glitter to your presentations, that too at a reasonable price, you ought to visit “Visually” marketplace. Here you can get expert help for videos, presentations, info-graphics, interactive etc.

9. Canva: Highly user friendly and free (except the onsite photos) this tool is a wonderful resource for both beginners & amateurs who want to do graphic designing. Full of templates like Pinterest the Canva makes it highly interesting for the professionals.

10. Compfight: Compfight is a commonly used tool on many blogs. Here you get access to a huge collection of images and pictures for different uses in your communications. Website:

11. Be Funky: Enjoy your work with this extremely easy to use tool. Equipped with everything we need for image editing like cropping, scaling, filters or text etc. this tool enables the user to put proper visual content on the social sites. Website:

Social Media Monitoring Tools

12. Mention: If you want to know how many people/clients or customers mentioned/posted about your products or services, any time or anywhere in the web, this tool will prove extremely useful.

13. Nutshell Mail: Here you can gather all the data update on your email account/s periodically to suit your needs. Such information may further be translated into your weekly report etc. Website:

14. KeyHole: Ever wondered how you can get the record of responses received for your comments, hashtags, punches or quotes on the Facebook, Instgram or Twitter? Use this tool to optimize your popularity. Website:

15. Social mention: It assesses the reaction of your post by feelings like passion, sentiment, reach and strength. Website:

Social Media Content Tools

16. News.Me: In partnership with “Digg” this channel gets you the prominent messages received in your different social accounts. You can immediately respond to customer/clients queries, attend to complaints or expedite the orders etc saving valuable time. Website:

17. Feedly: With the help of Feedy you can not only keep in touch with all the blogs or social sites but also pick up most relevant & important posts gathered on the site.

18. Pocket: This tool provides the user a special facility to collect the information and read or analyze the same at a convenient time later. Website:

19. Paper.Li: Imagine the advantage of producing your own news paper full of industry related happening and circulate amongst your followers for great leverage. Website:

20. Swayy: One can get a chance to share interesting content on the social media, connect with Twitter or Facebook, and Swavy helps you with finding what the people want. Website:

21. Pie: Pie comes with a browser extension where you can gather stories across different sites and share them with the desired audience. Website:

22. Bottlenose: Solar Solo: This free version of Bottlenose helps in accessing all the data related to your brand/s particularly from LinkedIn and provides good platform for sharing information.

WordPress Plugins

23. Digg Digg: If you wish to spread your posts to Face Book, Twitter, Buffer or other 20 sites you can use this wonderful floating bar at Digg digg plugin. Website:

24. Flare: Created by Digital Telepathy this tool uses Filament plugin which helps in bringing together all your social buttons as and when you wish and utilize. Website:

25. Ivy: Yet another creation of Digital Telepathy, this tool is for your clients, supporters or customers who can use the Filament plugin to highlight your products on different media channels. Website:

26. “Pin It” Button for Images:  This is free word press plugin for enabling direct shares to Pinterest, quite useful for blogs.

Twitter Tools

27. Follower Wonk:  This is a popular tool for analyzing and optimizing your accounts at Twitter Buffer.

28. Social Rank: You can find your followers in three different categories namely Best Followers, Most Engaged and Most Valuable with the help of this tool. Website:

29. Manage Flitter:   With the help of this tool you can easily manage the actual or virtual followers for better results. Website:

30. Must Be Present: This Twitter tool helps you for setting a targeted response time to your posts. Website:

31. Tweriod: Here you can get to know what specific time slaughts are when you receive maximum exposure on different media channels. Website:

32. Tweepi: Tweepi helps you in segregating your audiences into responsive or non responsive so that you can take optimum advantage on Twitter or other sites. Website:

33. Tweet4Me: When you sign up you are better equipped for quick quality posts on Twitter as & when you want.

34. You can grow, organize and manage your networks with the help of this tool. Website:

35. Twtrland: Keep updated about Facebook & Instagram with special tool of live count and advanced search to find favorable followers. Website:

36. Need Tagger: You can find out such Twitter users who are looking for your product with the help of this tool.

37. Twitter Spy: Here you can find out the most liked tweets and acknowledge those supporters help with a thank you.

38. Twitter feed: As the name suggests you can directly post your feeds on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin with its help.

39. Tweet Reach: This tool gets you the data as to how far your tweets have reached. Website:

40. Twazz Up: If you want to know what is happening to your name at your back, this is the source. Website:

41. Topsy: You can access posts, contacts, pictures, videos with this strong search engine on Twitter.

Miscellaneous Tools

42. FiveHundredPlus: This tool is useful for the LinkedIn contacts. Contacts can be placed in various categories like weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reminders, to stay in touch with those contacts. Website:

43. Rapportive:  This app provides information about your gmail accounts, their social accounts and employment. Website:

44. Bitly:  This app is helpful in shortening of the URL links, which is required in cases of posting on twitter (because of the 140 character word limit).

45. Rev:  It is a transcriptional and translational service, which helps you to convert audio, on English files into the format type or the language you need. Website:

46. ShareRoot Board Cover Creator:  This app allows you to create images that can be used as covers for different Pinterest boards. Website:

47. Jelly:  This is an app for iOS and android, in which you can ask questions using locations, photos or friends, and the best known people for the place or person answer you. Website:

48. SteadyDemand’s Google+ Page Audit: This page helps you in finding out what’s working on you google+ account and what’s not. Website:

49. Powtoon: This service helps you create or edit videos, and direct uploading to YouTube.

50. CardMunch:  In this service, you take a picture of a business card, and it stores the regarding information in your contacts and you can find the contact on LinkedIn. Website:

51. IFTTT:  It is a multi-utility app that can do a range of things from posting your instagram photos on twitter, to messaging you tomorrow’s weather. Website:

How to Use Social Media Sites to Promote Small Business?

how to use social media

Planning a small startup is definitely a matter of excitement for everyone who wants to be engaged with a new earning source. You might have been thinking about various ways of promoting and marketing your business. Well, one of the best and cheapest ways to promote your small business is the use of social media but for this, you should know how to use social media. In the modern world technology, it is very important for your business to be known by people. Not engaging in conversation online with people means not only just losing your clients but also moving your business towards silence.

What is social media marketing?

There are various social media sites on the internet where you can talk to relevant stakeholders and search your customers thoroughly. Use of social media for marketing is called as social media marketing. Here your leading goal will be to set up marketing communications at right places and branding your products in an impressive manner. This is also called as online marketing where you need covering up product reviews, product descriptions, video marketing tools and high-quality images of your products or services. Check out the stepwise guideline mentioned below to know the best way of promoting your business online-

Determination of platform

The best thing you can do to put the first step is searching the most feasible and best working social media platforms where you can find your clients and customers. Keeping this special fact in mind will help you to save your time and invest all your energy in the right direction. You need to make a list of the most popular social media sites and building profiles of your business in all those social media platforms. Remember, more the number of social media sites you are registered with, more you will be known by relevant stakeholders. If you have no idea regarding marketing strategy and tools, you can talk to business professionals who can tell you more about key performance indicators. Create a page about your business everywhere you can on the internet.

Transform your employees to social media manager

Tell your employees also to create separate pages on social networking sites talking about your business. Management of multiple profiles in social media can be a daunting task for you. In order to simplify your task, just transform your employees into social media marketers. Take a meeting with them and distribute tasks to them. You can tell each of them to handle a profile on every social media site. You can also ask your employees to try a free version of marketing sites which offer services to promote your business. If this suits you and you get the good outcome from this strategy, you can move on to the paid version.

Plan a goal

Plan a goal

Determination of goals and objective is the most important thing you need to do for putting your step forward towards social media marketing. Planning a goal, location and size of the business is something that will leave the positive influence on your small business. In order to understand the process of marketing and promotion on social media sites, you should search the social media sites well where you are registered. Try to discover the marketing supports and ways of boosting promotion they offer.

Create your own website

According to conclusions of market research, businesses bearing online presence in the form of a promotional or official website are more prone to achieve success quickly than those who are not having their websites on the internet. This is why you should not ignore the idea of creating or getting designed your business’s website on the internet. This will help your customers to know more about you and your products/services. In this way, you will also be able to represent your business well in social media market. Moreover, you should plan a way to get feedback from customers on your services so that you can know the level of your success.

Elaboration of brand awareness

Brand awareness is something that elaborates the chances of social media marketing for the promotion of your business. Always take care of representing your business in an attractive manner. By displaying your products in the best manner through well-designed graphics and advertisements, you will be able to catch the attention of relevant stakeholders easily. Do everything you can for pulling the attention of your customers. For example, post links to your products’ site in your profiles on different social media sites. Get unique identity designed of your product and try as much as you can to regulate communication with target visitors.



Content is one among the marketing tools you can use for elaborating information about your business. You should understand that every online marketing trick requires awesome and high-quality content for promotion of products. The best you will represent your product, the chances of getting known by a number of customers will be increased. Blogging offers you an opportunity of sharing lots of information about your services.

Smart utilization of social media sites

Have you ever noticed that many popular social media sites are there that offer you lots of good ways to promote your business for free? Yes, you can talk about your products and services as much as you want in social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. as per a market report, more than 60 percent budding businesses trust on impressive websites to speed up the growth of their business. As information becomes viral in social media platforms, it boosts sales and marketing of the brand. Apart from freeways of boosting product awareness through social media marketing, you can opt for paid marketing services.

Get access to your assets

The first step in the direction of utilizing social media in your business is setting up your access to assets. Talk to your business professional for determination of your assets and target customers. The regular update on your social media pages is important. You should work to find new friends and customers as well as continuing communication with them for positive impact.

Make records

Whatever you write in social media in favor of your product and every action you take towards promotion of your business, you should make records of each and everything in order to determine whether your actions are working positively or not. This will help you to find out whether you are moving towards right direction or not.

Offer useful information and rewards

If you are willing to get quick success in social media marketing, follow the rule of one in seven for marketing always. It means that on every seven posts you update in social media sites; only one post should talk about your services fully and based on direct marketing while other six posts should be written to offer useful information to customers. You can share valuable contents with them, plan questionnaire, surveys, and online contests to engage your friends and customers in marketing. If you are interested in getting quick success in social media marketing, you should follow one in seven rules. This golden rule will help you to set up a good image of your brand; you need nothing but just pairing your marketing with great content.  Share your expertise within your contents and ask questions; keep rewards for the first person who answer correctly.

So, are you ready now to establish the extensive reputation of your small business now through social media marketing online?

Social Media and Business : Now Husband and Wife

Social Media and Business

With the day by day increasing demand of rapid promotion of a business in order to earn more benefit, things have become dependent over social media marketing a lot. The extensive growth of social media marketing involves the inclusion of all those social media sites in business which bears millions of users to whom the business will be visible. According to a recent report, it is really surprising to see that how widely big and small entrepreneurs are using social media for the elaboration of their business that reviewers don’t mind comparing social media and business with couples. Yes, social media is now being considered as ‘wife’ of business (husband) that cannot grow well without it’s better half. Although it seems a little funny but when compared on real aspects, social media is truly supporting business nowadays like a wife supports a husband on every step.

Many smart entrepreneurs are using social media as a business tool smartly because it is one of the best platforms to promote a business on a wide level. The most important factors to be taken into consideration here is that you can reach your prospects, suppliers, customers and trading partners easily. The second important thing to notice is that social media based promotion is always lesser time consuming, cost effective and quick way to catch the attention of relevant stakeholders.

What is social media?

Implementation of social media networks for the achievement of marketing communications and branding goals is called as social media marketing. This kind of marketing strategy covers various activities that include sharing product reviews, video contents and images for marketing. Well, settled businessmen use this method as a part of their promotional campaigns and post updates on their services and products time to time, on the other hand, budding businessmen should never ignore the idea of hiring a social media marketing platform to display information about their products or paying for similar services. Here are some highly reputed social media sites where you can promote your business –

•    Facebook – As Facebook offers a funny, friendly and casual platform, this can be used as the best marketing strategy.

•    Youtube – It is one of the best places online to display video contents.

•    Google+ – Like Facebook, this site also offers a casual atmosphere for displaying information about your products.

•    LinkdIn – It is one of the greatest venues for professional social media marketing

•    Twitter – This effective social media platform helps you in broadcasting your updates in the internet

•    Pinterest – Being one of the image based content publishers, this site is ideal for retail businesses.

social media and business

How to use social media; step wise guidelines

Definitely, use of social media marketing to promote businesses pays always but to be assured of getting the best result in this direction, you need to follow step wise process in this direction. Here are some simple yet effective steps to start using social media as a business promotion tool

Determine the platform

The first step is to determine which platforms are being used by your customers and clients. By keeping this outlet in mind, build your social media presence in various social media sites.  Set some objectives earlier than moving forward in this direction so that you can achieve all the predetermined goals and measurable objectives. With the help of business professionals, decide some key performance indicators that will help you to evaluate the impact of social media marketing on your business. This is how you can scale up the pace of benefit and determine whether you are going in the right direction or you should change the strategy.

Set objectives for success

It is very important for you to determine the purpose, location and size of your business that will simply leave positive impact on your social media objectives. You can involve the ideas of increasing company credibility, referral traffic to the sites, driving lead generation and eCommerce purchases and demonstration of corporate identity etc. in this field. Also, don’t forget to plan a way to receive feedback from customers as well as provide some additional avenue for customer care services.

Spreading brand awareness

Your main objective to work behind startup of social media marketing in order to promote business is spreading brand awareness. Represent your services and products online in an attractive manner. Display your products everywhere you think you can target relevant stakeholders, for instance, post link of your E-commerce website in an FB group of young girls. Creation of brand identity and regular communication with the target audience is secret to success here. Strive hard to project a positive image of your product online.


Always remember that content is king when it comes to social media marketing. Like all the other online marketing tricks, social media marketing also requires good and high-quality contents for the promotion of products. Always be sure that you offer valuable information to your customers. Blogging provides you a good platform to share a wide range of information about your services and products.

Benefits of using social media

As mentioned above that for smooth business growth, it is mandatory to promote it through social media more than 50 percent of adults follow certain brands and 4 out of 5 internet bees go through blogs and social platforms as per a report on social media marketing. This shows how important it is for you to represent your business online in social media so that you can get good response from customers. This is how; you can simply promote your brand on social media sites for a good start. The overall infographic in this direction suggests that smaller businesses are more aware of using the social media as a business tool. They strive hard to run online promotional campaigns in ordered to reach their existing and new customers for dynamic growth.

Interesting to know here is that small business start promotions with the help of online marketing deals. Some of the best social media websites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Over 57 percent of budding businesses utilize these impressive websites to offer handsome speed to their progress. Actually, these social networking sites work in an awesome manner by boosting sales and promoting brand awareness within a huge group of people. You can simply increase the rate of brand awareness up to 27 percent higher by promoting your products on these social media sites.