What SMBs Can Expect from Modern Technology

small and mid-sized businessesBusiness and technology are so intertwined today that it is impossible to work without new tech features. Even if you are not a tech-savvy business owner, you can easily master those tools in no time. New solutions are usually thoroughly tested and adapted before they are launched for wide use. The great thing is that you can rely on those incredible tools and tech features that enhance the entire business management process. So, here is what modern technology has to offer the owners of small and mid-sized businesses.

Globally scattered workforce

The cloud is the brightest business feature of 2016. It seems that this year the use of cloud services throughout the world has reached its peak. Also, it seems that the peak is here to stay for a long time, leading to new summits of online business management. Since the availability and reliability of the Internet is growing at rapid pace, both large companies and SMBs are hiring employees from different parts of the globe. This globally scattered workforce is a boosting mechanism that drives the global economy to more productive times. According to Forbes, only in the USA one-third of the workers are freelancers, mostly in the IT field. This trend is about to grow, so workers and business owners should take this trend into consideration.

Enhanced workflow

If you want to make your workflow more efficient and improve your employees’ output, you should start using some cutting-edge business management tools that will inject a new dose of technology-generated efficiency into your business. When a business owner can distribute tasks to their team leaders, who can then give assignments to their employees, you establish a clear work hierarchy that will yield better work results. In addition, those modern management solutions are easily controlled via the Internet and smartphones. Also, every change or update your employees do on a project is immediately synced and stored. All those innovations increase the work speed and contribute to better work productivity.

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Advanced employee protection

You can often hear today that managers treat their employee potential as human resources. Indeed, modern management refers to their employees and assets in a similar way. So, if you want to keep your entire business safe and sound, it is essential to ensure the same level of protection for your business assets and your employees. While it goes without saying that every office needs to be protected, the type and level of protection makes a difference. By incorporating some cutting-edge security options, you will show your employees that their safety is also an important thing for you. For instance, if you include continuous alarm monitoring into your office security agenda, it will immediately reduce the risk of exposing your human and technical business resources to any criminal acts.
Modern Technology

Improved customer support

Thanks to some handy Internet options like customer feedback software, live chat software that customer support teams can count on these days, it is much easier to reply to your clients’ requests. For instance, today you can include a chat pop-up window to your website, where your current and potential customers can write their questions. That way the members of the customer support team can provide them with answers in the shortest time possible. Moreover, features such as social media pages, groups and chat options also add to the possibilities provided by new tech solutions when it comes to customer support.

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Business is already conducted in a way that way unimaginable only twenty years ago. And yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg when we look at some business tech features that will be available to us soon. To get ready for those innovations of the nest generation, business owners should go with the flow and use new technologies as much as possible in their business enterprises.

Things to Think About When Choosing the Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Once the old server is gone, your small business should switch to the cloud immediately. According to a survey conducted by MYOB, the small businesses that turned to cloud have more revenue. The reason for this might be the efficient IT, which is more efficient when using the cloud (ARN.com, 2013.) This is reason enough to switch to managed hosting and here are the things you need to make sure you get with your managed hosting plan.

Good Server Technology

If you are about to trust somebody to take care about your data and to provide you with such important services, then you need to make sure that they have the latest technological solutions. The newest servers are not only more reliable, but they are also more efficient and they even save energy. Better technology means cheaper and more reliable service to you, so ask around about it.

Disaster Management

Even when everything is done to prevent disasters, they sometimes can happen. However, you need to be prepared for those and make sure that you and your service provider agree who is responsible in those cases. Proper managed hosting providers will also include the disaster management option in their services to you. Some providers do that and some don’t. Either way, ask them about it before signing a contract with them.

Constant Support

Constant Support

Glitches and occasional coughs during work are tolerable if they don’t happen all the time. However, they sometimes happen at worst moments and that is why you need support and help. Ask your providers about their call center and the ways they offer support. Some will reply with emails or online chat support, while others will accept phone calls. You need to figure out what is the best way for you and what suits you most. Support that is provided 24/7 is very important for managed hosting, so find the provider that will have it included in their services.

Good References

As usual, no other form of marketing can beat the value of word of mouth reference. Your service provider should have no problem giving you their references and the list of their clients that you can contact. In this way, you will be able to hear all the good and the not so good things about the service provider and make your choice based on more facts. On the other hand, you may want to start your search by interviewing other businesses about their experiences in the first place. Either way, asking around never hurts.

Choosing the managed hosting provider is a serious decision that you don’t want to make without having all the facts. These are the things that you need to think through thoroughly before choosing the company that will take care of all your business processes and make them go smoothly. Therefore, make sure that they have the means, the technology and the professionalism that allow you to trust them with your own business.

Windows Apps To Download Right Now

windows phones

Windows store is an application store for Microsoft Windows. It is a digital distribution platform developed by Microsoft. Users can browse or download its application which is made by third person. Before you know about Windows app, you should know about Window App Studio. Window App Studio is a free, online app creation tool which is also provided by Microsoft for Window and Window Phone. It allows you to build windows and windows phone apps to test, publish and share. This is the best web application for fresher because it provides facility to create software application for windows phone. Moreover, it is a suitable graphical interface for user to download source code of the applications for little bit editing in Visual Studio. When we talk about windows features so:

1. It works on “try before you buy” where user download its application and run.
2. In this, user can download any apps related to any field.
3. Window phone app studio is one stop source to rapid app building for window phone.

There are some apps that you can use right now:


This app is used for storing your personal as well as work data in one place. You also can access it from anywhere from any devices like Windows Phone, Personal Computer etc. In this app, you are free to store any data related to any area because this app provides security. In case you lose your data in the device, you can get access to certain data from this app. You can also share videos, files etc. You can delete, create, update, move data from this app.
Cost: It is totally free app.

Adobe Reader

This app is used for viewing documents in PDF form. With the help of this app, one can bookmark important pages. You are free to open this page whenever you want because the bookmark URL is saved. In case you are willing to find a word in PDF, you need nothing but to type that word in the search tab and simplify the search. This high rated app is preferred by people not only for personal purpose but also for commercial use.
Cost: This is free app.

So, you know everything about some of the high rated windows app now. Installing these apps on your phone will definitely help you to organise your life in a better way.

Top 15 Free Web Builders To Set Up an Online Business

website builder

Creating your own website is really a tough task. You might have been looking for a good way to create your own website without investing lots of money and time. There is no lack of world class web builders online where you can design your unique website for free. The only thing you need to do is choosing the template of your choice and moving towards right now to launch your website. Here is the list of top free web builders in internet which are popular nowadays–

1. WIX

WIX is one of the best places where you can create a stunning website without any cost. The best thing to know about this free website is that it neither required any coding nor any technical operation. You can simply customize the website as per your choice. Due to its simple platform to work for users and wide range of HTML5 templates, wix.com is being used by over 68,000,000 users all over the world. You are free to choose an optimized mobile version of the site too. This web builder is efficient for creating search engine friendly sites.

2. webs

If you are looking for some professional templates that can make your websites look great, you can opt to webs.com without any second thought. This easy to use web builder has a user friendly drag and drop interface to make beautiful websites simply without investing lots of time. Whether you want a mobile optimized website of the one that can be connected with your social networks, you can trust on webs.com. The templates designed here for generating the first step of web designing by experienced designers exclude the requirement of hiring expensive web designing from your side. All the templates for web designing are customizable here.


Are you looking for a free and simple web builder that can help you to create one of the best websites of the world? If yes, just log into jimdo.com. You need nothing but simply choosing a suitable template for your website, uploading images and editing the texts. This web builder supports ecommerce setup and you can begin your online store immediately. Just add your products, upload their photos, connect your paypal account and forget about paying anything for creating an exciting ecommerce store.

4. weebly

Nothing can be a better way of representing your awesome ideas than publishing them in a fantastically designed website. If you are also among those creative thinkers who want to show their ideas in a brilliant way, weebly.com is waiting for you. Lots of themes, mobile friendly interface, blogging facility, drag and drop functionality and ecommerce features make this website builder exclusive among all.

5. yola

yola.com is a well known free web builder where you can create exciting website within a few minutes. With its easy drag and drop functionality, the web builder not only let you create a good website but also offers the chance of publishing it everywhere i.e. on mobile phones, social networking platforms and everywhere else. Its premium service features includes, facility of customization and ultimate customer support, over 10 million users prefer yola.com to create their website.

6. moonfruit

Building a website or setting up an online store is as easy as single click now. On moonfruit, it is totally free. You just need to design your website once and get it published everywhere i.e. social networking platforms, mobile devices, tablets and all. This web building platform is efficient enough to make you realize the power of content.


Are you in search of an effective web building platform that can offer you the chance of creating personal and professional website? If you are interested to generate an online store that attracts visitors, nothing can be a better option than ucoz.com. You can start working for web generation immediate because ucoz have everything ready on the spot. The all you need is logging into the site and begin creation of an outstanding business site.

8. doomby

Doomby.com is design for professionals to grow up well. This is the best web builder for beginners and offers free unlimited access for generating a website that earns for you. Important to know about this web building platform is that it comes with an inbuilt CMS system. As it is a search engine friendly site, you can trust upon it for offering the best results on search engine. The website you design is free from bandwidth and traffic restrictions. Also effective SEO tools are there that helps you boost the visibility of your site. The dedicated site restriction helps you to make a fully featured website.

9. ezweb123

With its outstanding collection of hundreds of beautiful web designing template ezweb123 is successful in engaging a good community of users with it. Apart from search engine friendly templates, this web builder is popular for its easy to customize user interface. You do not need any kind of technical expertise for building a website on ezweb123. Tracking site visitors is easy when you create a website on ezweb123.com this will simplify analytics as well.

10. FreeWeb.me

Freeweb.me is a reliable name where one can create top class websites. Now you no need to purchase expensive web designing software for creating an attractive website that works good on search engine. Whether you are experienced in designing websites or not, freeweb.me is the best place where you can go ahead for this job without any problem. The automated functioning, customizable devices and mobile friendly interface of the website designed by this web builder has made it popular among millions of users.

11. WebStarts

WebStarts is a search engine friendly website builder where you can not only design your own website but also drive massive traffic with the help of a custom domain name. The real web experts are ready there to help you whenever you want and this is how you can make your site go viral in internet. After all everybody wants to add mobile optimized web pages to his website to catch more traffic.

12. webnode

Whether you are planning to design a personal website or a business site, online store or regular blog, nothing can work better than webnode for you. This is really a proven web builder to allow you free and easy platform for creation of mobile optimized website. It is rally easy to start building your website on webnode. You just need to register in the web building platform and start editing text, photo galleries, product catalogs and all to customize the template as per your choice.

13. websitebuilder

Websitebuilder is one of the most reliable and safer web building platforms where you will get many facilities to design your pretty own website without any cost. Here you will get a free domain name, free Email setup, useful SEO tools and simple ecommerce integration. You just need to choose a design, editing your website and publishing it online. Creating a fantastic professional website is not a tough task now.

14. Sitey

Budding web designers who are looking for an exciting online place where they can design attractive websites for free will love to know more about sitey.com. This exclusive web building platform is known well for the wide set of the features and facilities it offers to users. From support to social integration to making the site search engine friendly, sitey is designed exclusively to support you. Its reliable hosting and world class Google analytics support makes it different from other sites.

15. Blinkweb

Creating a professional website that sells is the best thing you can do for making money. Business.blinkweb.com is the best place where you can use the drag and drop facility for creating ultimate business website that really works. Apart from offering you the chance of creating unlimited websites, blinkweb serves users with various templates where you can write blogs, sales letters or contents.

So, this is all to know about the world class web building platforms in internet. All of them are easy to use and result oriented. So, you can trust on those top rated web builders and put a step forward right now for making money online with a user friendly website. The only thing you should take care about to choose a web builder is not only search engine friendly but also optimized for mobile devices. Most of the modern web users prefer browsing webs through their mobile phones. This is why; a mobile optimized website is preferable for a beneficial approach.

39 Websites for free images: A Smart View


Photography plays an important role in web designing. There are thousands websites develop in a day and images are used to offer stunning look. These images are used for various purposes like business, education and personal. If you also want high resolution images for your website but you can’t buy these images then there are many sites which provide free images for commercial purpose.

1. Unsplash

This site uploads 10 photos in every 10 days. This site upload images related to beautiful landscape. These all images are high resolution and in good quality. It is free of copyright restrictions.

Categories: Buildings, Food & Drink, Nature, Objects, People, Technology
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

2. Superfamous

The images of this site can be used for web designing as well as desktop background. These images are very high quality.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Yes

3. Gratisography

It has a collection of high resolution images. The name of photographer is Ryan McGuire. This site added new photos in every week. It is free of copyright restrictions.

Categories: Animals, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, Whimsical
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

4. Picjumbo

This site offers free images. The name of photographer is Viktor Hanacek. Its navigation is very easy. The images can be used for personal and commercial purpose. The images added daily in this site.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Business, Christmas, Fashion, Food, Nature, People, Roads, Snow & Winter, Sunlights, Technology, Things, Wedding
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

5. Splitshire

The name of photographer is Daniel Nanescu. This site provides free stock photos. It is free of copyright restrictions. It is used for both personal and commercial purpose.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Automotive, Blur Backgrounds, Bokeh, Bundle, Fashion, Food, Instagram, Interiors, Landscapes, Low Poly Background, Mock Up, Nature, People, Still Life, Street, Technology, Things, Various, Video, Wedding
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

6. Pixabay

This site images are brilliant. It is used for commercial use. It is free of cost.

Categories: Animals, Architecture/Buildings, Backgrounds/Textures, Beauty/Fashion, Business/Finance, Computer/Communication, Education, Emotions, Food/Drink, Health/Medical, Industry/Craft, Music, Nature/Landscapes, People, Places/Monuments, Religion, Science, Sports, Transportation/Traffic, Travel/Vacation
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

7. Little Visuals

For using this site, you sign up in this site. 7 high resolution photos in every 7 days come in your inbox and these images are zipped. It is unique site.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

8. FreeImages

It is an open source image directory. It has large number of free stock images. It is used for two purposes professional as well as crowd sourced.

Categories: Animals & Wildlife, Architecture, Army & Weapons, Arts & Design, Automotives, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Education, Fashion & Beauty, Flowers & Trees, Games & Cartoon, Gourment & Drink, Health & Medical, Holiday & Festivals, Home Designs, Industrial, Landscapes & Nature, Movie & Music, Outdoor Activities, People & Families, Religion, Science & Technology, Signs & Symbols, Sports & Fitness, Textures & Patterns, Transportation
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

9. IM Free

It is used for commercial purpose. It offers an online website building tool as well. It is free of cost.

Categories: People, Business, Technology, Health, Food & Drink, Sports & Fitness
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

Free image

10. Morgue File

This site is very simple. The images of this site can be used for commercial purpose with copyright or with a creative commons license. You must click on individual image to check license.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

11. New Old Stock

This site is very interesting. It is free of copyright restrictions. This is my go to site at that time if I am busy that needs an old time appeal.

Categories: Antiquities, Vintage
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Sometimes

12. Picography

This site is very simple. This site provides random shots clicked by professional photographer.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

13. Getrefe

If you want images related to an architectural and landscape then Getrefe is right destination for you. It has no frills. It is related to nature images.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

14. Jay Mantri

The name of photographer is Jay Mantri. It has eponymous collection. It is free. It adds photos every Thursday.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No

15. Public Domain Archive

It is used for commercial purpose. It provides high quality images. It updates images in every week. The name of photographer is Matt.

Categories: Abstract, Animal, Architecture, Art, Backgrounds, Bokeh, Book, Business, Craft, Dream, Electronic, Fashion, Feather, Food, Free stock photos, Landscapes, Modern, Music, Nature, Party, Pastel, People, Plants, Public, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Vintage, Wood.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

16. StockSnap.io

This site has a large number of collection of attractive images. These images are high resolution. This site provides tracking facility so you can track views and download most popular photo. It updates 100 photos in a week.

Categories: Designs & Concepts, People & Nature, Illustrations
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

17. Life of Pix

This site provides High resolution photos. It is free of copyright restriction. It updates photo in a week. This photography is done by LEEROY creative agency.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

18. Death to stock photos

For using this site first of all you sign up in this site. So every month 10 photos are come in your inbox. This site provides high resolution images. This site has its own licensed.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: Yes

19. Snapwire Snaps

This site provides 7 images in every 7 days. This is free from copyright restrictions.

Categories: No
Search Option: No
Attribution Required: No


20. Flickr

Flickr is an advanced site. It is used for tapping into millions of images. We can also say that this site is the biggest site for photo sharing. It utilizes creative common license for images. Check the license before using images.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

21. Wikimedia Commons

It provides huge amount of images. It has 15 million images. It provides video, sounds as well as images. These files are free of cost.

Categories: There are many categories
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

22. Unprofound

The name of photographer is Jim. It is used for commercial purpose. This site images are in high quality. It has no copyright restriction.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

23. Freerange Stock

For using this site first of all you have to register in this site. It is free of cost. Now you can download any images with high quality resolution. It is used for commercial purpose.

Categories: Yes
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

24. Pexels

This site provides high quality images. It is used for commercial purpose. All the images are under creative commons license. The new images updates daily. If you want to register in this site so you can do it.

Categories: Street, Drink, Rocks, Trees, Sky, Sun, Technology, Night, River, Blur, Mountain, Industry, Water, Nature, Flower, Sport, City, Animal, MockUp, Food, Wallpaper, People, Cars, Leaves.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

25. Stockvault.net

In this site, you don’t need to register on it. It is very easy to access. So you can easily download. There are 35000 photos are in this site. It is free of cost.

Categories: 3D Renders, Animals, Constructions, Graphics, Industrial, Nature, Objects, People, Seasonal, Textures, Transportation.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

26. Imagebase

The name of photographer is David Niblack. This provides high quality photos. It is free stock photos. It is used for commercial, Non-commercial, creative or artistic purpose.

Categories: People, Object, Nature, Templates, City, Holy Land.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

27. Open Photo

The name of photographer is Michael Jastremski. This is photo sharing platform. Contribution offered under the creative common license. It has simple interface for finding photos.

Categories: Animals, Architecture, Flowers, Foods, Holidays, Seasons, Shapes.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

28. FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It provides only small images. It is free of cost. For using this site you must register on this site.

Categories: People, Business, Sports, Backgrounds, Nature, Architecture.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

29. Foter.com

This provides high resolution images. Contribution offered under the creative common license.

Categories: Abstract, Animals, Art, Buildings, Business, Celebrities, Education, Fashion, Food, Holidays, Interiors, Nature, Outdoor, People, Religion, Sports, Technology, Vintage
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

30. PdPhoto.org

This site images are not in good quality. There are not large numbers of images available.

Categories: Yes
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes


31. FromOldBooks.org

Basically this site provides old stories. They are all free to use.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Sometimes

32. Animalphotos.info

This site provides basically animal images. All the images are under creative commons license. These images are high quality.

Categories: Wild Animals
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

33. CarPictures.cc

This site provides car images. This has well in quality.  All the images are under creative commons license.

Categories: Different car
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

34. Openclipart.org

This site has unlimited images. This site provides good quality images.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

35. Clker.com

It is used for commercial use. This site provides good quality images.

Categories: Cartoon, Animal, Clipart, Symbol, Computer.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

36. Photopin.com

All the images are under creative common license. It is based on attributes photos.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

37. PicSearch.com

It is used for small images. All images are under creative common license.

Categories: No
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

38. Kozzi.com

It is royalty free. It provides on a credit pricing plan.

Categories: Backgrounds, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Business.
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: No

39. Deviant Art

This site provides stunning images. All the images are under creative common license.

Categories: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photography, Artisan Crafts, Literature, Film & Animation, Motion Books
Search Option: Yes
Attribution Required: Yes

Image Source: Pexels

21 Business Name Generator Tools

Business Name

Choosing an appropriate name for your business can be really a tough and challenging job. If you have some idea regarding names then it may also be the easiest part for you. But if you fall in the first category, then there are various tools which can help you get the perfect suggestions. These tools will instigate your creativity and will help you brainstorm.

Some such company name generator tools are:

1. BizNameWiz : To use this tool, you need to enter a word or two, regarding your business and work. Then it goes through all the available domains and gives you the available suggestions.

2. Dot-O-Mator Web Name Generator : This tool does not require any input, but it displays random names of all the possible business names, and will also tell you the availability by checking domains.

3. Name Thingy : In this tool, it can display you all the random names, and when you click on a particular name, it displays the domain status of the name. You can also enter the type of name you want or the length and number of words in the name.

4. Naming.net : This tool allows you to enter the required criteria and generates a huge list of possible names. You can also select the number of words of syllables that you require in the name. For variations, you can also add rhyme or Greek and Latin words.

5. Brand Name Generator : This tool generates random business names based on the keyword you provide. You can customise and select the position of your keyword in the name.

6. Rhymer : This tool helps you enter a keyword, or required syllable, word or letter, and generates the name accordingly. It shows a list of the possible names.

7. Business Name Generator : This name generator chooses out random names from a list of 7.2 million possible names. If required, you can also sign up on this for free and can get help and assistance from the wordLab community.

8. Visual Thesaurus : This tool comes in action when you plan out the basic or root word for your brand name. Although it is a paid service, you can opt for a 14 days free trial. It will suggest you all the possible names regarding the root word of your brand name.

9. UberSuggest : This tool has a box for entry of your keyword and it adds some letters or numbers in front or back of your keyword, and searches for all the similar names over the internet. It also has the facility of searching suggestions associated with one of its own suggestions, which means you can select one option from the given ones and it will provide you with more similar options.

10. WordMerge :  This tool uses portmanteau, which means two words are combined by merging the first or last common letter of the given words. A good example of this is the Pinterest, which is a combination of pin and interest.

11. Impossibility : This tool works by adding some letters before or after your keyword. It can also add some adjective, noun or verb to it.

12. NameChk : NameChk is a simple tool which helps you check the available domain names. You just need to enter the potential names, and it will check for their availability.

13. Shopify’s Business Name Generator : This is a tool which attaches some other words to your keyword and generates a huge list of all the available domain names. It is a good tool if you want suggestion s well as availability for names.

14. Lean Domain Search : This tool also works by adding some words to your keyword and showing suggestions for all the available domain names. You can also sort the suggestions on the basis of popularity, alphabetically or by length. You can also choose whether you want your keyword to be placed in the beginning or at the end.

15. GoSpaces : This tool also works by giving you suggestions regarding your keyword. Just enter your keyword and it will give you the potential names.

16. Wordoid : This is an intelligent naming tool that will give you suggestions that look good and give a good feel. But, these suggested words need not make any sense necessarily. You can just enter your keyword and it will modify it as required.

17. NameStation : In this tool, you need to enter a keyword and choose the type of industry for which you need the name. As you enter these two requirements, it will show you a list of all potential names. It also searches available domains simultaneously.

18. NXdom : It is an interactive search engine that provides you suggestions regarding your keyword. It uses the unused and expired short domain names, which can now be reused for your business.

19. Domain Hole : This tool provides you four options which include:

Name spinner : It adds or removes words from your keyword to create a new business name.
Expired search : This function searches database for expired domain names.
Name Generator : It generates all new unique brand-able names
Brainstormer : Provides you with new ideas for domain names.

20. Bustaname : This tool provides you with quick search results by combining your keyword with their synonyms or some prefixes.

21. Domainr : This tool provides you with many short and available domain names for your keyword and it also allows you discover and explore new and short domain names.

If deciding a perfect name for your business is a difficult task for you, you can choose from any of the given tools to provide you with the best and available domain names. You just need to mention your keyword or the type of your business in some tools and you get a whooping list of available names. Use these tools to simplify the stress of choosing a brand name.

TOP 16 Android Apps for Business

Android mobile

Today, we all are friendly with technology. In simple words we can say that technology has become a part of our life. When we talk about mobile phone it is part of our life. Today many businesses are running with the help of mobile phone. There are thousands apps which comes market in a single day. Some apps are used for business purpose, some apps are used for chatting with friends or relatives, some apps are used for playing game, some apps are used for searching purpose. When we talk about business apps, these apps are used mostly for small business purpose. It is simple to use. It provides security also. It is convenient for working. Some apps are free and for some apps you pay. There are many Android apps which are useful in business and are given below:

1. Daily Accounting: It is simple and small in designing, easy to use and very useful app. Before you use this app you should have little bit knowledge of accounting. Otherwise it is difficult for you. With the help of this app you can easily track your income and expenses. This app is basically for those who have small business or those who are studying accounting.
Cost: It is free app. You can easily install it.

2. Book Keeper Accounting: It is financial accounting application. It is used for small business. It is simple user interface. It is purely accounting package which is used for maintain all accounting work of company or business. In this app you don’t need to internet.
Cost: This app is free for only 45 days. If you want to continue your work with this app so you will have to buy this app.

3. FreshBook: This app is used for small business purpose. In this app, you can attach snapshot of receipt. It has a timer who’s focused on how long you spend on project. In this app you can attach Invoices or Estimate.
Cost: This is not free app.

4. Outlook: This app is used for email purpose. It is made for managing your inbox at the office. This app shows as a calendar with the help of this app you can send or receive message via email. And it shows you alert or give notification when the time of meeting.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

5. Expensify: It is used for small business. This app is used in desktop as well as mobile. This app is taking snapshot of tax receipts. In this app GPS is here for tracking client position.
Cost: It is free app.

6. inDinero: Actually this app is depending on your business. It is used for both mobile as well as desktop. It performs all task related to accounting. That means it complete financial information, accounting information, tax information. This app shows information in graphical way.
Cost: This is not free app. This app is based on three levels of paid service.

7. Business Model Toolbox: This app is used for sketching your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book. They need to turn Business ideas to Business model.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for this app when you install it.

8. StratPad: It is also known as strategic planning app. This app is a decision making process. This app is made for beginners who write their first business plan.
Cost: This app is onetime fee plan which ranges from $9.99 to $54.99.

9. Skype: It is used for Video Conferencing. Skype is the best medium to share your thoughts with your business colleagues. Skype recently decided to make to make group video calls for everyone. That means it is not used for business purpose but anyone can use it.
Cost: It is free app for everyone.

10. Square: This app is used for small business purpose where space is limited. It is portable credit/debit card to make transaction fast and convenient. This app will works on every devices and operating system.
Cost: This app is not free. For this app you have to pay.

11. Mynd: It is used for small business owner. This app tracks the time and location of all your meetings and events. It also shows a time when you want to leave your office depending on the current situation.
Cost: This app works on Android phone and iPhone. It is totally free app.

12. PayPal: It is used for transferring money. It has basic feature as banking platform which checks your balance and transferring money. This app secures your data. In this app, first of all it takes picture of your check and add it to your savings account. You can also add your financial information in your profile. It provides security.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

13. Daily Expense Manager: This is the most successful app now days. Basically, it is used for Saving Money. This is very good finance planner app. It saves your monthly income up to 30%. It tracks your bill due, account balances, expenses, income. It has ability to understand and record your data.
Cost: It is free app. It is available on Google Play Store.

14. MyBudgetBook: This app is used for tracking your expenses and income and manages your money more effectively. This app gives a graphical way. Because of graphical way it is very easy to understand. It does not require any internet connection.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for it.

15. E-Trade Mobile: This is an android app. This is an inventing tool. You will get anything those you want in trading. It is an easy setup. It is viewing and editing of open orders. It has economic and earnings calendar.
Cost: It is free app. You can download it from Google Play Store.

16. Stock Earnings Calendar: In this app, you can easily check the earnings of stocks in the US market with calendar. Earning calendar are grouped into before market open, during market Hours, after market closed. This app provides you full EPS chart.
Cost: It is not free app.