Top 13 Benefits of Apple Watch for Your Business to Love

Benefits of apple watch

The Smartwatch by Apple is the most recent product of the company which became the most desirable latest gadget among youngsters and business professionals. Although, there are many features in the latest smartwatch for which you will love it still some particular features of the same will be beneficial for you. By using those special features, you will be able to take benefits of apple watch and make your watch more productive for you. So let’s start with the top thirteen benefits of the latest Apple Watch that will simplify your business deals –

1. Best matching with casual dresses

The first thing for which all the business professionals like this watch is that it goes awesome for the best appearance with all your casual dresses. On the other hand, some lesser expensive smartwatches are also there that can style your casual getup simply. Definitely, on this point, you can say that if you are getting the same impression from other smartwatches which are competitively low by cost. At this stage, you should understand that this product by Apple is smarter not only from the appearance point of view but also for smart features which are beneficial for your business. After all, who will not like a good collection of smart apps wrapped up in a design of glamour. This is why; the watch has been successful to change the market of smartwatches.

2. Great app library

Whenever you choose a product for making it’s smarter use in the business sector, you check out its app library surely. On this point, you will like to know that the Apple watch offers far polished interface than the similar product of other companies. After all, where will you get that much developed wearable operating system? Some extensive features of the watch cannot be found anywhere else such as the facility of receiving phone calls. Similarly, this smartwatch promises you not to miss giving you any important notification and alert. Only you need to own an iPhone and sync it with the watch to stay updated with notifications.

3. Tracking functions

The biggest benefit of the wide Apps library enabled in the Apple’s smartwatch is that it offers you various tracking functions apart from notifications. The leading tracking apps in the watch are related to mobile payments, health and fitness, communication and business news etc. moreover, special business apps which have been developed using the Apple’s Xcode development tool will also support you in various business deals. This is how; this watch becomes more critical and beneficial than other competitive products. You will even like to get updates about boarding passes for airline flights and tickets by using the passbook app. Knowing more about stocks is also possible through the stocks app and same is true about weather forecasting. As the watch supports third party apps, this will add chances of enabling notifications in your device.

It will interest you that the design of this watch is based upon the taptic engine so that you need nothing but just tapping on the writs to get when you receive a notification or alert. You can also combine vibrations with audible alerts.

4. Glancing facility

The glancing facility of the Apple watch is another good thing to support you a lot in your business. Actually, the facility of glances in Apple Watch offers you latest updates about apps, especially regarding the relevant context. For instance, if you have booked a ticked for a flight, the airlines app will show you boarding time of the flight for the same day. These glances that show you similar notifications are based on the most relevant contexts as per belief of iOS information about the same. The watch launches the app as soon as you tap over particular glance.

5. Communications

Are you looking for a smart gadget that helps you to set up communication with your friends, colleagues, and relatives? If yes, you can utilize Siri for responding the text messages and phone calls. You need nothing but to sync your iPhone with the watch through WiFi connection. This system utilizes the continuity technology and FaceTime app of Apple.

6. Transactions

Apple Pay is being supported by the Smartwatch and this is why you are free to leave your iPhone on the pocket for shopping. Special to know about the Apple watch is that you can carry out another kind of transactions with the help of this gadget. One of those transaction apps is paying for car services or unlocking home doors by using compatible door locks. So, being connected with the Apple Pay, the smart watch simplifies your way to the faster transaction. Apple pay accepts card swipes as well as handle lots of crumpled bills from the payment equation.

7. Calendar app

There are lots of apps and extensions in the Apple watch which make your professional life easier. Messages coming on your phone can be read in the watch just by raising your arm and even you will be able to respond towards those messages. Similarly, you can read and respond back to your Emails. The calendar app can be viewed on the watch in order to get notifications about events so that you can accept invitations or decline them as per your choice.

8. Track your activities

Whether you are looking for a smart technical support to track your activities, movements, exercises or the time you take to finish your tasks, smart watch by Apple is the best choice for you. One of the interesting facts here to know is that smartwatch reminds you to stand up after some time as per your schedule if you are sitting from the long period. This is how; you will be able to track your activities in the form of graphical representation.

9. Maps app

Many business professionals require to search particular locations and see maps of certain states and countries as a part of their business. Maps app will not only represent a mini-map of your location but also customize your vibrations for navigation to your destinations so that you won’t even require seeing the watch. This is how you can visit the exact location you want without any additional support.

10. The variety of watch faces

People in the modern time want a great variety of designs in everything so that in Apple’s watch. If you also expect to have the great choice in faces of the smartwatch, here it is. Different designs and faces of the Apple watch are there to adore your everyday style. Apart from this, if you choose the best suitable face for your watch, you will find the best professional style for yourself according to your business. Although, Apple has launched only nine faces for the gadget but all of them are awesome enough to give you a trend setter look. Sun rise, moon phase, analogue and chronograph design, utility  with calendar events and meeting and some other elegant faces are there. You can even find more casuals faces in the form of classic mickey mouse, butterfly, flower and astronomical designs.

11. Business supports for advertisers and marketers

Publishers and advertisers can seek a hope to sell their ads for the Apple watch apps, but it is not lesser than a challenge. Despite this adverse condition, relevant publisher’s app is there to help marketers sell their advertisements to the watch’s apps. Here media planners and executives require paying special attention over sales and promotion through the apps.

12. Organized and productive status

Surely you like your smartphone because it offers you quick reminders and notifications, but you will be crazy about the smartwatch of Apple by experiencing its efficiency of delivering notifications. Surely, you won’t be able to resist yourself when you will feel your watch vibrates on wrists as soon as it shows a notification. This is how; you will stay organized and productive to be at the top of all. You will like an additional function of exchanging contacts with other Apple watch wearers when you go to the list of contacts. In this way, you will get rid of the problem of exchanging visiting cards.

13. Timesaving elements

Apple watch is good for various time-saving elements it has. As the watch keeps very accurate time, it will help you to maintain your schedule in business. It works for keeping the record of every big and small detail which is important to track useful information in business. Whether you have planned an important meeting with a client at evening or you want to complete a task within a day, Apple watch will remind your goal in advance so that you can finish the task on time.

So, this is all to know about the latest watch by Apple. People fall for this gadget due to I’s beneficial apps for health and fitness but now, business persons are also taking it seriously and wish to be an owner of the brand new smart Apple’s watch. One of the important things to know here is that currently the watch is promoting sales of iPhones because it can be synced with the same for perfect benefits but in near future, the watch will be developed as a self-reliant device.

Infographic: Features of the New Apple Watch

Net Neutrality, Determinant of Open Internet is in Danger Now

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is nothing but guiding principle of the internet which has been designed for preserving rights for better communication on the internet. In other words, it is called the open internet. The direct meaning of net neutrality is that it offers an open network to people online for communication and protection of free speech. Under this service, it is also to be taken into consideration that it should not introduce any discrimination against any application. It means the internet should be neutral same like a phone company that never interrupts any caller to call someone or decide what kind of communication should be carried out on the internet.

Carving the internet in the form of fast and slow lanes could have become easier for phone companies and cable operating systems in the absence of net neutrality. The first rule of net neutrality revolves around the condition that a user’s ISP should not be concerned with the content he or she posts online. In the modern time, the internet has become an integrated part of everyone’s life. Whether you talk about Americans or a big community of Indians or any other part of the world, the internet has secured the place of a ‘must have’ amenity for smart people. The internet is believed by people to be a platform where people can not only get access to the desired lawful content but also can post their thoughts without any limitation.

The most important thing to learn here is that net neutrality is very important for businesses. Big and small entrepreneurs, business owners, entrepreneurs, budding professionals and the IT services require the net neutrality to be maintained as it is a crucial part of their business. An open internet is a place where new businesses can be launched, the creation of market, promotion of services, advertisement of products and many more things are there which are important for people who rely on the internet for their business.

Nowadays, some unavoidable activities and things are interrupting network neutrality seriously. The government needs to take special actions in the direction of securing network neutrality and it’s principles. Some conditions are there now that will interfere with the content you see on the internet as well as with the internet connection’s quality. The things that can leave the negative impact on internet neutrality involve corporate disfavors on controversial posts, competition among services and demand for profit. Another thing to play an important role in this direction is users’ online activities which are monitored to play favorites. This leads to a step ahead towards invasion in the privacy of consumers.

Maintenance of net neutrality is necessary because the open internet is required for growth, competition and innovation in businesses. As open internet decreases the limitations of the entrance of budding businesses, startups and new professionals, any kind of interference with the principle of internet neutrality is unacceptable. This is how new customers are reached by business leaders and representation of innovative services and products become possible.

The intention of the FCC’s 2010 order was the prevention of broadband internet service providers from interference and blocking traffic on websites. This order was launched for making the internet a classic platform to represent businesses, services, thoughts, customs etc. for all. Wired Internet Service Providers enjoyed prohibition from blocking and discrimination against contents; on the other hand, wireless ISPs was allowed with the option of discriminating against contents but not to block websites. The court stated in 2014 that the FCC utilized a legal platform for crafting open internet order which is questionable as it did not possess the authority of implementation and enforcement of rules. In this way, the court ruled against the efficiency of FCC of implementing rules formed for net neutrality.

In short, the absence of net neutrality will surely lead to deception of next Google. Matters of racial and social justice depend on upon net neutrality up to much extent. The open internet offers an opportunity to everyone to raise their voices after the failure of conventional media and now electronic media can also be bounded with limitations as rules and terms framed for net neutrality are undergoing question mark.

Taking care and advantage of technology in new business setups

advantage of technology

Irrespective of the nature of your business or the nature of products you sell, technology has a major role to play in it. The business can reach an advanced level only if it incorporates latest technology within it. If you make sure that your business is making use of the basic technologies in the correct direction you are sure to succeed. Just put up the right technology in the right place and see your business flourish.

Make your business set-up flexible with flexible hardware

Gone are those days, when the offices used to be decorated with similar looking desktop computers, arranged neatly in cubicles or in straight rows. Those conventional desktop computers are still very popular; but having only them in your office is certainly not a good idea. There has to be flexibility in the hardware. A blend of desktops, laptops and few tablets is the best option one can have in his office.  This can be called as technology mixture; it can be incorporated in office with ease but few points should be kept in mind with each.
•    The desktop computers should be space saving, energy saving and wireless (as much as possible).
•    Keeping the desktop updated with the advancements is not as tough as it used to be earlier, but make sure that the desktops you use have enough room to become an upgrade version each time.
•    Workers, who are mobile, should use the laptops.
•    The laptops should have the ability of video conferencing.
•    They should be equipped with high clarity camera, microphone and speakers.
•    They should have enough technological advancement to save important data and to recover the data if any is lost.
•    Lastly the how the tablets will be utilized is decided according to the nature of business.
•    They are versatile hence; they should be handled with utmost care.

Installation of the following technologies in your office in compliance with other technologies in your office will give you some additional results.

Safety and Security of your Office Infrastructure

If you own the above described hardware, its certainly great, but one thing that should be kept in mind is its maintenance. It is the biggest challenge to keep the laptops, desktops and tablets, all under working condition at the same time. The IT services are costly; remember the repairing services are costlier than prevention services.

The maintenance might not be problem for the tech setups but for the non-tech setups it is a must to hire additional IT services for maintenance of the hardware and its repair, whenever required. A staff member who is tech savvy can also handle this job, but it’s not a permanent solution. Luckily now there are several IT companies which are offering software and maintenance services at very nominal price. The services of such companies will include prevention and recovery of the ill effects of IT failures.

Arranging office suites and other major software

Office does not only mean having hardware all over, proper software are needed to run them. Many business owners get confused on how much they need to pay for the software to make the hardware run. Different operating systems are installed in the systems by default but many other important software and office suites require additional expense and installation.

Again luckily, there are many options for open source software and their installation. Many of them are available for free. However those free versions often create compatibility issues and the staff might get annoyed with their interface. It’s better to purchase the licensed version and keep your employees away from such issues.

Mostly the software that were licensed earlier are now available as service. It means that the business start-ups will now be able to hire them as subscription instead of paying a large one-off amount. The new start-ups will find this way much affordable. The software, as services have some additional benefits like constant support and cloud storage etc.

Another software solution that the new businesses must consider is few form of BIS i.e. Business Intelligence Software. This software is generally installed with the accounting software and lets you keep an eye on the forecasts and insights of your business data recording capabilities.

These were few ways for the start-ups to use their hardware and software in the best possible way. With these instructions they can be made flexible and capable of your business helping it to grow.

Incorporating BYOD policy in the office

A popular trend, which is running amongst most of the businesses across the globe, in which the employees are allowed to bring their devices at work to perform their tasks using their personal devices only. Garner, the technological research firm has estimated that 90% of the firms will be supporting BYOD in their office premises by the end of 2015.

Why is it becoming so popular and how does it affects the business, let’s find out.

Increases the productivity : According to the survey conducted by Dell, around 66% of the companies have already started practicing BYOD in their business and have seen a noticeable increase in the productivity of their employees. Also 50% of the employers believe that they would face a competitive loss if they prevent BYOD. How does BYOD increase the productivity of the employees? Its simple; employees who are use their personal devices at work also use them at home, which reduces the fine line between professional and personal life. Also the workers are able to take advantage of the skills which they have developed using their own device.

Saves Employer’s money : Companies that incorporated the BYOD plans in their working have found that the employee becomes more valuable than before. The companies were able to save approximately $3000 per year on such employees. So its not just the matter of productivity but also of saving bucks. Also there will be no expense of buying the newly joined employee a new tablet or laptop.

This way you can make use of technology in different ways and make it flexible according to your business requirement.