23 Free Online Learning Platforms for Entrepreneurs

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to learn new skills in order to promote their business step by step. In the modern time, the most lovable source of learning is internet and people prefer to go through educational websites for learning new things. Technical advancement has given rise to leading academic sites which are efficient to make people trained in business skills online. Whether you are looking for high quality business strategies to enhance the profit percentage or you are willing to know some innovative ideas and techniques for developing your business unit. If you are also looking for free websites online to learn new business tricks, you should check out the following list of websites.

1. CodeCademy

If you are interested to learn some programming languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript, nothing can be a better site than CodeCademy. This website offers the chance of making free accounts and this is how, you can learn as more as you can. Knowing well about codes will help you to fix bugs in case you can’t have assistance of a developer.

2. Niche Consultant Courses

Beginners always like to have good online guides about building a good business. The Niche Consultant Courses is an online place where you can learn new things about building a strong business.

3. LearnVest

You might have been looking for some good online tutorials about learning how to manage your finances in business. Well, LearnVest is ready to offer you free classes online where you can learn making budget and managing your finance well on professional and personal level.

4. Khan Academy

Another good learning source online is Khan Academy where you will be accessed to high class education in science, arts, maths, technology, commerce and more. Learning taxation and accounting is possible with the help of this site.

5. edX

This site is a complete collection of over 300 courses in different subjects from finding out and making your customers to financial analysis and decision making in business.

6. MIT Open Courseware
Taught by MIT, this free site makes you smart entrepreneurs. Some courses for business development involve software business and early state capital.

7. OpenCulture

Developed as an online stage, OpenCulture is a collection of over 150 free online business courses. It is a good resource for learning business tricks through audio and video tutorials.

8. Coursera

Like MIT’s Open Courseware, this site also offers specific educational courses for free that help you to make special place in marketplace.

9. YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. Being one of the leading search engines, it is the place where you can find anything you want. Many good things like TED talks, recorded presentations and video based business tutorials are there to teach you good ways of elaborating your business.

10. Alison

Alison is among those well known names which are preferred for hundreds of business courses online. Many of the online courses offered by this platform involves big names like Microsoft, Google and Macmillan. Covering thousands of topics, Alison has become one of the favorite places for those who want to learn personality development, finance management and business tricks.

11. Skillshare

This online learning community is good not only for creators but also for those who are planning to start their new business. SkillShare is the place where you can learn basic to standard skills of managing your business well.

12. Saylor
Due to tuition free courses and affordable credentials offered by Saylor, it has earned great popularity among young entrepreneurs. The courses offered by the website are similar to those offered under bachelor’s degree.

13. Sba.gov

SBA is among those selected business teaching online platforms which are preferred by mostly US and UK students. The specifically designed financial assistance programs here make it beneficial over others. Financial requirements such as debt financing, equity financing and surety bonds are something that helps entrepreneurs a lot.

14. Podcasts

Help people a lot to move forward towards the way to become a successful entrepreneur. Podcasting may involve listening via streaming on your computer or doing the same through iTunes. This is one of the great ways for learning the most updated information and strategies regarding business.

15. Managementhelp

If you are a wannabe entrepreneur or seasoned one, you will surely like to learn more about nonprofit management. Managementhelp is the place where you will find specific materials for review, topics for discussion and special activities for development of business systems. This site also involves tutorials about fund raising, strategic planning and marketing programs.

16. Rushessay

Those who are engaged in content marketing should prefer this site for learning ways to attract more clients and developing quality contents. RushEssay is a team of skilled writers and editors where you can have professional assistance. They are ready always to support you in meeting your marketing goals.

17. BizLaunch

BizLaunch is an entrepreneurial assistance programs that offers about 40 trainings and workshops regarding SEO, social media and email marketing. The objective of this site is to support local entrepreneurs and small business owners for planning and development.

18. How to start a startup

This great informative series of video lectures is good for new entrepreneurs. It’s always better to learn ways of beating waves before you dive into the world of marketing. How to start a startup tells you all about starting your first business.

19. Growthhackers

Growthhackers is a good website for those who really want to develop their small business. World class growth focused marketers are ready in the website to share their views and experience about starting a business and moving it towards the peak of success.

20. Design thinking crash course

One more place of choice for beginners in the marketing world is design thinking crash course where you will learn the complete idea generation process. So, visit this online platform when you are into a problem which requires to be solved immediately.

21. Y combinator startup library

Y combinator startup library is one of the favorite online platforms where you can discover the gems of running your current business towards the next step smartly.

22. Founders Films

This exclusive series of video tells much about successful entrepreneurs. Their videos are good enough to let you know that what uprises and downfalls you can face in the business and how to face them. Learning all about lows and highs of business is one of the most important things before you put the first step of your journey in this field.

23. HubSpot Academy

This online academy offers you free learning in the field of lead nurturing, website optimization, landing pages and inbound marketing. Every business owner should learn these strategies for ensuring more and more online presence of the business.

So, this is all about the top websites where you can know a lot about developing and running a business. Going through these reliable online platforms to learn advance business skills is like a homework to score as more as you can for securing your position among toppers.

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