How to Manage Stress – 21 Small but Effective Ways

stress management

Stress is the feeling or body’s way of responding that occurs when you are in full of frustrations due to deadlines on job, extra demands from other people and for some other things. Stressful life has become very common for most of the people such as entrepreneurs, businessman, service providers and some other professionals. It is important for all of us to know how to manage stress in difficult situations. There are many ways to deal with stress in every hard situation. These techniques help people to reduce stress from their mind and make feel happy. I listed below many effective ways that will help to reduce anxiety.

Small ways:

  1. Playing games
  2. Play with pet animals
  3. Short trip
  4. Have a family time
  5. Go to movies and fun
  6. Call a friend and family
  7. Early go to bed and early rise
  8. Walking on road
  9. Working out
  10. Yoga
  11. Breathing exercises
  12. Daily 10 minutes meditation
  13. Positive memories
  14. List of powerful values
  15. Short-term goals
  16. Use social media sites
  17. Take a shower and get relax
  18. Write a goal
  19. Go green and natural
  20. Take a snack
  21. Work something different in a day

Effective ways

1. Playing games: Playing games is the most effective stress management tips and helpful way to remove stress for businessman, entrepreneurs and office workers. There are many different online and offline games so they can play game and forget tension for some time.

2. Play with pet animals: Playing with pet animals is a good way to get self relaxes. Maximum businessmen after office time come back to home and like to play with pet animals. It is really effective way to get relax easily and reduce all types of stress.

3. Short trip: Many entrepreneurs live stressful life because they do not have time for enjoyment. If they want to reduce pressure of work for sometime then they should plan short trip on weekend or once in a month with their friends or family members. Short trip is helpful to refresh mind and gives lots of online side business ideas for doing something new and different in the business.

4. Have a family time: Spending some time with family is the simple, easy and the most effective way to reduce tension. There are lots of ways and options to spend time with family members like watching a movie, go on long drive, stay out and many more. If there is no family members then pick your friends and hang out.

5. Go to movies and fun: Movies are another effective way to get refresh and make lots of fun. It is superb way for entrepreneurs and businessmen to take some time from their busy life for fun. They should go to movie once in a week with family members or friends for fun and enjoyment.

6. Call a friend and family: There are many entrepreneurs who have to face troubles every time. If they are living in other city then they can call to family members and friends if they are not in contact with them for a long time. Talking with close person is very effective way to reduce tension. It helps to feel happy.

7. Early go to bed and early rise: “Early go to bed and early rise” is the main formula behind every successful person and businessman. It is very important way to reduce stress, give relax and refreshment in every moment from early to bed and early to rise. It is also one of the most excellent tips to success in business because it is helpful to make healthier, successful, happier and smarter. So make it your habit and do all the week to get rid from all worries.

8. Walking on road: Walking is always helpful to manage stress, mind and brain. It is also helpful to make businessman, entrepreneurs and other people physically and mentally healthy and fit. If you are mentally healthy then you can easily over come on your problems. Therefore, walking is the easy stress management technique and is beneficial to make healthier and happier.

9. Working out: Workout reduce tension and make your mind fresh. For the reason workout is an excellent stress management exercise because it gives you healthy and fit lifestyle. If you feel happy and fit in any environment then it makes you smart and better person whether you are a businessman or a common people.

10. Yoga: Yoga is the best exercise for physical and mental health for human being. It is one of the most effective stress management activities because it helped millions of people to make them physically and mentally fit and healthy. By yoga millions of people reduced stress and living a happy life. They are successful in their life due to this as well.

11. Breathing exercises: Entrepreneurs have lots of stress in their daily business life; they always do some breathing exercises. Breathing exercises help to get relax and stress free mind. It sharps the mind that helps to find out business mistakes easily without any stress.


12. Daily 10 minutes meditation: Daily only 10 minutes meditation makes mind powerful thinker. Meditation takes effort and practice. It is helpful to make mind relax and more thinker. It has mind clearing rewards.

13. Positive memories: It is essential for businessman to always live with positive memories, spend maximum time to remember the best moment of the life. This is the best way to reduce stress and feel happy. Thus, you can always try to live a life with best positive memories. It will make you happy and will be helpful to get success in the life with positive thinking. Recalling positive memories is an incredible form of mental recharging.

14. List of powerful values: Every businessman and entrepreneur take lots of tension about their work, business and some business related things. If a businessman gets failure result then he needs to make a list of powerful values because it is the best business lessons for businessman to overtake failure and get success easily. This will really help you to do work without any stress.

15. Short-term goals: Every businessman should have set of some short term goals means what they are doing in this weekend, what is next beneficial plan for the company etc. These set of some quick simple goals can give you stress free mind and quick burst of energy.

16. Use social media sites: Social media sites are the biggest source for share anything like pictures, videos, status with friends, family members etc. It is really effective way to reduce stress and entertain self when feel bore. It is not only useful for sharing things but also useful for business purpose.

17. Take a shower and get relax: Shower is the most common and the easiest way to reduce all stress. It makes stress free, relax and mentally strong.


18. Write a goal: Write a goal is useful to reduce pressure. It is important for businessman to plan a right goal because it will always force you to do work sincerely without any extra pressure. If you work according to written goal then you will be able to increase client base and business as well. This is helpful to achieve goals and gives powerful sense of recharging.

19. Go green and natural: Greenery is natural gift for all people. Looking at plants or greenery for little as 40 seconds can boost your concentration power. It is important for businessmen to live sometime in greenery that reduces work tension but energizes and motivates.

20. Take a snack: Hunger is also a big reason of mental and physical weakness. Our body always needs nutrients and energy to function at optimal levels then snacks could do a world of good.

21. Work something different in a day: If you feel stressful then you can do something different in a day like you can go with friends for a coffee or tea. It is an easy to apply and effective way to reduce stress.

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