How to Pursue a Career in the App Department

App Development

If you have a smart phone, you probably use dozens of apps and widgets on a daily basis. They can make our lives easier and more organized in many ways. But have you ever thought of becoming an app developer? It is a booming branch of economy and it will need new experts in the years to come. Let’s see how to join that crew and launch a career in the app department.

Find proper courses

The first thing that every app developing wannabe needs to do is how to get some basic education in this field. Today there is a growing number of websites and channels in social media through which experts share their knowledge that can help rookies in this field. It would be great for your future career to decide what operating system you would like to deal with at this initial stage. App developers usually start from one platform and later master the techniques necessary to work in all three dominant app markets. For instance, if you want to start with iOS, you could use the opportunity given by Stanford University to attend some free online courses and learn the basics of the Apple apps.

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Target the market

When you get some fundamental knowledge about the world of mobile applications, you need to decide what market you are going to target. Do you want to create fun apps or direct your career towards gaming? In addition, you can try to offer some new business management software solutions for small businesses. Many people out there are striving for useful apps and you only have to decide what niche to start with.

Moreover, this is also the moment when a new app developer should make up their mind when it comes to the nature of their work. Do you want to work as a freelancer or join a larger company? Whatever path you choose, try to make a positive impression for the beginning and avoid some common mistakes that app developers often do.

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Save your assets

No matter whether you launch a career of an app developer as a side job or make it a full-time effort, the vital thing during the first few months of your work is to save as many assets as possible. The aforementioned free courses and tutorials, as well as reading useful articles on the web can help you minimize your expenses. Furthermore, for the beginning of the story you can use simple online tools to build an app.  It will give you a better insight at how business owners create apps on their own. Such an experience can make you aware of the drawbacks of benefits of such solutions. Developers can apply that knowledge in their future projects.


Follow your product

When you finally make your first app, try to offer it on one of the online app stores. Since there are millions of apps out there, every new app needs to be useful for specific purposes. For instance, an app that describes twenty best restaurants in Florence would be too general and probably unsuccessful. On the other hand, coming up with a resourceful app about well-rated fish restaurants with an integrated map would be a better solution.

Finally, always analyze the feedback you get by the users of your applications. They will tell you what should be improved and help you come up with practical updates. And if you want your updated and handy app to start making money, follow these guidelines, given by Forbes.

The app market is probably the most exciting market in the world. Billions of people are using smart phones and the omnipresence of the Internet can make every app a global viral hit. Therefore, learn your apps basics, get down to work and pursue a career of a successful and productive app developer.

Kamlesh Mourya

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