How to Find a Business Partner?

Business Partner

You may be an entrepreneur, or may have established your business and trying to expand it further, for which, you need some more funds or you may also need a technical expert for suggestions or a manager to help you ease your work. Many times in your lifetime, you will need some partner for any of such situation. In such case, you have two options, either you can hire an employee or you can find a business partner for yourself.

The basic key of finding a business partner lies in telling your business plans to people. You never know who can help you with the required frame of work. You have to get rid of the fear of your idea being stolen. You cannot find the perfect business partner until you spread your idea of business. If you share your idea frankly, people will gradually get more interested in your idea and can help you in some way. Getting a business partner does not only help you ease your burden, but also helps you in getting new business ideas and you get a partner which is as passionate about your idea of business as you.

Here are some ways by which you can find a perfect business partner for yourself.

1. Get into touch with your current or old colleagues

Choosing a business partner whom you are working with, or have worked with in the past, is a great way to find someone for starting your business with. A great advantage is the understanding you have with that person. You know their way of working, their aspirations and their dedication towards the work. Choosing a business partner from your existing or old colleagues will help you develop a better understanding of your partner.

2. Choose some of your friend to be the partner

Although some experts do not advice this, but it can be a great option if you have a good understanding of each others’ nature and working types. The most important demerit is that if your business goes in the wrong direction, this can cost you your friendship. This can be avoided if you both have clear communication; your friend has similar personality and skills as you.

3. Make the Best use of networking: online or offline

You can take help of some online co-working networking sites where you share your idea and get the best suitable partner for yourself. If you are a member of any such online groups, it may help you find a good business partner, or if you are not, then you can join any such group particular to your occupation type.

Not only the online ones, but the networking groups in general are a great place to find a potential business partner. You can attend various networking meetups, which occur in your city. Such meetups have many entrepreneurs and some businessmen who are ready to listen to your plans and ideas and have partnership with you.

4. Consider some family member or sibling for partnership

Considering some family member or sibling can be a great way, but it has the same disadvantage as that of partnership with friends. If your business does not work out well, it can cost you your relationships with your family members. If you choose a brother or sister for partnership, you both have the advantage of sharing the same bringing up and work ethic in you. It is also easier for both of you to understand and manage your areas of operation and expertise.

5. Attend some course or training and keep an eye for the potential partners

Going in this direction can give you dual advantages of being more informative and skilled about your field, and the chances of finding a potential business partner. Attending such courses will improve your qualifications and skills as well. So, it is a no harm option. You can try reaching out other people from your course to share your business idea and have partnership.

Choosing a partner is a tough job in many other aspects as well. Some points to consider while choosing a perfect partner include:

  • Find a person with a complimentary personality

This rule goes simple. You and your partner should have a proper understanding of each other’s nature and way of working. This kind of relationship is important in business so that you can balance each other when required.

  • Your partner should be trustworthy

Do not rush into getting a business partner. Understand the person nicely and give yourself time to build trust between you two. This is one of important advantage of partnership with siblings, friend or family members. You can trust the person which is the most integral part of having a partnership business. If you share your business with a person whom you have met recently or have a less history with, you can end up in huge troubles.

  • Define the roles and parameters

Keep your areas of work and operations, your rights and interferences pre-decided. Also, share your areas of strength and weakness. You and your partner should be too clear regarding everything.

  • Your partner should have high aspirations, just like you

Consider a partner who is hungry to succeed. He or she should be ambitious and should be ready for all the hard work and dedication. Both of you should have the same input towards your work, and should relish the outcome equally.

  • Consider a partner with different field

When you and your partner belong to different fields, you both can have different areas and fields of expertise, which will help you, excel in both the fields. Also, you can clearly differentiate and divide your areas of operation. Know and realise your areas of strength and weakness and of your partner’s as well.

Working with a partner can always be a treat, if you have a good understanding and trust and can manage your own areas properly. You should consider all these ways to get the perfect partner for you and expand and flourish your business further. Use your resources wisely to get the best outcome.

23 Free Online Learning Platforms for Entrepreneurs

Online Learning

It is very important for entrepreneurs to learn new skills in order to promote their business step by step. In the modern time, the most lovable source of learning is internet and people prefer to go through educational websites for learning new things. Technical advancement has given rise to leading academic sites which are efficient to make people trained in business skills online. Whether you are looking for high quality business strategies to enhance the profit percentage or you are willing to know some innovative ideas and techniques for developing your business unit. If you are also looking for free websites online to learn new business tricks, you should check out the following list of websites.

1. CodeCademy

If you are interested to learn some programming languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript, nothing can be a better site than CodeCademy. This website offers the chance of making free accounts and this is how, you can learn as more as you can. Knowing well about codes will help you to fix bugs in case you can’t have assistance of a developer.

2. Niche Consultant Courses

Beginners always like to have good online guides about building a good business. The Niche Consultant Courses is an online place where you can learn new things about building a strong business.

3. LearnVest

You might have been looking for some good online tutorials about learning how to manage your finances in business. Well, LearnVest is ready to offer you free classes online where you can learn making budget and managing your finance well on professional and personal level.

4. Khan Academy

Another good learning source online is Khan Academy where you will be accessed to high class education in science, arts, maths, technology, commerce and more. Learning taxation and accounting is possible with the help of this site.

5. edX

This site is a complete collection of over 300 courses in different subjects from finding out and making your customers to financial analysis and decision making in business.

6. MIT Open Courseware
Taught by MIT, this free site makes you smart entrepreneurs. Some courses for business development involve software business and early state capital.

7. OpenCulture

Developed as an online stage, OpenCulture is a collection of over 150 free online business courses. It is a good resource for learning business tricks through audio and video tutorials.

8. Coursera

Like MIT’s Open Courseware, this site also offers specific educational courses for free that help you to make special place in marketplace.

9. YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. Being one of the leading search engines, it is the place where you can find anything you want. Many good things like TED talks, recorded presentations and video based business tutorials are there to teach you good ways of elaborating your business.

10. Alison

Alison is among those well known names which are preferred for hundreds of business courses online. Many of the online courses offered by this platform involves big names like Microsoft, Google and Macmillan. Covering thousands of topics, Alison has become one of the favorite places for those who want to learn personality development, finance management and business tricks.

11. Skillshare

This online learning community is good not only for creators but also for those who are planning to start their new business. SkillShare is the place where you can learn basic to standard skills of managing your business well.

12. Saylor
Due to tuition free courses and affordable credentials offered by Saylor, it has earned great popularity among young entrepreneurs. The courses offered by the website are similar to those offered under bachelor’s degree.


SBA is among those selected business teaching online platforms which are preferred by mostly US and UK students. The specifically designed financial assistance programs here make it beneficial over others. Financial requirements such as debt financing, equity financing and surety bonds are something that helps entrepreneurs a lot.

14. Podcasts

Help people a lot to move forward towards the way to become a successful entrepreneur. Podcasting may involve listening via streaming on your computer or doing the same through iTunes. This is one of the great ways for learning the most updated information and strategies regarding business.

15. Managementhelp

If you are a wannabe entrepreneur or seasoned one, you will surely like to learn more about nonprofit management. Managementhelp is the place where you will find specific materials for review, topics for discussion and special activities for development of business systems. This site also involves tutorials about fund raising, strategic planning and marketing programs.

16. Rushessay

Those who are engaged in content marketing should prefer this site for learning ways to attract more clients and developing quality contents. RushEssay is a team of skilled writers and editors where you can have professional assistance. They are ready always to support you in meeting your marketing goals.

17. BizLaunch

BizLaunch is an entrepreneurial assistance programs that offers about 40 trainings and workshops regarding SEO, social media and email marketing. The objective of this site is to support local entrepreneurs and small business owners for planning and development.

18. How to start a startup

This great informative series of video lectures is good for new entrepreneurs. It’s always better to learn ways of beating waves before you dive into the world of marketing. How to start a startup tells you all about starting your first business.

19. Growthhackers

Growthhackers is a good website for those who really want to develop their small business. World class growth focused marketers are ready in the website to share their views and experience about starting a business and moving it towards the peak of success.

20. Design thinking crash course

One more place of choice for beginners in the marketing world is design thinking crash course where you will learn the complete idea generation process. So, visit this online platform when you are into a problem which requires to be solved immediately.

21. Y combinator startup library

Y combinator startup library is one of the favorite online platforms where you can discover the gems of running your current business towards the next step smartly.

22. Founders Films

This exclusive series of video tells much about successful entrepreneurs. Their videos are good enough to let you know that what uprises and downfalls you can face in the business and how to face them. Learning all about lows and highs of business is one of the most important things before you put the first step of your journey in this field.

23. HubSpot Academy

This online academy offers you free learning in the field of lead nurturing, website optimization, landing pages and inbound marketing. Every business owner should learn these strategies for ensuring more and more online presence of the business.

So, this is all about the top websites where you can know a lot about developing and running a business. Going through these reliable online platforms to learn advance business skills is like a homework to score as more as you can for securing your position among toppers.

51 Remarkable Ways to Increase the Number of Your Clients


What is the most difficult part in establishing a business? The answer to this question, for most of the people is finding clients. Just maintaining the quality and service of your company is not sufficient to get clients. Indeed you need frequent and regular fishing for new clients.

Here are some ways to attract customers:
1. Ask for referrals: Do not wait for your existing clients to tell you about some new clients. Ask them by yourself for new clients and other companies.

2. Prefer partnership with agencies: Get into partnership with some of the agency, preferably larger than yours, so that they don’t see you as a competition. Such agencies can pass on the work because of various reasons:

• They don’t have interest in that particular project.
• They lack required skill and expertise.
• The budget is too low for them.

3. Select some job boards online and bookmark them. Check those pages daily for new projects and work. Such boards include tasks for marketing, development, design, copywriting, etc.

4. Follow up with the old clients: By lost clients, we mean that the clients whom you have tried to work with, but could not do business. Try to contact them again.

5. Continue with your network: Start contacting people whom you have worked with and try to get new projects from them. Ask them if you can help them in their work in any sense.

6. Ad campaigns: Use social networking sites and Google for advertising of your company.

7. Advertise through blogging: Start blogging and mention your projects of interest in it. The interested clients will approach you after reading your blogs.

8. Write an Ebook: Write an E-book regarding your area of interest and sell them or give them away for free on your website.

9. Guest Blogging: Find the blogs of interest of your prospective clients and ask for guest blogging on those sites.

10. Generating leads: This includes the selection of your prospective clients and ways to reach them.

11. Twitter search: You can also use twitter search to find the keywords that you require, for e.g.-

• Looking for
• Hiring
• #hiring #whatever maybe your keyword

12. Online and offline networking simultaneously: Do not sit in front of the computer all day long. Try to set up conferences and meeting with your prospective clients.

13. Be available on demand: Post your skills and expertise on various online marketplaces. You need to give some free sessions to build your profile.

14. Create a course: Create a course online for students and your perspective clients to allow them watch your advertising.

15. Productisation of your service: Create packages of your service like monthly or annual purchase.

16. Capture leads: Do this by sending some free E-books or contacting them by your side to develop relationships.

17. Writing playbook: A playbook is an attractive way to present your work, your processes and the ways in which you can help the client.

18. Co-working: Co-working is helpful for the people who work from home. By co-working you increase your network and build relationships which can help you gain clients.

19. Be ready to offer help and advice: By doing this, you will not win any clients immediately, but for the long term, is a definite strategy to grow and build relationships.

20. Using handwritten letters: It shows that you are really concerned about that particular client and are interested in working with them.

21. Piggybacking on platforms: This method exposes to a huge scale of clients, who need your help for their work.

22. Use industry networking sites: Almost every industry has its own networking sites, and you can utilize them to show your field of interest.

23. Use Quora: Respond to the questions related to your interest on Quora. Many clients can post their questions there, and your response will draw their attention towards you.

24. Use press: For publishing through press, you will have to come up with a unique idea that would please reporters and viewers.

25. Prepare a presentation: Prepare a presentation of your work and upload it on some site like slideshare. This will promote the viewers and clients to know about you and deal with you.

26. Write a guide: Prepare a guide on your topic and present it on social networking sites and blogs.

27. Write a case study: A case study includes it all, from clients to the challenges processes and results of a particular task or project.

28. Try the controversial approach: Express your thoughts about your client and mention the improvements that it needs. Be careful on not being too harsh or illegal.

29. Be extremely personal: Try to reply to your clients by being personal. This will help your reply to stand out among your contenders.

30. Speak at conferences: It is good to attend conferences but it is equally important to speak in them. By doing this, clients will get to know your point of views, and your skill and expertise in the field.

31. Involve creativity in designing business cards: Design a business card that is unique and creative. This makes it automatically more attractive than the rest of the business cards.

32. Search Engine Optimisation: This is an excellent way for the long-term strategy. This attracts the traffic to your company’s website.

33. Partnership: Get into partnership with some non-competing agency or firm. This strategy will help in expanding their as well as your business.

34. Re-targeting Ads: They act as reminders for the visitors and reappear on their screen whenever they revisit the particular page.

35. Host events: Host and organise events that display and show your skills and invite your prospective clients to attend the event.

36. Accepting multiple forms of payment: Do not stick or do not force your clients to accomplish your payment in your desired way. Instead include the flexibility of accepting any kind of payments from them.

37. Be extra helpful: Extend your help and suggestions to companies when they need it. This will help you build good relationships with them.

38. Trade organisations: Trade organisations will help you in getting involved with key issues, stay aware of breaking news and latest technology and improvement of relationship with existing channels.

39. Create a plan: The possible strategies may vary according to the client and situation. Pre-plan the strategies to deal with a particular client and act accordingly.

40. Follow-up after meetings: When you gain success in setting up a meeting with your prospective clients, do not forget to catch-up with them after your meeting. Contact them regarding their decisions and views.

41. Assess your successful competitors: Get to know your successful competitors and study their plan of action and working. Decode their plan of action and get ideas from them.

42. Prefer multiple small ads over a single huge one: Whenever you think of advertising, always prefer to have many smaller advertisements over a page, than a single huge one. Many small advertisements have a greater chance of being paid attention.

43. Welcome feedbacks from the non-buyers: If someone visits your ad and still does not feel like buying your product or getting into some business with you, keep yourself open to all kinds of feedback from them.

44. Accountant Conferences: Organise such conferences to get into touch with accountants, which have always been a great source of referrals for clients and financial planning companies.

45. Giving incentives to existing customers: To maintain your business and relations with your existing customers, give them bonuses and offers so that they remain interested in dealing with you.

46. Freshen up your conventional ideas: Come up with a new logo or new name for your company. The interests of people change over time and the attractions also vary. Define more attractive names and logos for your company’s display, so that it gains more attention than before.

47. Set targets: Set targets which you expect your company to fulfill in the desired period of time and the desired number of clients you want to add to your list. Keep in view of considering realistic expectations.

48. Use flyers and leaflets: Go back to the basic techniques of advertising and stick flyers around your place of operation, distribute leaflets and pamphlets, offer introductory discounts and promote purchase of your goods.

49. Family and friends: Take the help from your family and friends to promote and publicize your product or company. Ask them for advertisements on their blogs or websites.

50. Define the market suitable for your product: Select the type of market which will include your product and decide the clients and customers accordingly.

51. Offer extra information: Inform your old customers regarding the new offers and discounts available on your product. This can be done via emails or telephonic calls or even by posts.

It is easier to gain more clients by adopting few or more of these strategies, instead of wasting time and money over the less effective and less required techniques.

TOP 16 Android Apps for Business

Android mobile

Today, we all are friendly with technology. In simple words we can say that technology has become a part of our life. When we talk about mobile phone it is part of our life. Today many businesses are running with the help of mobile phone. There are thousands apps which comes market in a single day. Some apps are used for business purpose, some apps are used for chatting with friends or relatives, some apps are used for playing game, some apps are used for searching purpose. When we talk about business apps, these apps are used mostly for small business purpose. It is simple to use. It provides security also. It is convenient for working. Some apps are free and for some apps you pay. There are many Android apps which are useful in business and are given below:

1. Daily Accounting: It is simple and small in designing, easy to use and very useful app. Before you use this app you should have little bit knowledge of accounting. Otherwise it is difficult for you. With the help of this app you can easily track your income and expenses. This app is basically for those who have small business or those who are studying accounting.
Cost: It is free app. You can easily install it.

2. Book Keeper Accounting: It is financial accounting application. It is used for small business. It is simple user interface. It is purely accounting package which is used for maintain all accounting work of company or business. In this app you don’t need to internet.
Cost: This app is free for only 45 days. If you want to continue your work with this app so you will have to buy this app.

3. FreshBook: This app is used for small business purpose. In this app, you can attach snapshot of receipt. It has a timer who’s focused on how long you spend on project. In this app you can attach Invoices or Estimate.
Cost: This is not free app.

4. Outlook: This app is used for email purpose. It is made for managing your inbox at the office. This app shows as a calendar with the help of this app you can send or receive message via email. And it shows you alert or give notification when the time of meeting.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

5. Expensify: It is used for small business. This app is used in desktop as well as mobile. This app is taking snapshot of tax receipts. In this app GPS is here for tracking client position.
Cost: It is free app.

6. inDinero: Actually this app is depending on your business. It is used for both mobile as well as desktop. It performs all task related to accounting. That means it complete financial information, accounting information, tax information. This app shows information in graphical way.
Cost: This is not free app. This app is based on three levels of paid service.

7. Business Model Toolbox: This app is used for sketching your business model using the practical methodology from the best-selling book. They need to turn Business ideas to Business model.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for this app when you install it.

8. StratPad: It is also known as strategic planning app. This app is a decision making process. This app is made for beginners who write their first business plan.
Cost: This app is onetime fee plan which ranges from $9.99 to $54.99.

9. Skype: It is used for Video Conferencing. Skype is the best medium to share your thoughts with your business colleagues. Skype recently decided to make to make group video calls for everyone. That means it is not used for business purpose but anyone can use it.
Cost: It is free app for everyone.

10. Square: This app is used for small business purpose where space is limited. It is portable credit/debit card to make transaction fast and convenient. This app will works on every devices and operating system.
Cost: This app is not free. For this app you have to pay.

11. Mynd: It is used for small business owner. This app tracks the time and location of all your meetings and events. It also shows a time when you want to leave your office depending on the current situation.
Cost: This app works on Android phone and iPhone. It is totally free app.

12. PayPal: It is used for transferring money. It has basic feature as banking platform which checks your balance and transferring money. This app secures your data. In this app, first of all it takes picture of your check and add it to your savings account. You can also add your financial information in your profile. It provides security.
Cost: It is totally free app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

13. Daily Expense Manager: This is the most successful app now days. Basically, it is used for Saving Money. This is very good finance planner app. It saves your monthly income up to 30%. It tracks your bill due, account balances, expenses, income. It has ability to understand and record your data.
Cost: It is free app. It is available on Google Play Store.

14. MyBudgetBook: This app is used for tracking your expenses and income and manages your money more effectively. This app gives a graphical way. Because of graphical way it is very easy to understand. It does not require any internet connection.
Cost: This is not free app. You have to pay for it.

15. E-Trade Mobile: This is an android app. This is an inventing tool. You will get anything those you want in trading. It is an easy setup. It is viewing and editing of open orders. It has economic and earnings calendar.
Cost: It is free app. You can download it from Google Play Store.

16. Stock Earnings Calendar: In this app, you can easily check the earnings of stocks in the US market with calendar. Earning calendar are grouped into before market open, during market Hours, after market closed. This app provides you full EPS chart.
Cost: It is not free app.