Are you Setting Goals or Achieving Goals?

There is a big difference between setting a goal and achieving a goal. Once you learn the magnificent and wonderful powers of goal and try to achieve it then it changes your life phenomenally.

People surrounding you may say that it will be impossible for you to do certain things or achieve certain goals. They may dishearten you degrade your potential and ability to do a lot of things. It all depends on you, whether you want to be successful or failure.

Achieving GoalsSetting a goal is taking the first step though many feel that it is vital. To begin with, the goal which is set should be achievable and realistic. Most people either set too high or too low goal, which is beyond their capacity or undermines their capacity.

The following are some tips for achieving goals:

  1. One should be very clear about his/her goal

Being the first part of the process, one should be very clear exactly what one wants or intends to achieve within a certain time frame. Your goals can be like losing 10 or 15 kg of weight by year end or earning 10% more than what you are presently earning by next year this time or buying a house worth X amount by the end of five years from now etc. One thing to note is that you created an aim and also included the deadline for completing it.

Focus on your goal. Ponder over it. Question yourself – who, where, what, when, how, and why. When you questioned this to yourself about your goal you will automatically get the answers for your aim and objective of your goal. Your goal will be more meaningful and have more clarity.

Once your goals are set your actions, behaviour and approach to things will start changing in a positive way. You will be able to feel and breathe your goals.

  1. Create a plan for achieving your goal

Now your goal is set, you can now move on to the second step. This part can have far-reaching effects on increasing your chances of achieving your goals. Once your goals are clear and set, start preparing the list of everything you will have to do to achieve your venturesome goal.

The list should contain what all things you need to do to put you in the position for success. For losing weight – morning walk, exercise, drinking water, healthy diet, good sleep, not using the vehicle to cover short distance etc. can be part of the list of things to do. The list can be exhaustive, failing to make a list greatly minimises your expectation of achieving your goal. There can be 100 different things in the initial stage, write them down, seriously write them down.

  1. Work on your plan on consistent basis

The above two steps are important but third and the last step is the ultimate step which identifies goal setting and goal achieving. Many people spent their time and energy looking for a secret formula that will make it easier to achieve their dreams and goals with a minimum of efforts and time.

In practice, there is no such thing. If someone says that it exists, then he is selling you untrue hopes and wish. Looking at all the successful men and women, one can see the trend that they were persistent and consistent with their actions on daily basis daily reading or daily walking or daily excising.

Few things from your list will have to be done on daily basis. Certain things can be done per week or monthly basis. Day in and day out moving towards your goal bit by bit, step by step in a consistent, uniform and regular manner will develop a habit and you know habits do not die.