The 10 Best IT Jobs of 2017

IT Jobs

New Year has started and it looks bright for the IT industry because more tech companies looking to hire high-skilled IT professional to grow their business. No doubt, IT industry plays a significant role to decrease unemployment problem of the world. There is no secret that IT sector offers many best and high paying jobs. There are some best IT jobs for 2017 that are given below:

1. Software architect: In the recent analysis, software architect job is the best IT jobs for 2017. Most of the companies are planning to hire professional software architect for their company’s growth. This job position includes responsibility for the development and initial design of the newest and latest software or software revision.

2. Data scientist: There are many companies which are searching the candidates who are interested in data scientist job. This is the major reason; data scientist is in the queue of top IT jobs in 2017. A data scientist plays an effective role to use predictive analytics and machine knowledge to take insight and actionable details from the firm’s data stores.

3. Quality assurance manager: It is also in top rank jobs of 2017. This job position is responsible for ensuring the quality of the products and services that meet with recognized standards.

4. Full stack developer: This year, enterprises are looking for a person who know-how across diverse layers of the stack. The job position is important for all areas of the business that provide great customer knowledge and interface.

5. UX designers: UX designers are the latest and best Job in the list of this year. Now, companies are hiring and recruiting UX designers to build up their online presence all over the world. This jobs leads to the appearance of UX and UI developers through more professional skills in this area with mobility skills.

6. Software engineer: Software engineer jobs are also in higher demand for many years that’s why it is in high demand this year as well. Software engineers focus on the most excellent practices, application requirements, standards of development and maintenance.

7. Entry-level engineer: Entry level engineer ranked top in job postings in the technical world and engineering segment.

8. Analytics manager: Analytics managers are responsible for making successful strategies to collect data, conduct research, analyze information and apply analytics solutions for products and services. This is the major reason; companies are increasing recruitment of analytics manager this year as well.

9. Machine learning engineer: Machine learning engineer also top ranked in the job list of 2017. It is becoming more popular with increasing awareness of artificial intelligence in different industries.

10. Information security specialist: The need of information security professionals is bigger than ever before that predicted to the 2017. The people wants to pursue a career in this field need to be able to show interruption detection, risk improvement and cloud data security proficiency.

Bonus jobs:

11. HR manager: This is always top ranked job, so this year is in the list as well. HR manager is essential job position in IT companies.

12. Senior accountant: The role requires an important participation with other parts of the business, therefore the capability to transform financial terminology for non-finance people is a key factor when applying for this responsibility.