75 Online Tools to Grow Your Business

If you are a businessman then it may that you have used number of things for business growth and development. I have something for you that are business tools. There are several business tools that help to grow business, better customer services, easy billing and many more. Some best online tools to grow your business are given below:

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  1. Google Drive: Google Drive is a safe place for every important files and document. You can store your photos, designs, stories, drawings, videos recordings and anything else.
  2. Google+ Hangout on Air: You can begin a Hangout on Air right now or plan one in advance. By schedule Hangout on Air, you can send your listeners to the incident before broadcast starts and set up a custom preview so that can discover more about it.
  3. Google+ Hangouts: Google Hangouts use for messaging, voice and video calls. You can create group and share anything with your friends like videos, images and some others.
  4. Google Web Designer: You can create banners for any device. Now everything you make is accessible on any monitor, desktop, tablet or mobile without compatibility problems.
  5. Google Alerts: You can get an alert and notification when someone talks about your product.
  6. Google Apps for Work: It is cool to have your business email run at Google’s server. You get every gmail features and Google App integrity. It is realistic and makes sharing and storing effects simple.
  7. Intranet with Google Apps: It is one of the most overlooked characteristics of Google Apps for Work is the opportunity to make an intranet. It is automatically update it through your Google+ page feed and use as the position to go to for company updates, internal training and other details that should not be public.
  8. Google Photos: It is one home for every photos that organized and simple to find.
  9. Google Calendar: You can use personal and shared calendars that keep track of appointments on every device. It combines with nearly all and loads rapid.
  10. Google AdWords: Google AdWords is advertising system in Google that advertisers bid on assured keywords in sequence for their clickable ads to come into view in Google’s search results.
  11. ToutApp: It is the Email tracking app that is the most powerful sales increasing platform to work for you and team. The platform automatically gets guides of what wording works best with what type of clients.
  12. Evernote: Evernote makes apps and products that are essential the technique individuals and teams work these days. Evernote is the place where you write free from interruption, collect details, find what you want and present your ways to the world.
  13. SwiftKey: SwiftKey is the smart keyboard app for Android and iPhone that is known for learn and predict your writing way, desired words, phrases and emoji.
  14. Mobile Roadie: You can create mobile app for your business. It is one powerful solution for app creation and mobile marketing.
  15. Hyperlapse: It is the App from Instagram. You can use this to make videos.

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16. Boomerang: It is the App from Instagram. You can use this to make looping short videos.

17. Instagram Ads: Instagram ads are available worldwide for small and big businesses. Businesses can share their stories through extremely engaged spectators in original, high-quality surroundings and drive act with their ads.

18. MailChimp: It is automatic and commercial email marketing. The features and integration of this allow you to send marketing emails, targeted campaigns and automated messages.

19. Intercom: Intercom is a place for all team in internet business to communicate with clients, individually, at range on website within web and mobile apps and via email.

20. Screencast: You can use Screencast to collect and share feedback on design and development project. You also share your sales demo and promotional video.

21. Camtasia:  It is powerful, simple to use screen recorder that helps you make more proficient videos without help of video pro. You can simply record your screen activities and procedures, and import HD video from camera and other source.

22. Infusionsoft: It is a powerful sales and marketing software for the up to date small business.

23. AgoraPulse: It is a tool for social media management that can easily deal with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

24. Paper.li: Paper.li builds it simple to discover, publish and share content on web and social media platform. Paper.li is the content curation service that enables people to distribute newspapers based on subject they like and treat their readers to fresh news, on a daily basis.

25. Oktopost: It is the B2B social media management platform that can easily direct, determine and increase all social media marketing.

26. Buffer: It is social media management for agencies and marketers. It is the best technique to share on social media.

27. Hootsuite: It is social media management for any organization so you can manage social networks, engage your audiences, schedule messages and determine ROI right from the dashboard.

28. OpenrOpenr gives an easy successful method of divert traffic back to your site even as sharing external content. At last social marketing seems much more eye-catching.

29. Sprout Social: It is social media management software. Sprout Social is makes on the idea that the world is superior when businesses and clients communicate freely.

30. Socedo: It is automatic social media lead generation; you can find your target listeners, connect them with one click and fill your guide.

31. PremiumBeat: It is curated royalty free music website that gives special, high-class tracks and sound effects for use in innovative and established media projects with videos, apps, films, games and TV programming.

32. Skype: Skype keep the world talking with video call, message and share anything with anyone free of cost. You can stay close to best friends by group chat.

33. Powtoon: Powtoon helps to make animated videos and presentations. It is free to use and amazing.

34. Fontawesome Icons:  Font Awesome provides 20 glossy new icons in version 4.5. You can these icons to develop your blog images.

35. Sidekick: You can get live notifications when someone opens and clicks in your emails. You can identify when and have access to these details immediately. You select which emails are tracked.

36. Trello: You can visually arrange emails, sticky notes, spreadsheets and some other things by development. Trello is a free, flexible and visual method to arrange everything with anyone.

37. Postcardly: Postcardly turn your emails in real-life postcards you can send postcards from your phone, computer anywhere you have email and also in iPhone.

38. Phone.com: Phone.com is paying attention on build on the digital, VoIP-industry knowledge of their founders, to bring a suite of business-communication services earlier engaged to small businesses.

39. Zapier:  It connects several apps that you use, automates tasks and improve productivity. The Apps include Evernote, Trello, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Slack, Twitter, MailChimp, Google Drive, Dropbox, Typeform and more others.

40. AngelList: You can post jobs to hire someone from a startup-loving area through Silicon Valley vibes, increase money or invest.

41. Upwork: You can find freelancers to deal with any job, size and any time. It is for freelancers.

42. Desk.com: It is a customer support software that Get Salesforce’s out-of-the-box assist desk for small production or businesses.

43. GoToWebinar: It is make for business and designed for client success whether you are set up or a business operating global, GoToWebinar can assist to let know your story, accomplish your viewers and make your marketing plan.

44. SEMrush: It is a SEO tool and with the help of this find out what keywords is using your competitors in support of their paid search campaigns with other things.

45. Hashtags.org: The Hashtag is used for highlight keywords or matter that can be placed anywhere in a post. You can use valuable Hashtag Dictionary to search, know and define your tags of interest.


46. Tweetwall: Development tweets in real-time at actions or on a wall in your workplace to show tweets that contain your signature Hashtag.

47. SalesforceSalesforce makes innovative business applications that served from the cloud, designed to assist you make leads, find new customers, close deals quicker, sell, service and market standard. These all features add up to development and probably necessitate for more office space.

48. Skitch: This tool integrates with Evernote that Designed for iPad, Mac and iPhone. It is the quickest tool and finds your point across with less word with annotation, sketches and shapes so that your ways become faster.

49. ReferralSnip: ReferralSnip is the most appropriate referral program software presented. ReferralSnip can be used through people looking to develop their mail list, raise their YouTube subscribers, and find more clients and some more.

50. YouTube Live Stream: You can start a live stream in your office or in an event with the help of YouTube Live Stream.

51. Facebook Lead Ads: The lead ads are available to the advertisers all over with a host of extra features that make sign up for business details easy for people and important for businesses.

52. Facebook Audience Insights:  Facebook Audience Insights is the latest tool that designed to help marketers discover more about their objective audiences with collective information about geography, buy performance, demographics and more.

53. Canva: You can easily make wonderful designs and documents. You can design presentations, social media graphics and other more with many beautiful layouts.

54. Easel.ly: It is perceptive and fast way to make specialized looking infographics. You can make and share visual ideas.

55. Facebook Power Editor: Facebook Power Editor is a tool, which designed for bigger advertisers who want to make lots of ads at one time that have exact control of their campaigns. You can edit your campaigns and ads in Facebook Power Editor or by import and export them from Excel.

56. Tinyletter: TinyLetter is a special newsletter service brought to you by the people following MailChimp. You can use it to send updates, digests to their fans and friends.

57. Asana: You can track time that spent on every project.

58. Insightly:  Insightly is a simple powerful and top CRM system for small business. It is one by the integration of Google Apps, MailChimp, Office 365 and main social media sites. It is great mobile apps for smart phones and tablets that is simple access to a REST API for custom adjustment.

59. Etsy: Etsy is the marketplace where people connect all over the world both online and offline that make sell and buy exclusive goods.

60. VWO: It is A/B testing software for marketers so you can make A/B test different version of your website to constantly determine the top performing versions that enhance your online sales.

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61. Pixlr: It is a free online photo editing. You can use the free Pixlr fast web app to resize pictures for instance.

62. Mention: You can learn who is talking about you or your competitor in the web and analysis reports on your online proceed.

63. Harvest: Harvest is powerful reporting that gives you real-time admittance to maintain your projects on time and budget. Get the insight you want to estimate prospect projects and make sure your business’s productivity.

64. InvoiceBerry: You can generate wonderful Invoices and track business expense.

65. FreepikFreepik assist you to get free vector art, icons, illustrations, PSD and pictures for using in websites, presentations, banners, magazines.

66. PicMonkey: PicMonkey makes innovative tools for photo editing and graphic design. It is free online photo editing, collages, Filters, overlays and more.

67. QRstuff: The QR Stuff is a QR Code Generator that allows you to generate either dynamic or static QR codes so download it for instant use.

68. Time Doctor: It is designed to enhance production. It cannot be for you but appear at the features and observe if it does work for you.

69. Notes: You can read, write and edit notes with the help of Notes app. There are numerous useful versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.

70. Bing Ads:  If you want entrance to many of high-quality possible customers so use Bing Ads to begin an operation on the Yahoo Bing Network. So, you can get your Bing ads up and management to no longer miss out on Bing travel.

71. Alltop and HolyKaw:  Alltop able to make a personal, online magazine rack of your preferred blogs and websites.

72. Basecamp: It is the tool for project management for service businesses. You can work together in simple way.

73. Dashlane: It is the global best password manager and protect digital wallet.

74. Bitly: Bitly is a URL shortening service that is use for social networking, SMS, and email. Also tracks cross-channel marketing plan among some other things.

75. Tripit: It is a trip planner app that enables the wonderful trip. You can get real-time flight alerts with Tripit Pro.

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32 Business apps and tools for Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur has to perform number of activities during running a business therefore most of the entrepreneurs face shortage of time problem. Even there are numerous apps and tools that help to solve this problem. These tools save valuable time, offer more results during working hours as well as are very useful and helpful for every aspects of a business. These enable entrepreneurs to reduce distractions and focus on their business. The following tools will help you to be more productive during working hours.


1. Fiverr: Fiverr is the biggest marketplace in all over the world and their services starts at $5. A service presented on Fiverr is known as the Gig. Fiverr assure to keep customer information confidential and safe.

2. Upwork: At present, Upwork is the leading platform for many companies to hire talented professionals for work. It is the best online way for hiring freelancers.

3. Gigster: Gigster connects you best 5% software developers and Silicon Valley based product managers. So, you can hire the best development team in a few minutes.

4. Clarity: Clarity is the best marketplace that links entrepreneurs with industry professionals and top advisers. It perform market investigate, get planned business guidance and find out a specific talent to help business.

Social Media Management

5. Hootsuite:  Hootsuite is very popular platform for running social media, which is used by above 10 million people all over the world. It is really most extensively used social relationship platform.

6. Buffer App: Buffer is an excellent method to drive traffic, enhance follower engagement and save time in social media. Buffer app helps users to share social media content by schedule online posts during the day.

7. Sprout Social: Sprout Social is made on the suggestion that the world is enhanced when businesses and clientele talk freely. It provides a platform for business to handle social media engagement, publish and analytics.

8. TweetDeck: It is great twitter tool for managing, real-time tracking and engagement for the Web and mobile devices.

9. Hearsay Social: It helps to financial services teams to improve their business on social. Most of the worldwide financial services companies are using Hearsay Social.

10. ScribbleLive: It is content marketing software platform that increases your higher funnel by combine large data near with workflow technology.


11. Evernote: Evernote is the software that is useful for teams work. It is available for smartphone, tablet and computer. Thus, it is the place where write free from interruption, collect details, find what you want and provide suggestions to the world.

12. 1Password: 1Password provides an easy and convenient security. It is an excellent way to make a secure and strong password for all website you visit. It is available for Mac, windows, android and ios.

13. Dropbox: Dropbox is great for every entrepreneur and easy way to work with everyone from anywhere. This is a cloud storage app for business. It is easy to share big files with anyone even they do not have a Dropbox account.

14. Toggl: Toggl is free time tracking tool that is built for speed and simple use. Time maintenance with Toggl is very easy and entrepreneurs should use it.

15. Mod Notebooks: The Mod knowledge starts with a wonderful notebook as the establishment. When design notebooks, Mod start with a usual thread bound design. Notebook lives in the Mod app after digitized your notebook by mod. It is a completely open web app and simple to access from any mobile phone, desktop and tablet. Moreover, you can sync your pages with Evernote, Dropbox and OneNote.

Additional App

Projectmanager: It is an online project management and collaboration software. It has an iOS and Android mobile app that can be used to update projects from anywhere. The tool has a Gantt chart, project dashboard, task management features, and more.

Customer Support

16. Zendesk: Zendesk provide software that makes easy support to its customers when they want help.  Zendesk levels with you and offer a broad range of client service tools for business at any level.

17. Freshdesk: Freshdesk is cloud based client support platform, which aims to provide great customer service.  It offers a solution for customer support needs and as well as online helpdesks.

18. Uservoice: Uservoice builds product administration and client support software that helps many companies to make better products and support for users. It is one of the best product management platforms that make it simple to collect feedback.

19. Clickdesk: ClickDesk is the best online chat software that combines help desk and live chat. Small businesses owners use ClickDesk’s live chat software to increase customer engagement by web chat, video chat, voice chat, real-time analytics social media management and integrated help desk to supervise support tickets and offline chats.

Website Data

20. Google Analytics: Google analytics is the best solutions to track users’ activity on your site. It helps to make right marketing strategies and understand consumer behavior for your services or products.

21. CrazyEgg: Crazy Egg finds out and lets you see exactly what visitors are doing with your website. It is showing you where visitors are clicking, how many visitors scroll down your web pages and more others.

22. Piwik: Piwik is the top open source analytic platform that provides you more free open source software, user security, customizable, complete data ownership and more others.

Email Marketing

23. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is the best email marketing service provider that sends over 600 million emails per day. It provides many features and integrations that allow you to send automated messages, marketing emails and targeted function.

24. Customer.io: Customer.io is the best platform for email marketing that sends targeted messages. You can send outbound message in a particular great interface.

25. Constant Contact: Constant Contact is the email marketing software that improves your business with email marketing. It is a helpful marketing tool that will transform the method for small business achievement.

26. Exact Target: It can make scalable and custom-made email marketing operation that is based on data by Email Automation. It designs 1-to-1 client experiences over all channels through Journey Builder.


27. Grammarly: Grammarly is the world top grammar checker. It is best tool to immediately find and correct many grammatical errors and mistakes and makes you the best writer.

28. Hemingway Editor: Hemingway Editor is a great tool that makes writing and spelling mistakes or errors bold and clear. This app highlights lengthy, complex sentences, general errors, complicated and some other errors with colors.

Graphic Design

29. Sketch: Sketch is made for latest graphic designers. This includes great features such as symbols and shared styles to build reuse elements fast and simple.

30. InVision: It is the world’s great design prototyping tool for developers and designers. It gives the clearness, teamwork and organize need to power your design procedure.

31. Photoshop: Photoshop is the best tool for designers and they can get most excellent shots that make them improved with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

32. Canva: You can easily make beautiful designs and documents with the help of Canva. You can use Canva’s drag and drop element and proficient layouts to design always dazzling graphics