Advitiya Sharma cofounder of launches education startup Genius


Advitiya Sharma, Co-founders of, who quit the real estate portal last month (in March) launched an education startup Genius on Thursday. It is run by Genius Learning Labs Pvt. Ltd and it will provide software to neighborhood tutors for making learning more effective.

On March, when Advitiya Sharma left the Mumbai-based realty startup said he did not know what is his next plan to do. Sharma revealed the idea of the startup came to him when he was on break of 10 days.

“Right now you have schools, which have a great environment but where learning doesn’t happen well, and you have platforms like Coursera, which have good content but there’s no learning environment. We are taking the hybrid approach,” said Advitiya Sharma.

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Genius is backed by Genius Learning Labs Private Limited, which will offer neighborhood tutors content and software that adapt to each child’s learning abilities. Sharma’s education startup Genius plan is to reach minimum 8,000 students and 800 teachers across top five metros in the next six months. It will target school students from kindergarten to eighth grade but currently it is targeting class third to fifth and will offer Science, Mathematics and English lessons.

Genius competes with FlipClass, which is run by Gyankosh Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Vidyanext, run by Pengala Learning Pvt. Ltd and Tiger Global-backed Vedantu Innovations Pvt. Ltd, which all try to provide the home tutors facilities on needs with some new technology.

Sharma said, “We’ve designed a technology that can customize itself for learning needs, interests and pace of every child.” In K-8 segment, there are approximate 200 millions of students in India at present. According to research of National Sample Survey Organization, over 89 percentages of families in India are not satisfied with school education as well as from schools and spend their 12 to 15 percent of income on after school education therefore the market opportunities for Genius is enormous.

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“Scale won’t be a problem because when we acquire a teacher, we also acquire their real estate. This is a very asset-light model. We’ve also done affordability analysis and are targeting neighborhoods where teachers are likely to have tablet devices,” said Advitiya Sharma.

Sharma said, “We’re not becoming a school because they have a lot of constraints and have to adhere to a lot of regulations.”

Sharma said education start up “Genius” is building a team of technologists, entrepreneurs and educators through the company. “There are many people from Silicon Valley who are contributing to Genius. We have launched the product in just 30 days. We’ll be announcing our founding team soon,” he said. “For now, we want to bootstrap. Our model is very cost-efficient, and will generate profit from the first class”.

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