39 Email Marketing Tools For Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Marketing strategies are witnessing huge shifts from emails to the social media. The reason is attributed to greater scale of coverage in terms of social media and the bigger opportunities it has. Any business, whether established or emerging, requires further development and flourishing. Email marketing is one of the true and tested methods for this purpose. Thanks to the numerous services available nowadays for this purpose, the procedure does not seem daunting as earlier. The first step includes the content that you want to be covered in your email.

Here is a list of some of such tools that are available for the purpose of email marketing. Some of them are available to access free of cost while others are paid services.

Some of the free services include:

1. CakeMail: It has free service for up to 2000 subscribers. Also is has a logo of cake in the bottom of every newsletter that it creates. This logo is removed when you upgrade it. You can import from your contacts and choose a template from one of the various templates which are professionally designed.

2. Contactology : It is also a free service but only up to 100 subscribers. After that it charges $10 for 500 subscribers. This platform also provides you with various email campaign tools like bounce tracking, stats on your email, code editor, etc.

3. FireDrum : It has a very easy and convenient system for the beginners. It has a DIY system that makes it easy for operating. One outstanding feature of this tool is the spam checker, which enables you to know whether your mail has been caught by the spam blocker of the recipient. You can also pre-schedule the newsletters which need to be sent.

4. GraphicMail : It is a template library and runs on mobile phones and tablets. Some of the perks include royalty-free Google images and image hosting. Using this tool you can also share your emails on social networking sites and create SMS’s.

5. Nourish : It is an absolutely free tool in which, subscribing and unsubscribing are absolutely free. It creates multiple campaigns. It also enables you to run some RSS feed into the email newsletter.

6. Mailman : It is an absolutely free tool which is a list manager of the open-source list type. It is comfortable for the tech-minded but not easy for the normal person to access. It has a feature by which you can customize the homepage for each of the mailing lists.

7. MailChimp : It is free for access and provides up to 12000 emails to 2000 people a month. It is a well recognisable newsletter brand. They also provide individual profile for each subscriber.

8. Vertical Response : It will host your newsletter on the web forever, which can be posted to the desired email through a unique URL. Dragging the CSV file onto the screen will get your contact list updated. This tool also offers direct mail postcards and online surveys. The free plan gives you access to 1000 subscribers.

9. PHP List : It provides you with a huge variety of features like PDF messages, foreign language support and customisable emails. You can install it for free on your web server.

10. Streak : It is an easy extension available in Chrome that adds extra tools to your Gmail and lets you manage your inbox easily.

11. ReachMail : The Company claims an unlimited supports and the free service provides addition of up to 5000 contacts. It offers a one-time list cleaning.

Some of the paid services include:

12. Feedblitz : It provides a combination of email marketing with RSS feed management and social media. The charges start with $1.49 for up to 9 subscribers.

13. Admail : It is a paid service which starts from $7.95 each month for eight months and provides you with 1000 email credits. It provides many services which include a tool known as HTML editor which tracks the click-through of the subscribers and more than 300 templates to choose from.

14. Atomic Mail Sender : It comes in a stand-alone package which costs $95. This tool provides compatibility to a wide range of windows versions from windows XP to windows 7. It has integration with Atomic Mail Tracker which has a built-in tracker to track the activity of your account.

15. Envoke : This is a Canadian tool which has a characteristic home page and provides various services like list management, auto responders, custom domains and multiple admins. Pricing is not contract based and payment depends on the usage. Starts from $10 for 25 email credits.

16. Boomerang for Gmail : This service is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and all the Google and Gmail applications. It enables you to pre-schedule your email messages. Free for few of the initial messages and paid version is quoted at $4.99 per month.

17. Jango Mail : It gives you a unique feature of foreign language support. It also gives you a spam checker named Email Delivery Optimisation Tool. It gives you 18000 emails a month for $90.

18. Mail Blaze : It provides you many features including synchronisation and importing of your contact list. It also can remove incorrectly formatted addresses from your list. The charge for 2500 emails is R179.

19. Mail Dog : It provides you with more than 240 specific tools to help you with your email campaign. The service also has more than 28 inbox previews for Blackberry iPhone and iPad. In this service, you can customize the mails for subscribers.

20. Mail-List : This tool specializes in email discussion groups. Important features include searchable web archives, digests and clickable attachments. Personal accounts start from $1.07 per member monthly and professional account starts from $1.87 per month per person.

21. BombBomb : This is a paid service starting at $25 a month when paid annually for not more than 500 subscribers. This provides a twist to your email by adding videos to your email marketing. You can also track your mail and get to know who has seen it or not.

22. MessageSherpa : This tool comes with two services, self service and full service. In self service, you can use the tools of the company to manage your own campaign and starts at $15 a month. While full service provides you with the professionals of the company to manage your email marketing. This service starts at $300 a month

23. Sendloop : It has a distinctive feature of adding a Facebook subscription widget. The service starts at $9 for a month for sending every 500 mails. You can also integrate it with Google, Highrise, WordPress and others.

24. SuccessByEmail : It presents a huge listing of features which can help you with your email marketing strategies. You can select the timezone you want to follow while sending a newsletter, exporting you list to Excel so that you can have a backup and sending text messages (SMS) to your subscribers.

25. YMLP : It gives you features like sending in any language, forwarding to any friend and public newsletter archives. The service starts at $3.75 a month and you can send upto 500 emails.

26. MailUV : The basic plan for this service starts at $2.50 per month while the business accounts start at $25 a month in which you can customize logo and colours. It offers a video email service and the homepage shows an option to record a video using your webcam.

27. RedCappi : Using this, you may upload email banners having your own logo and also provides you with mobile compatible email newsletters. The service charges $10 for 500 contacts.

28. Emma : It is also a mobile compatible service which can integrate your shopping carts, social networking and CRM’s. The service costs you $45 for upto 2500 subscribers. If you run a non-profit organization, you can also claim for 20% discount for using this service.

29. Constant Contact : It can provide you with some email campaign types including event announcements, press releases, trackable coupons and Facebook promotions. Charges start from $20 for the basic service each month.

30. AWeber : This paid service starts with free for first month. If you are running some online courses then this tool will deliver a sequence of emails by email auto-responders. It also provides you with automatic conversion blog RSS feed into a newsletter and you get 600 HTML templates to choose from. It also provides integration of many shopping carts.

31. iContact : This service starts at $14 a month. They are experts in high-volume sending and also provide you with split testing, in which you can send two version of a particular mail to check which one is received better by the customers.

32. EmailBrain : The cheapest plan of this service starts at $9.95 for 2000 monthly credits. This is a different periodic plan where number of subscribers is not mentioned but the number of credit is mentioned. This can also help you with your email marketing strategies.

33. eConnect Email : This service offers spam testing, split testing and some automatic CSS adjusting, which will help your mail look good in Outlook or Gmail both. The basic plan is for $18 and the unlimited plan costs $58.

34. SimplyCast : This is a low pay service, with $3 for 1000 emails. It also has a variety of services including test sending, multiple sender addresses and 95% delivery rates.

35. GetResponses : It costs you $15 for 1000 subscribers, valid for a month. You can wish your newsletter subscribers their birthdays and anniversaries using the autoresponder feature of this tool.

36. Contact29 : This service focuses on the real estate and credit trade. They have many pre-written email campaigns from which you can choose to use for your customers. The payment is accepted by PayPal and costs you $14.99 per month.

37. Dyn : This feature gives emphasis on the correct email being sent and also provides a spam checker to make certain that your emails end up in the inbox and not in the spam folder.

38. Campaigner :  This service costs $19.95 a month and can send email to million subscribers. They also provide you with autoresponders that are triggered on the basis of which link has been chosen.

39. MyNewsletterBuilder : This service is $10 a month and offers pre designed email contents.