How to Interact with Customers on Social Media Channels?

In today’s setup businesses cannot ignore social media intersection with their clients especially to improve brand awareness. Word-of-mouth and newspaper advertisement is the things of the past. Customers prefer to interact with brands on social media.

social mediaEven the most conservative and traditional businesses houses wish to make their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter etc. or have their own website.

Even publishers operating from narrow bye-lanes in the old part of the city who are operating from one of the dark and dingy room of an old building, with hardly any ventilation, who have just electric connection now have a computer and a fully operational website.

Interacting with sellers, purchasers, vendors, and customers on social media are the decisive and crucial aspect of the marketing plan. How businesses can interact with customers through social media channels is discussed below.

  1. Importance of Social Media

In today’s age and time conversations happen on social media. Social media has become a type of customer service center for businesses. For whatever type of business one is conducting small, medium or large.

It provides certain benefits like lead generation, increased awareness, increased exposure, and reduced marketing costs, online search ranking and developing customer’s loyalty. The businessman must know which platform to choose from where he gets more audience and his business grows.

Large numbers of people are using social media for various different purposes and hence businesses cannot ignore it. They have to actively engage with the customers or they lose the opportunity to gain more users.

  1. Social media presence

Having cardinal relations with customers is an essential factor for the growth of any business. If a better relation exists between the business and customer, the business is in the better position to effectively grow. The strategy is simple but it should be used effectively to engage followers on social media.

Businesses should open up multiple communication channels and should be responsive and have their presence felt on social media. By staying integrated that is social and call center teams communicate seamlessly about latest updates and details on customers preferences.

They should have hands-on experience on engagement and be ready to welcome both positive and negative comments with an open mind.

If possible to manage the brand, the company can have a dedicated person to manage customers on social media. One can engage customers in various ways on social media.

Like you can take a problem statement and start the conversation by posting it on social media. The existing and/or prospective customer can share their opinion. Later on, you can promote your product or services by offering a solution.

  1. Choose platform which suits your business

There is no single platform or rule for social media interaction. It is by trial and error method that one figures out which suits the business the best. One has to evolve by learning and adapt your marketing strategies according to the platform one is using.

The best way is to treat the customer is such a way he wants himself to be treated. Do take care of the medium you are using. Each has a different approach like Facebook for more informal approach is better and LinkedIn should be used for more professional and formal approach. Instagram is a good platform if you wish to share a story. So on and so forth.

  1. Engage your customers but do not infringe their privacy

There are certain things to keep in mind while engaging your customers. You can have a relevant conversation with the customer but do not encroach into their mind space.

One should try to post blogs/articles relevant to the industry. While writing an article or blog sees to it that you do not focus only on your company’s product or services. You can post gathered information and interesting articles which are in trend and are relevant to your customers.

  1. Feedback and analysis

It is important to know your target audience and understand their needs. With so many multimedia apps available today you can acknowledge, wish and thank your customers.

Never ever ignore feedback you receive. Take it in your stride be it positive or negative and remember to analysis feedbacks. As they threw up an important and direct message about your businesses and ways to improve it.