21 Business Name Generator Tools

Business Name

Choosing an appropriate name for your business can be really a tough and challenging job. If you have some idea regarding names then it may also be the easiest part for you. But if you fall in the first category, then there are various tools which can help you get the perfect suggestions. These tools will instigate your creativity and will help you brainstorm.

Some such company name generator tools are:

1. BizNameWiz : To use this tool, you need to enter a word or two, regarding your business and work. Then it goes through all the available domains and gives you the available suggestions.

2. Dot-O-Mator Web Name Generator : This tool does not require any input, but it displays random names of all the possible business names, and will also tell you the availability by checking domains.

3. Name Thingy : In this tool, it can display you all the random names, and when you click on a particular name, it displays the domain status of the name. You can also enter the type of name you want or the length and number of words in the name.

4. Naming.net : This tool allows you to enter the required criteria and generates a huge list of possible names. You can also select the number of words of syllables that you require in the name. For variations, you can also add rhyme or Greek and Latin words.

5. Brand Name Generator : This tool generates random business names based on the keyword you provide. You can customise and select the position of your keyword in the name.

6. Rhymer : This tool helps you enter a keyword, or required syllable, word or letter, and generates the name accordingly. It shows a list of the possible names.

7. Business Name Generator : This name generator chooses out random names from a list of 7.2 million possible names. If required, you can also sign up on this for free and can get help and assistance from the wordLab community.

8. Visual Thesaurus : This tool comes in action when you plan out the basic or root word for your brand name. Although it is a paid service, you can opt for a 14 days free trial. It will suggest you all the possible names regarding the root word of your brand name.

9. UberSuggest : This tool has a box for entry of your keyword and it adds some letters or numbers in front or back of your keyword, and searches for all the similar names over the internet. It also has the facility of searching suggestions associated with one of its own suggestions, which means you can select one option from the given ones and it will provide you with more similar options.

10. WordMerge :  This tool uses portmanteau, which means two words are combined by merging the first or last common letter of the given words. A good example of this is the Pinterest, which is a combination of pin and interest.

11. Impossibility : This tool works by adding some letters before or after your keyword. It can also add some adjective, noun or verb to it.

12. NameChk : NameChk is a simple tool which helps you check the available domain names. You just need to enter the potential names, and it will check for their availability.

13. Shopify’s Business Name Generator : This is a tool which attaches some other words to your keyword and generates a huge list of all the available domain names. It is a good tool if you want suggestion s well as availability for names.

14. Lean Domain Search : This tool also works by adding some words to your keyword and showing suggestions for all the available domain names. You can also sort the suggestions on the basis of popularity, alphabetically or by length. You can also choose whether you want your keyword to be placed in the beginning or at the end.

15. GoSpaces : This tool also works by giving you suggestions regarding your keyword. Just enter your keyword and it will give you the potential names.

16. Wordoid : This is an intelligent naming tool that will give you suggestions that look good and give a good feel. But, these suggested words need not make any sense necessarily. You can just enter your keyword and it will modify it as required.

17. NameStation : In this tool, you need to enter a keyword and choose the type of industry for which you need the name. As you enter these two requirements, it will show you a list of all potential names. It also searches available domains simultaneously.

18. NXdom : It is an interactive search engine that provides you suggestions regarding your keyword. It uses the unused and expired short domain names, which can now be reused for your business.

19. Domain Hole : This tool provides you four options which include:

Name spinner : It adds or removes words from your keyword to create a new business name.
Expired search : This function searches database for expired domain names.
Name Generator : It generates all new unique brand-able names
Brainstormer : Provides you with new ideas for domain names.

20. Bustaname : This tool provides you with quick search results by combining your keyword with their synonyms or some prefixes.

21. Domainr : This tool provides you with many short and available domain names for your keyword and it also allows you discover and explore new and short domain names.

If deciding a perfect name for your business is a difficult task for you, you can choose from any of the given tools to provide you with the best and available domain names. You just need to mention your keyword or the type of your business in some tools and you get a whooping list of available names. Use these tools to simplify the stress of choosing a brand name.