39 Reasons Why People use Social Media Sites

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First of all, it is important to know what social media or social networking is. Social media is grouping of online communication channels that are dedicated to community based participation, communication, content sharing and cooperation. Social media are the best ways and tools that are useful for people and companies to create, share information, career interests, ideas and videos in essential communities and networks. In short, social media is the best technology and excellent application that allows people to socially interact with friends, colleagues, companies, relatives and others. There are number of sites which got popularity as social media but few are leading and millions of people are using it worldwide. In this row, Facebook is leading while others are trying to beat it. Let know how many are using these sites:

There are basic two reasons to join social media community, first one is personal while second is professional that passionate people to join social media sites.

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Now look at the personal reasons:

  1. Sharing personal information
  2. Stay in touch
  3. Stay up to date
  4. Share thoughts
  5. Create photo album
  6. Share photos and videos
  7. Fun and entertainment
  8. Find old friends
  9. Meet with new people
  10. Passing time
  11. For chatting
  12. Create events
  13. Be a mentor
  14. For networking
  15. Information seeking
  16. Know about others
  17. Join interest groups

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Now look at the professional reasons:

  1. For marketing and advertising
  2. Show product and services
  3. Get traffic
  4. Find clients/customers
  5. Find partners
  6. Customer feedback
  7. Find new projects
  8. Stay in touch with clients worldwide
  9. Establish business online
  10. Grow an existing business
  11. Online reputation management
  12. Build a community
  13. Build relationships
  14. Targeting specific groups
  15. Share company’s story
  16. Get and Give help
  17. Social interaction
  18. Establish as an industry expert
  19. Create a buzz
  20. Make money
  21. Better hires
  22. Develop better ideas

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Now look at the personal reasons in detail:

1. Sharing personal information: Social media is the great tool for sharing personal information with others. People use it to share their professions, physical address, education and relationship status.

2. Stay in touch: Facebook, Twitter and some other social media sites offer number of functionality to keep in touch. This is the reason some people use these sites to being in touch with their love one and friends.

3. Stay up to date: People share their day to day personal information that helps other friends or relatives to being familiar with what is going on in their friend’s life. Thus social media has become the strong medium to stay up to date with news, current events as well as others life.

4. Share thoughts: Sharing thought is the most favorable feature of the social networking sites. People are free to share their own thought on any type and also share their free voice and raise voice.

5. Create photo album: Social media sites allow users to all photos and create photo album that they can share with their friends and other people. There is not all social networks offered to create photo albums but most of them provide this feature. This feature is attracting people to join social media.

6. Share photos and videos: People share all types of photos and videos that they like to share with friends.

7. Fun and entertainment: Most of the people share funny things on social media like funny photo, videos that make great entertainment of others. It has become reason for some people to join these sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are leading sites for this purpose.

8. Find Old Friends: Facebook is the leader of this feature. Most of the people joined Facebook to find their old friends. The list of such people is increasing day by day.

9. Meet with new people: There are great numbers of people who like to meet with new people. To meet with new people is hobby of some people that why such people join social networking sites to find new people.

10. Passing time: There are number of ways to pass time like watching television, reading books, newspaper etc. but these all have been old fashion. New trend is join social networking sites and pass time. For example: some people play game on Facebook to pass time.

11. For chatting: Facebook provides chat option to their users. It is attracting many people to live chat with their friends and relatives. This feature force chat lovers to join Facebook.

12. Create events: Sending invitation by post card has become outdated. New trend is creating event on social sites and invite friends. A number of people join these sites to create events and invite friends relative online.

13. Be a mentor: There are number of people expert on one or more skills. They create their social profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as an expert and offer their services to new one as mentor.

14. For networking: Increasing personal or social networking is hobby of some people. They like to have a great network of people who know them. Social media sites are right choice of these people therefore most of people join these sites.

15. Information seeking: Billion of people using social media and most of them share useful and valuable information over here. These sites are great source of information for some people. Availability of information attracts to join as well.

16. Know about others: There are numerous people who always eager to know about others. These people join social networking sites to know about their friends, competitors etc.

17. Join interest groups: Groups are community of people of same thoughts, services, products etc. Social sites allow its members to create groups and join others groups as well. Most of the internet surfers join these sites to be a part of such groups.

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Now look at the professional reasons in detail:

18. For marketing and advertising: Billions of people are using social media sites daily and this made these networking sites a great platform for marketing and advertising. Almost all marketing professionals join these sites to market their products and advertise their services.

19. Show product and services: Some sites allow showing or promoting products and services by using social platform. Professionals create a business page on Facebook and show their products and services there.

20. Get traffic: Huge number of users worldwide made social networking sites a great source of traffic. Entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers are using these sites to invite targeted traffic on their business website or divert traffic on other online presence.

21. Find clients/customers: Finding clients or customers is also main reason to use social sites for business purpose. Almost all from small, medium to big companies join Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram to find new clients.

22. Find partners: Few professionals have different purpose to joint these sites like finding partners. There are a number of entrepreneurs are unable to run their own business. They join these sites to find partners.

23. Customer feedback: Social media sites are open space to give feedback. Some business owners join social sites to take benefits of this feature and ask customer feedback about their products and services.

24. Find new projects: Some small companies and entrepreneur join such sites in hope of finding new projects because possibility opens where their targeted people spend time.

25. Stay in touch with clients worldwide: Stay in touch with clients is a major problem especially when target market is worldwide. Even social networking sites solve these problem and offer facility to stay in touch with clients remotely. These social media sites help to get in touch via chat, message etc.

26. Establish business online: Most of the small business owners don’t prefer to manage a website for their business purpose. These people join social networking sites to reduce site management cost and establish business online with help of it. Creating a business page on Facebook is an example of such effort.

27. Grow an existing business: Social networking sites play very important role to grow existing business. All most all businesses have its own business profile on social sites this is also a reason to join it.

28. Online reputation management: Competitors try to create bad reputation of opponent therefore it is very important to maintain business reputation as well. Social sites use as an online reputation management tool.

29. Build a community: The success of any business is based on its community. Professional join social media sites to build a strong business community that help them to run business successfully for long time.

30. Build relationships: Strong relationship with customers is a symbol of success in any business. Social networking sites also known as social relationship sites that force entrepreneur to join it to create relationship with customers.

31. Targeting specific groups: Many social media sites have features to create groups and numbers of members are taking benefits of this feature by creating group based on products and services. This feature invites to join and use professionally.

32. Share Company’s story: There is no best platform to share success story of a company. LinkedIn allows creating a company page such many other features invite professional to join social sites and share their business or company’s story with others.

33. Get and Give help: Get and Give help is just like Take and Give help on these sites. Experts help to newbie and thus generate business.

34. Social interaction: Social interaction is very important for business success. Social sites are great channel for social interaction. Many marketers join social sites to take benefits of this social power to boost their business.

35. Establish as an industry expert: There are number of skill based experts. Social networking sites help them to establish themselves as an industry expert therefore experts join social sites to make aware others with their expertise.

36. Create a buzz: Crating buzz is very important for business it helps to raise business very fast. Professional use social media sites to buzz their services.

37. Make money: Some companies run money making companion as affiliate. Thus these companies increase sale and make money.

38. Better hires: Social media sites are also platform of talented and skilled people. Most of the professionals and companies join this platform to hire high talented people as well.

39. Develop better ideas: Some small companies have lack of unique ideas to include in their promotion campaign. Even social sites are ocean of ideas without any physical limit. These companies join social sites to find new business ideas as well.