Social Media and Business : Now Husband and Wife

Social Media and Business

With the day by day increasing demand of rapid promotion of a business in order to earn more benefit, things have become dependent over social media marketing a lot. The extensive growth of social media marketing involves the inclusion of all those social media sites in business which bears millions of users to whom the business will be visible. According to a recent report, it is really surprising to see that how widely big and small entrepreneurs are using social media for the elaboration of their business that reviewers don’t mind comparing social media and business with couples. Yes, social media is now being considered as ‘wife’ of business (husband) that cannot grow well without it’s better half. Although it seems a little funny but when compared on real aspects, social media is truly supporting business nowadays like a wife supports a husband on every step.

Many smart entrepreneurs are using social media as a business tool smartly because it is one of the best platforms to promote a business on a wide level. The most important factors to be taken into consideration here is that you can reach your prospects, suppliers, customers and trading partners easily. The second important thing to notice is that social media based promotion is always lesser time consuming, cost effective and quick way to catch the attention of relevant stakeholders.

What is social media?

Implementation of social media networks for the achievement of marketing communications and branding goals is called as social media marketing. This kind of marketing strategy covers various activities that include sharing product reviews, video contents and images for marketing. Well, settled businessmen use this method as a part of their promotional campaigns and post updates on their services and products time to time, on the other hand, budding businessmen should never ignore the idea of hiring a social media marketing platform to display information about their products or paying for similar services. Here are some highly reputed social media sites where you can promote your business –

•    Facebook – As Facebook offers a funny, friendly and casual platform, this can be used as the best marketing strategy.

•    Youtube – It is one of the best places online to display video contents.

•    Google+ – Like Facebook, this site also offers a casual atmosphere for displaying information about your products.

•    LinkdIn – It is one of the greatest venues for professional social media marketing

•    Twitter – This effective social media platform helps you in broadcasting your updates in the internet

•    Pinterest – Being one of the image based content publishers, this site is ideal for retail businesses.

social media and business

How to use social media; step wise guidelines

Definitely, use of social media marketing to promote businesses pays always but to be assured of getting the best result in this direction, you need to follow step wise process in this direction. Here are some simple yet effective steps to start using social media as a business promotion tool

Determine the platform

The first step is to determine which platforms are being used by your customers and clients. By keeping this outlet in mind, build your social media presence in various social media sites.  Set some objectives earlier than moving forward in this direction so that you can achieve all the predetermined goals and measurable objectives. With the help of business professionals, decide some key performance indicators that will help you to evaluate the impact of social media marketing on your business. This is how you can scale up the pace of benefit and determine whether you are going in the right direction or you should change the strategy.

Set objectives for success

It is very important for you to determine the purpose, location and size of your business that will simply leave positive impact on your social media objectives. You can involve the ideas of increasing company credibility, referral traffic to the sites, driving lead generation and eCommerce purchases and demonstration of corporate identity etc. in this field. Also, don’t forget to plan a way to receive feedback from customers as well as provide some additional avenue for customer care services.

Spreading brand awareness

Your main objective to work behind startup of social media marketing in order to promote business is spreading brand awareness. Represent your services and products online in an attractive manner. Display your products everywhere you think you can target relevant stakeholders, for instance, post link of your E-commerce website in an FB group of young girls. Creation of brand identity and regular communication with the target audience is secret to success here. Strive hard to project a positive image of your product online.


Always remember that content is king when it comes to social media marketing. Like all the other online marketing tricks, social media marketing also requires good and high-quality contents for the promotion of products. Always be sure that you offer valuable information to your customers. Blogging provides you a good platform to share a wide range of information about your services and products.

Benefits of using social media

As mentioned above that for smooth business growth, it is mandatory to promote it through social media more than 50 percent of adults follow certain brands and 4 out of 5 internet bees go through blogs and social platforms as per a report on social media marketing. This shows how important it is for you to represent your business online in social media so that you can get good response from customers. This is how; you can simply promote your brand on social media sites for a good start. The overall infographic in this direction suggests that smaller businesses are more aware of using the social media as a business tool. They strive hard to run online promotional campaigns in ordered to reach their existing and new customers for dynamic growth.

Interesting to know here is that small business start promotions with the help of online marketing deals. Some of the best social media websites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Over 57 percent of budding businesses utilize these impressive websites to offer handsome speed to their progress. Actually, these social networking sites work in an awesome manner by boosting sales and promoting brand awareness within a huge group of people. You can simply increase the rate of brand awareness up to 27 percent higher by promoting your products on these social media sites.