How to use social media websites effectively?

These days, social media is the easiest way to reach thousands of people across the world. It makes networks among people, businesses, companies that connect with each other for the different purpose. Due to the existence of a number of people, it has become the number one online marketing platform for all businesses. All small, mid and big size brands and companies are using it to increase their clients’ number and base. However, some forget the basics of the social media and did not get a desirable return.

use of social mediaHere, we have discussed some social media tips that will help you to use these websites effectively.

1. Purpose of the share (posting)

First of all, you should have a clear purpose of the using these websites and share like people engagement, lead generation, brand awareness or any other. Your marketing strategy should be based on social share or posting.

2. Use of hashtags

All most all social media websites allow hashtags (#). However, each website has its own algorithm to use it for the different purpose. Using hashtags is in trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Hashtags help to get more visibility and find people, posts, images, videos with similar interests. You should not use the hashtag on each word, using on keywords is good and a number of hashtags also should be less.

3. Your targeted audience

There is a big difference between audience and targeted audience. You should go behind the targeted audience. This is the audience or people who can become your customer/client in the future or are interested in your products or services. On social media websites, people, brands, agencies, and companies are in the race to increase followers, likes however, having targeted followers and like may help to grow business.

4. Mix use of pictures, audio and videos

Each social media site allows sharing different media files like images, audio, video, illustrations etc. You should go for the mix of these all related to your products or services which people may like. These media files are the easiest way to increase engagement and stay active on shared posts. Share interesting, useful and related things with your business.

5. Your Bio

If anyone is interested to know more about you or your business then he/she can check your about or bio details. The details mentioned on the about or bio page should be real. It should include what you are, what you do, the business you deal with, each and everything that you want other people should know about you.

6. Stay active

There is no sunrise and sunset in the social media world. It is a 24×7 world so be active is one of the success parameters in social websites. Some people use these websites only when their business season come and on rainy days forget marketing. You should stay active on these websites and share on regular basis like daily or weekly. You also can share something useful related with your industry that your audience like if you have not anything to share.

How to Use Social Media Sites to Promote Small Business?

how to use social media

Planning a small startup is definitely a matter of excitement for everyone who wants to be engaged with a new earning source. You might have been thinking about various ways of promoting and marketing your business. Well, one of the best and cheapest ways to promote your small business is the use of social media but for this, you should know how to use social media. In the modern world technology, it is very important for your business to be known by people. Not engaging in conversation online with people means not only just losing your clients but also moving your business towards silence.

What is social media marketing?

There are various social media sites on the internet where you can talk to relevant stakeholders and search your customers thoroughly. Use of social media for marketing is called as social media marketing. Here your leading goal will be to set up marketing communications at right places and branding your products in an impressive manner. This is also called as online marketing where you need covering up product reviews, product descriptions, video marketing tools and high-quality images of your products or services. Check out the stepwise guideline mentioned below to know the best way of promoting your business online-

Determination of platform

The best thing you can do to put the first step is searching the most feasible and best working social media platforms where you can find your clients and customers. Keeping this special fact in mind will help you to save your time and invest all your energy in the right direction. You need to make a list of the most popular social media sites and building profiles of your business in all those social media platforms. Remember, more the number of social media sites you are registered with, more you will be known by relevant stakeholders. If you have no idea regarding marketing strategy and tools, you can talk to business professionals who can tell you more about key performance indicators. Create a page about your business everywhere you can on the internet.

Transform your employees to social media manager

Tell your employees also to create separate pages on social networking sites talking about your business. Management of multiple profiles in social media can be a daunting task for you. In order to simplify your task, just transform your employees into social media marketers. Take a meeting with them and distribute tasks to them. You can tell each of them to handle a profile on every social media site. You can also ask your employees to try a free version of marketing sites which offer services to promote your business. If this suits you and you get the good outcome from this strategy, you can move on to the paid version.

Plan a goal

Plan a goal

Determination of goals and objective is the most important thing you need to do for putting your step forward towards social media marketing. Planning a goal, location and size of the business is something that will leave the positive influence on your small business. In order to understand the process of marketing and promotion on social media sites, you should search the social media sites well where you are registered. Try to discover the marketing supports and ways of boosting promotion they offer.

Create your own website

According to conclusions of market research, businesses bearing online presence in the form of a promotional or official website are more prone to achieve success quickly than those who are not having their websites on the internet. This is why you should not ignore the idea of creating or getting designed your business’s website on the internet. This will help your customers to know more about you and your products/services. In this way, you will also be able to represent your business well in social media market. Moreover, you should plan a way to get feedback from customers on your services so that you can know the level of your success.

Elaboration of brand awareness

Brand awareness is something that elaborates the chances of social media marketing for the promotion of your business. Always take care of representing your business in an attractive manner. By displaying your products in the best manner through well-designed graphics and advertisements, you will be able to catch the attention of relevant stakeholders easily. Do everything you can for pulling the attention of your customers. For example, post links to your products’ site in your profiles on different social media sites. Get unique identity designed of your product and try as much as you can to regulate communication with target visitors.



Content is one among the marketing tools you can use for elaborating information about your business. You should understand that every online marketing trick requires awesome and high-quality content for promotion of products. The best you will represent your product, the chances of getting known by a number of customers will be increased. Blogging offers you an opportunity of sharing lots of information about your services.

Smart utilization of social media sites

Have you ever noticed that many popular social media sites are there that offer you lots of good ways to promote your business for free? Yes, you can talk about your products and services as much as you want in social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. as per a market report, more than 60 percent budding businesses trust on impressive websites to speed up the growth of their business. As information becomes viral in social media platforms, it boosts sales and marketing of the brand. Apart from freeways of boosting product awareness through social media marketing, you can opt for paid marketing services.

Get access to your assets

The first step in the direction of utilizing social media in your business is setting up your access to assets. Talk to your business professional for determination of your assets and target customers. The regular update on your social media pages is important. You should work to find new friends and customers as well as continuing communication with them for positive impact.

Make records

Whatever you write in social media in favor of your product and every action you take towards promotion of your business, you should make records of each and everything in order to determine whether your actions are working positively or not. This will help you to find out whether you are moving towards right direction or not.

Offer useful information and rewards

If you are willing to get quick success in social media marketing, follow the rule of one in seven for marketing always. It means that on every seven posts you update in social media sites; only one post should talk about your services fully and based on direct marketing while other six posts should be written to offer useful information to customers. You can share valuable contents with them, plan questionnaire, surveys, and online contests to engage your friends and customers in marketing. If you are interested in getting quick success in social media marketing, you should follow one in seven rules. This golden rule will help you to set up a good image of your brand; you need nothing but just pairing your marketing with great content.  Share your expertise within your contents and ask questions; keep rewards for the first person who answer correctly.

So, are you ready now to establish the extensive reputation of your small business now through social media marketing online?