51 Remarkable Ways to Increase the Number of Your Clients


What is the most difficult part in establishing a business? The answer to this question, for most of the people is finding clients. Just maintaining the quality and service of your company is not sufficient to get clients. Indeed you need frequent and regular fishing for new clients.

Here are some ways to attract customers:
1. Ask for referrals: Do not wait for your existing clients to tell you about some new clients. Ask them by yourself for new clients and other companies.

2. Prefer partnership with agencies: Get into partnership with some of the agency, preferably larger than yours, so that they don’t see you as a competition. Such agencies can pass on the work because of various reasons:

• They don’t have interest in that particular project.
• They lack required skill and expertise.
• The budget is too low for them.

3. Select some job boards online and bookmark them. Check those pages daily for new projects and work. Such boards include tasks for marketing, development, design, copywriting, etc.

4. Follow up with the old clients: By lost clients, we mean that the clients whom you have tried to work with, but could not do business. Try to contact them again.

5. Continue with your network: Start contacting people whom you have worked with and try to get new projects from them. Ask them if you can help them in their work in any sense.

6. Ad campaigns: Use social networking sites and Google for advertising of your company.

7. Advertise through blogging: Start blogging and mention your projects of interest in it. The interested clients will approach you after reading your blogs.

8. Write an Ebook: Write an E-book regarding your area of interest and sell them or give them away for free on your website.

9. Guest Blogging: Find the blogs of interest of your prospective clients and ask for guest blogging on those sites.

10. Generating leads: This includes the selection of your prospective clients and ways to reach them.

11. Twitter search: You can also use twitter search to find the keywords that you require, for e.g.-

• Looking for
• Hiring
• #hiring #whatever maybe your keyword

12. Online and offline networking simultaneously: Do not sit in front of the computer all day long. Try to set up conferences and meeting with your prospective clients.

13. Be available on demand: Post your skills and expertise on various online marketplaces. You need to give some free sessions to build your profile.

14. Create a course: Create a course online for students and your perspective clients to allow them watch your advertising.

15. Productisation of your service: Create packages of your service like monthly or annual purchase.

16. Capture leads: Do this by sending some free E-books or contacting them by your side to develop relationships.

17. Writing playbook: A playbook is an attractive way to present your work, your processes and the ways in which you can help the client.

18. Co-working: Co-working is helpful for the people who work from home. By co-working you increase your network and build relationships which can help you gain clients.

19. Be ready to offer help and advice: By doing this, you will not win any clients immediately, but for the long term, is a definite strategy to grow and build relationships.

20. Using handwritten letters: It shows that you are really concerned about that particular client and are interested in working with them.

21. Piggybacking on platforms: This method exposes to a huge scale of clients, who need your help for their work.

22. Use industry networking sites: Almost every industry has its own networking sites, and you can utilize them to show your field of interest.

23. Use Quora: Respond to the questions related to your interest on Quora. Many clients can post their questions there, and your response will draw their attention towards you.

24. Use press: For publishing through press, you will have to come up with a unique idea that would please reporters and viewers.

25. Prepare a presentation: Prepare a presentation of your work and upload it on some site like slideshare. This will promote the viewers and clients to know about you and deal with you.

26. Write a guide: Prepare a guide on your topic and present it on social networking sites and blogs.

27. Write a case study: A case study includes it all, from clients to the challenges processes and results of a particular task or project.

28. Try the controversial approach: Express your thoughts about your client and mention the improvements that it needs. Be careful on not being too harsh or illegal.

29. Be extremely personal: Try to reply to your clients by being personal. This will help your reply to stand out among your contenders.

30. Speak at conferences: It is good to attend conferences but it is equally important to speak in them. By doing this, clients will get to know your point of views, and your skill and expertise in the field.

31. Involve creativity in designing business cards: Design a business card that is unique and creative. This makes it automatically more attractive than the rest of the business cards.

32. Search Engine Optimisation: This is an excellent way for the long-term strategy. This attracts the traffic to your company’s website.

33. Partnership: Get into partnership with some non-competing agency or firm. This strategy will help in expanding their as well as your business.

34. Re-targeting Ads: They act as reminders for the visitors and reappear on their screen whenever they revisit the particular page.

35. Host events: Host and organise events that display and show your skills and invite your prospective clients to attend the event.

36. Accepting multiple forms of payment: Do not stick or do not force your clients to accomplish your payment in your desired way. Instead include the flexibility of accepting any kind of payments from them.

37. Be extra helpful: Extend your help and suggestions to companies when they need it. This will help you build good relationships with them.

38. Trade organisations: Trade organisations will help you in getting involved with key issues, stay aware of breaking news and latest technology and improvement of relationship with existing channels.

39. Create a plan: The possible strategies may vary according to the client and situation. Pre-plan the strategies to deal with a particular client and act accordingly.

40. Follow-up after meetings: When you gain success in setting up a meeting with your prospective clients, do not forget to catch-up with them after your meeting. Contact them regarding their decisions and views.

41. Assess your successful competitors: Get to know your successful competitors and study their plan of action and working. Decode their plan of action and get ideas from them.

42. Prefer multiple small ads over a single huge one: Whenever you think of advertising, always prefer to have many smaller advertisements over a page, than a single huge one. Many small advertisements have a greater chance of being paid attention.

43. Welcome feedbacks from the non-buyers: If someone visits your ad and still does not feel like buying your product or getting into some business with you, keep yourself open to all kinds of feedback from them.

44. Accountant Conferences: Organise such conferences to get into touch with accountants, which have always been a great source of referrals for clients and financial planning companies.

45. Giving incentives to existing customers: To maintain your business and relations with your existing customers, give them bonuses and offers so that they remain interested in dealing with you.

46. Freshen up your conventional ideas: Come up with a new logo or new name for your company. The interests of people change over time and the attractions also vary. Define more attractive names and logos for your company’s display, so that it gains more attention than before.

47. Set targets: Set targets which you expect your company to fulfill in the desired period of time and the desired number of clients you want to add to your list. Keep in view of considering realistic expectations.

48. Use flyers and leaflets: Go back to the basic techniques of advertising and stick flyers around your place of operation, distribute leaflets and pamphlets, offer introductory discounts and promote purchase of your goods.

49. Family and friends: Take the help from your family and friends to promote and publicize your product or company. Ask them for advertisements on their blogs or websites.

50. Define the market suitable for your product: Select the type of market which will include your product and decide the clients and customers accordingly.

51. Offer extra information: Inform your old customers regarding the new offers and discounts available on your product. This can be done via emails or telephonic calls or even by posts.

It is easier to gain more clients by adopting few or more of these strategies, instead of wasting time and money over the less effective and less required techniques.