Tips on how to manage your time and use it productively

TIME is one of the important things in human life. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Few waste much of the time and few make good use of it. Those who make good use of it are the people who are successful in their life. They are more organized and more productive in their life as well as work.

time management

Many people waste time on unnecessary things and later on complain they do not have sufficient time at their hand. Time should be managed judiciously. Once gone, gone forever.

We will discuss how one can be good at time management:

  1. Everyone has only 24 hours per day

The first and foremost thing that must be understood is that everyone has only 24 hours a day, nothing more nothing less. No matter how much we are organized or disorganized. Time does not change. All we can do is to manage it optimally to get the best use of it.

  1. Identify where you are wasting time

Many of us waste productive time on net surfing, reading and sending unnecessary emails, posting unwanted and useless things on Facebook, Whatsapp, text messaging and talking long hours on phone. It was found that most of the people waste time ranging from 30 minutes to few hours daily each working day which can be curtailed.

To find out where you are wasting time, track your daily activities and record it. This will help you to identify those pockets where you are wasting your time and where you have made good use of it.

You will get an idea of what all things you are using your time in. Identifying useful and wasteful time is the first step towards time management.

  1. Curtail wasteful activities

Time management involves changing your behavior and practices not changing time. Once you identify the activities where you waste a lot of your time you should work in the direction of curtailing or eliminating those activities.

You can set goals for a week to test yourself. You can curtail long talks on the phone or useless chatting on Facebook or Whatsapp. You can see the change by yourself.

  1. Track and monitor your set goals

Once you identify your time-wasting activities and then eliminating or curtailing it, you will see a change in your behavior over-time towards those goals that you have set for yourself. Only setting goals will not work, you will have to see that you implement it too.

This will increase your productivity and decrease your stress (because your work is getting completed in a set targeted time). Keep on continuously tracking and monitoring your set goals it will motivate you to improve further.

  1. Prioritize your work

Start your day by making a list of all work that has to be done today. Next start numbering, 1 for highest priority or importance and so on. Once over with numbering, start the task with number 1 and so on. You will come to know how many tasks you can achieve is a day and accordingly set your benchmark for future activities.

  1. Delegating unimportant and time-consuming work

Take the work, master it with practice, teach someone thoroughly and then delegate. Once delegated, keep an eye for some time and then once the confidence is built delegate permanently. You can utilize that time for some other new and important work.

Those works which consume a lot of time and energy and are not too important should be delegated. No need for on-person-show even for small businesses.

  1. Stay organized save time

Try to keep everything in proper place that is in an organized way. You will save a lot of time searching for things you need for your daily use, like a pen, mobile, handkerchief, purse, scissors, calculator etc by allotting a proper place for each. Proper filing of your papers in different files like health file, income tax file, property file, insurance file etc. will help you stay organized and save time when you search for certain related documents.

Taking control of your time will help you accomplish many things and utilizing it in the most optimal way will give you lot of free time. Busy people are those who have time for everything.

Kamlesh Mourya

Author: Kamlesh Mourya

Kamlesh Mourya is the director of 7eyetechnologies; an India based IT Company that provides services web development, designing and online marketing. Kamlesh occasionally blogs about social media.

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