Top five native ad platforms for publishers and advertisers

publishers and advertisersNative advertising is one of the most famous advertising platforms where the publishers and advertisers sell & buy advertising space. It is a type of advertising of revitalizing. In other words, native advertising is a type of paid media where the advertising knowledge follows the natural type and function of the user occurrence placed. There are several types of the native advertisement platforms available to use but it depends on what types of content you want to publish or advertise. The following are some latest native ad platforms for both publishers and advertisers.

Five native ad platforms

1. Outbrain: OutBrain is a particular brand access to the top publications by widgets. It offers users to promote videos, slideshows articles, infographics and some other earned media. There is no doubt; 80% of the world’s top brands use the OutBrain. In addition, they have an excess of working across the world to give a real-time experience to the audiences on world famous websites like Slate, CNN, and the ESPN.

2. It is the service that allows customers to buy and sell traffic through a strong real-time bid system. Customers are able to use competitive bidding platform to simply purchase email, pop, display, RON traffic domain and more. You can select to monetize your traffic through this monetization platform. It provides a particular redirect link that only requires being entered into the system at the same time as a wide based geo-redirect link.

3. Gravity: Gravity is the world’s higher personalization company. It makes easy and user-friendly platform to form a superior experience when you use a website or application powered by Gravity. Gravity assists your users to find compelling content that enhances user engagement. It also provides interest graph technology that enables actually personalized the content experience. It means a better knowledge for your users.

4. Nativo: Nativo is the top advertising technology platforms for the brand advertisers & publishers to balance mechanize and evaluate native ads. It is the most remarkable solution for native advertising and uses simple, scalable and assessable technology for advertising. Thus, Nativo is the best platform for content advertising that organizes automation and approaching with high-quality and optimizes engagement with the help of brand content.

5. NativeAds: NativeAds is the top native ad exchange for the content publishers, the brands and agencies. It is one of the most popular native ad networks that can be work in conjunction with other platforms like Adsense. Hence, NativeAds has the ability to control other native ad networks that expand to get in touch with your campaign. In addition, Native ads support engaging content with stories users want to understand without changing the type and function of the website.

Moreover, these are the most popular and well-liked platform that enables agencies, advertisers and require partners to bring branded occurrences throughout a variety of high-impact and native advertises formats across all the devices. These successful native ad networks provide exciting profits to the publishers who are not able to experiment with something innovative. Additionally, they always provide a glance into future development like native ad networks and influencer marketing.

Kamlesh Mourya

Author: Kamlesh Mourya

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