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Windows store is an application store for Microsoft Windows. It is a digital distribution platform developed by Microsoft. Users can browse or download its application which is made by third person. Before you know about Windows app, you should know about Window App Studio. Window App Studio is a free, online app creation tool which is also provided by Microsoft for Window and Window Phone. It allows you to build windows and windows phone apps to test, publish and share. This is the best web application for fresher because it provides facility to create software application for windows phone. Moreover, it is a suitable graphical interface for user to download source code of the applications for little bit editing in Visual Studio. When we talk about windows features so:

1. It works on “try before you buy” where user download its application and run.
2. In this, user can download any apps related to any field.
3. Window phone app studio is one stop source to rapid app building for window phone.

There are some apps that you can use right now:


This app is used for storing your personal as well as work data in one place. You also can access it from anywhere from any devices like Windows Phone, Personal Computer etc. In this app, you are free to store any data related to any area because this app provides security. In case you lose your data in the device, you can get access to certain data from this app. You can also share videos, files etc. You can delete, create, update, move data from this app.
Cost: It is totally free app.

Adobe Reader

This app is used for viewing documents in PDF form. With the help of this app, one can bookmark important pages. You are free to open this page whenever you want because the bookmark URL is saved. In case you are willing to find a word in PDF, you need nothing but to type that word in the search tab and simplify the search. This high rated app is preferred by people not only for personal purpose but also for commercial use.
Cost: This is free app.

So, you know everything about some of the high rated windows app now. Installing these apps on your phone will definitely help you to organise your life in a better way.

Kamlesh Mourya

Author: Kamlesh Mourya

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